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How To Be Funny & Make People Enjoy You

In these trying times, everyone can use a bit of a laugh.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

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Picture Portraying How To Be Funny &Amp; Make People Enjoy You

Do you ever wish that your presence lit up a room?

Would you want to be the comedian in your friend group, spreading laughter where you can?

Being funny is a natural character trait some blessed people have, but oftentimes it’s a learned characteristic from picking up on social cues and reading a room.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”, which is absolutely true!

The day to day grind can be monotonous and grueling, so some light and joy are always welcomed and much needed.

Learning simple cues on how to be funny is easy to integrate while still remaining your unique, genuine self.  If you have any level of social anxiety, you’re probably familiar with how it feels to be constantly questioning whether people enjoy your presence or not.

With this in mind, if you’ve ever second-guessed people’s reactions or left a party wishing you said something different, then you’ve probably wondered how to be funny or funnier.

Here are some easy tips and tricks to hit everyone’s funny bone, or at least enjoy yourself while doing so!


How To Be Funny And Make People Enjoy You


1. Be Comfortable With Yourself


Have some self-confidence! Love the wacky, weird, goofy, clumsy, scatterbrained, hyper, discombobulated parts of yourself, and more.

There’s no point in trying to learn how to be funny and make people enjoy you if you don’t even enjoy your own company.

Your ultimate goal should be enjoying yourself and all that you are and all that you do.

If you constantly want external validation, being the funniest person in the room still won’t be enough to cultivate inner peace and love.

So start with yourself!

Embrace things and humor that YOU find funny, and focus on those aspects.

People who are meant to enjoy your company and vibe will be attracted to your energy, while the wrong kinds of people won’t be.

This is an awesome, natural fail-safe to finding a good group of friends to laugh and smile with.

What’s the point in making people laugh if you don’t even particularly like them?


2. Watch Comedians Perform


The best way to see how to be funny is by seeing it in action!

Notice the comedian’s energy exchange with their audience and how they deliver their lines.

A comedy act is a mutual collaboration between the comedian and the audience.

For instance, the comedian is expected to deliver punchy insightful lines, while the audience is expected to laugh and smile when a joke hits the perfect spot.

Without this symbiotic relationship, neither party would be happy.

This same relationship dynamic can be seen in you and anyone you’re around entertaining.

Take note of the atmosphere of the room and the energy of the people you’re entertaining.

Having good insight and the ability to read the room will go much farther than just helping you to be funny.

It’ll help you accurately see what kind of mood people are in, and how to adapt your frequency to that same level.


3. Practice


Practice makes perfect!

It’s been estimated that 10,000 hours of work is how long it takes to be an absolute master at any skill.

Luckily for you, there’s no need to be an expert when it comes to being funny, you just have to get some giggles and smiles.

Practice easy one-liners or witty puns, taking care to practice how they would naturally come up in dialogue or conversation with someone.

Practice your joke skills on your siblings, your dad, your grandma, your neighbor, the drive-thru cashier, or your dog.

Practice anywhere and anytime you can, as the more comfortable and confident you feel with how to be funny, the more natural it’ll actually turn out.

Now, I get it – learning how to be funny may feel silly, but it’s all about getting a laugh anyway.

Don’t take yourself too seriously or expect everything to go smoothly on the first try.

There’s bound to be lots of mistakes with anything you try for the first time.


4. Mirror The Desired Behavior


In order to encourage people to like you, mirror the behavior you want.

In other words, be open, smiling, and laughing around people and they’ll reciprocate that energy back to you.

People reflect back the energy they receive, so you being on a high frequency of attraction and laughter, they’ll be sure to follow suit.

As a symptom of this, you trick your brain into feeling more relaxed and at ease despite any nerves or social anxiety present.


There’s no way to force people to like you, but there are endless ways to be your best self that attracts other awesome people. Learning how to be funny is an easy thing that just requires some careful planning and simple preparation.

First and foremost – evaluate your reasons for wanting people to like you, and always ensure that you’re doing it for yourself at the end of the day.

Hope lots of laughs and smiles await you!

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