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How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You

It’s probably one of the hottest topics in girl circles!

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on August 3, 2023

Woman Using Phone To Text Her Boyfriend

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Young Woman With Green Shirt Texting Her Boyfriend

How to make your boyfriend miss you – like, right now?

It’s probably one of the hottest topics in girl circles and everyone would like to know the answers.

Whether you’ve broken up or not, if your boyfriend doesn’t crave your presence, then this problem needs to be addressed.


A Few Signs That Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Miss You


For me, knowing how to make your boyfriend miss you starts with finding out what turned him off.

Here’s an example.

If your boyfriend used to call you up every day to discuss what’s going on in his life, and now he only calls you once in a while, this is a red flag.

If he stopped calling you, this is a good indicator that one of these things is happening:

  • his attraction to you has waned;
  • something had changed in his life;
  • something is taking his attention away;
  • his opinions about you have changed;
  • he’s just using you for sex (I hope not!).

If he’s no longer as interested in you as he once was, then there’s a good chance he’s pulling away from you, too.

The most important thing I want to stress about men is that they’re not immune from being turned off by someone who isn’t as attractive as they are.

In fact, it’s quite common for women too – they get turned off by guys who don’t have a lot of things going for them (physically, socially, etc.).

So if you want to know how to make your boyfriend miss you, don’t downplay the importance of having your own life and start working on yourself first.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You


Whether you know the reasons for his coldness or not, if you need a little help figuring out how to make your boyfriend miss you, here’s my best advice.


1. Fall In Love With Yourself!


People are attracted to people who are interesting, original, fun, or successful – that’s not a secret.

But it doesn’t mean you should go for a full life makeover (even though it’s always a nice challenge).

Sometimes, you just really need to start loving yourself more.

Self-love is a powerful confidence booster and nothing is more attractive than confidence.

When you really love yourself, it shows:

  • you look and feel more independent;
  • you send signals that you’re not someone’s puppet;
  • you look like you do well with or without anyone, including your boyfriend;
  • it signals to others that you know your worth;
  • you take better care of yourself.

All of these things add up and result in a totally different image of yourself – and the world usually loves this image.

Once your boyfriend notices how confident and independent you can be, he will start missing you more because he will simply become more attracted to you.


2. Don’t Lock Yourself In


If your boyfriend never misses you, could it be that you don’t show him enough of your attention too?

Some people struggle with expressing their love, feelings, and affection, and it can create a lot of unnecessary relationship problems.

The secret to how to make a guy miss you lies in your ability to be open and transparent.

But what exactly does it mean?

It means that you allow him to see, feel, and touch the person that he loves.

If you are so wrapped up in yourself that you hide from who you really are (including your feelings) then you will never be able to show your true self to anyone.

Couple Hugging Each Other


3. Show Him That You Can Have Fun By Yourself Too


How to make a guy miss you when you want to spend time with him?

Show him what he’s missing by not being with you!

If your boyfriend thinks that all you ever do is sit home alone doing nothing else but thinking about him, it can be a huge turn-off.

Let me explain why.

By nature, men are “achievers” and “winners”.

They thrive on the feelings they get when they are trying to win your heart over.

But once it’s done, some men can get bored because there’s nothing else to win or conquer.

To make your boyfriend miss you, show him that you can have a lot of good times without him.

Go out with your friends.

Go do interesting and pleasant things alone (I personally love spending “beauty days” at a salon).

If you can, go for a relaxing weekend somewhere safe, by yourself.

You want to send a signal that your life is full of action, opportunities, or fun with or without him.

It might seem a little catty (you know, you might make him feel jealous)…

But essentially, it’s pure human psychology and I’m sure even your grandma used these tricks!

Women Having Fun Without Men


4. Stop Trying To Be Or Look Perfect


If you want to know how to make your boyfriend miss you, then you must give him your true self.

If you hide the parts of yourself that you feel like you don’t like, then he will never feel like he misses you.

Instead, you should let him see the beautiful woman that you really are by allowing him to see your flaws, your shortcomings, and your endless potential.

Once he sees these things, he will feel like he has found a girl he really wants to spend time with because you’re someone who’s real, authentic, and just as vulnerable as everyone else.

Yes, vulnerability is attractive, believe it or not.

It allows you to connect with other people and as studies show, all people feel a little insecure about themselves too.


5. How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You With Texts


Texting is awesome.

It allows you to send quick, short messages and hints that can turn anyone’s imagination on, including your boyfriend.

If you’re in a serious relationship with your boyfriend, don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed text message.

Now, you can send cute texts, texts with pictures of you doing something fun or, you can send texts with subtle hints that make him fantasize about being with you.

Again, make sure you’re in a serious and safe relationship before sending your boyfriend sexual texts.

You don’t want to end up seeing your text messages posted online if your boyfriend is not serious about you.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You: a Recap


Let’s sum this all up!

To make your boyfriend miss you:

  • Love yourself first;
  • Be transparent about your feelings;
  • Show him that your life is interesting without him too;
  • Don’t pretend to be perfect;
  • Keep his fantasy working with subtle hints and cute texts;

That should do!

And just remember that making your boyfriend miss you sometimes depends on external factors too.

If you notice that nothing helps to keep his attention on you, don’t be afraid to ask what’s going on.

He might be having life problems that you don’t know about, or maybe he fell in love with someone else.

Whichever the case, talking is necessary to eventually find it all out.

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