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4 Home Remedies That Will Soothe Itchy Skin

No-body likes itchy skin... See what we did here? Eh?

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Nobody likes itchy skin.

But it may be expensive to visit a dermatologist and get the medicines they prescribe.

In this article, we are taking a look at a few common home remedies for itchy skin.


Causes of itchy skin


Itchy skin can occur due to many factors.

For instance, weather changes can lead to itchy skin.

You may have noticed that when the winter season is about to arrive, and we are going from the hot and humid climates to the dry and cold ones, we feel some irritations in the skin.

We worsen this by using the heater and taking hot water baths. These actions lead to even drier skin by pulling out even more moisture from our skin.

However, there are other factors, and the weather alone is not always responsible. Eczema is another common cause in many cases.

It is a skin condition where you see scaly red patches on various parts of your skin.

You may find these spots in front of the elbow, behind the knees, or on your hands.

Other reasons may include the soaps you use.

Some soaps use chemicals or fragrances that are not suitable for our skin – they can irritate and dry up your skin to worsen the itch.


Do home remedies work to soothe itchy skin?


It depends on your skin type and the reason behind the itch.

While home remedies for itchy skin can save you time and money of going to the doctor, they usually don’t work for very severe issues.

However, if your itchy skin problems are not too serious (that is if you suffer from a mild itch), it is worth trying some home remedies before visiting the doctor.


4 home remedies to soothe itchy skin

Now that we understand the issues behind the itch and reach of the home remedies let us look at four easy home remedies to get rid of that annoying itch.


Take a cold shower


We have all taken hot showers or hot water baths to relax and blow off some steam.

Hot showers feel nice – we get it.

But, they are not healthful for your skin in the long run because hot water can pull out moisture from your skin just like the heat from your heaters.

Cold showers help your skin and set you up for a fresher day.

If you hate cold showers, you can use mildly warm water to take away the chills in the winters.




Moisturizing is one of the most crucial skincare tips.

We have all heard from someone we know why we should moisturize and how it helps… However, there are a few other things to remember about moisturizing.

  • Firstly, ensure you apply the moisturizer right after a shower. Pat dry after the shower and then use the moisturizer within a few minutes.

    This traps the moisture (water) in the pores.

  • The type of moisturizer you use also plays a significant role. You may want to go for moisturizers with ingredients such as ceramide.

    Ceramides help build up your skin barriers and trap water in your skin.

Woman Moisturizing Her Body


Cold press


You may use a wet, damp, clean cloth or ice pack inside a clean towel as a cold press.

Cold pressing helps against eczema or dry skin, in general, and decreases skin itch.

It also distracts your nerve endings, allowing you to forget about the urge to itch.


Using CBD


Another easy and inexpensive remedy you may try is using CBD products.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a compound from the Cannabis sativa plant that many know as the parent plant of marijuana.

It is a multipurpose compound that is available in various shapes and forms.

CBD has many uses.

People use it for pain relief, stress relief, and uplifting moods.

One of the most crucial aspects of CBD is its anti-inflammatory property.

You can find CBD cream, oil, gummies, tinctures, sprays, creams, and gels.

Many creams come with infused CBD – it is reportedly highly beneficial for our skin.  It helps with acne and those annoying bumps on your skin.

Also, cannabidiol allows your skin to cool off.

CBD-infused creams may lead to healthier, fresher, and more glowing skin.

You may find CBD skincare products in local shops or online websites if you are interested.


What to avoid when you have itchy skin 

After we know what to use, let us also look at what we need to avoid.

These common irritants may worsen your itch and make it tougher to get rid of it.




Ironic right?

Well, you may have heard this before.

If you face skin problems and itch a lot, it is better to avoid scratching the affected area – it just makes things worse.

It irritates your skin further and leads to even worse rashes and itches.


Hot water


As noted before, it’s generally better to ditch hot water and opt for cold showers instead.


Drastic changes in temperatures and humidity


Extreme temperature changes play a massive role in skin itching.

While it is impossible to do anything about the temperature change itself, you may save up and get yourself that humidifier that you have been eyeing.

It helps maintain humidity indoors and makes the dry summers more bearable.

It can also negate the effects of the heater during winters.

Woman Using Humidifier To Reduce Itchy Skin


Skincare products with fragrances


Skincare products come with several additives.

Some of them, like CBD or ceramide, may be helpful for us.

However, artificial colors and perfumes in these products are sometimes devastating for our skin health.

They lead to skin irritation and can worsen your itchy skin problems.

If you have sensitive skin, opt for fragrance and color-free skincare products.


Synthetic and woolen fibers


Cotton can help the skin breathe and prevent overheating – it’s good and gentle on your skin.

However, any synthetic and woolen fibers can seriously irritate your skin.

These fibers are rough and rub against the skin.

This effect can be worse for some people than others, as some have more sensitive skin types.

If you belong to this category, it’s best to stick to loose cotton clothes.




Stress is another significant factor that causes skin irritation and itching.

Living in 2022, we are not unaware of what stress is… It is impossible to stop overthinking entirely and maintain a monk-like lifestyle.

However, negative thoughts and high-stress hormones can impact your skin health.

Meditation, yoga, and products like CBD may help you battle stress for healthier skin.




Take care of yourself! If you have tried different methods and still suffer from skin rashes and itches, and still have itchy skin it may be the time to visit your doctor.

It is also a negative sign if you feel the itching all over the body and not in a particular spot.

Bleeding and immense pain or rashes are other signs that it’s time to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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