Gemstone Healing: 4 Entrancing Ancient Beliefs That Might Leave You Intrigued

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Holistic Wellness Expert Is Holding A Semi Precious Gem Stone For Gemstone Healing

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Are you feeling a little stressed? Do you sometimes find it hard to think clearly? If so, the answer could be in your birthstone. Gemstone healing is an ancient practice that helps ease emotional and mental stress, as well as physical ailments. People are relying more on crystal healing as crystals have a market value of about 38.7 billion dollars worldwide.

Whether gemstone healing is a placebo or not, these stones definitely take your styling quotient up a notch.


Do Birthstones Have Healing Properties?


What you may not know is that gemstones have been used for healing for thousands of years. While modern science does not support this, a wide population believes that ancient traditions are rooted in wisdom and fact.

According to popular beliefs, gemstone healing can help you with many things:

  • stress;
  • anxiety and depression;
  • sleep issues; immune system support;
  • weight loss.

There are stones such as Peridot and Sardonyx that are known to help you become more patient, tolerant, and understanding. According to traditional beliefs, they are a stone of peace and harmony.

Crystal healers claim that gemstone healing is good for people who are out of touch with their emotions and need help learning how to understand themselves better. Sardonyx can also assist those who have problems expressing themselves fully or speaking up for what they believe in, even when they know it’s the right thing to do.


Do Birthstones Offer Protection?


In some traditions, it is believed that birthstones have healing properties. While there is no scientific backing to it, some people believe that gemstone healing can offer protection and help you in meditation, restoring the cosmic color.

However, there is no denying that gemstones help in uplifting your fashion sense while they may or may not keep you protected from evil spirits.

The birthstone or gemstone that matches your star sign has its own unique properties, such as Ruby. Some people believe that ruby is a stone of courage, wisdom, and power. The color red inspires action and confidence so you can use ruby when you want to accomplish something in life or get something done.

The quality, color, and carat weight of a ruby all affect its price. Large, top-notch examples may cost up to several thousand dollars per carat, which is extraordinarily costly. Particularly uncommon are large, clear rubies.

Ruby’s vibrant color palette can be used in jewelry design, too; try incorporating rubies into your wardrobe or decorating with them around the home.


Do Gemstones Restore The Cosmic Color?


Gemstones represent a specific color, vibration, and element. Each gemstone is unique in its own way. The properties of these stones can be traced back to their origin from ancient times.

Gemstone healing practitioners say that they affect each chakra (energy centers). They claim that gemstones will help you understand more about your own personal energy system and how it relates to the elements that are represented by the different chakras. However, this has never been proven scientifically.


Do Gemstones Help In Uplifting Your Fashion?


If you are into holistic wellness, gemstones can offer you more than just balancing. Your birthstone can help you look good, feel good, and be confident and happy. It is thought that your birthstone has a unique energy that will lift your spirits when you wear it. It might also make people notice you as well because of how attractive the stone looks on an individual’s hand or body.

Gemstones are in demand as they are getting more popular.

According to recently published data, the market for gemstones is predicted to reach US$ 53,146.2Mn by 2032 from an anticipated US$ 30,779.1Mn in 2022. From 2017 to 2021, the market increased at a CAGR of 5.6%. In the whole market for gems and jewelry, the gemstone sector accounts for 50% of sales.

Just as every fashion accessory has its own personality, so does each gemstone have a special character all its own. The different colors and cuts bring out the powers they possess to help us with our daily lives in many different ways.


Gemstone Healing: a Recap


Gemstone healing is an ancient practice that is believed to help ease emotional, mental, and physical stress. It can also help you in meditation and restoring the cosmic color of your aura.

In some ancient beliefs, gemstones are known to offer protection from negative energy as well.

Now that you know more about the properties of birthstones, you can try and use them as part of your daily style. You never know, they might prove more useful than you had imagined.

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