5 Ways To Have a Great Couple Time Together To Bond

Updated on July 3, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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When it comes to ways to have a couple time together, many couples just choose the regular TV and food combo – which is great. It’s still one of the classic ways to spend time together!

But couples who want to make their relationship stronger need to do things together that are both fun and that will help them build a bond. It’s just strong relationships are being built – by experiencing things together, and communicating in new ways that make you both more interested in each other.

So when you plan to have time together, the first thing to do is to find some ways to make your couple time feel interesting, relaxing, or exciting. Let’s see what you can do!


5 Ways To Have a Great Couple Time Together To Bond


1. Rest Together


In this era, one of the best ways to have quality couple time together is to rest together, especially if you both are hard-working people. There are so many ways to do that! For example, you can:

  • Read the newspaper in bed together;
  • Play cards while chilling in your backyard;
  • Watching fun videos while chilling on the bed;
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower together;
  • Play with your dog together with your partner;
  • Meditate together;
  • Go through music playlists to find songs that you both like;
  • And similar.

All of these are all great ways to rest and have a virtually free couple time at home – all you have to do is to invite each other to it.

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2. Go To The Beach


Another way to have couple time that creates great memories is going to the beach together. Beach activities are fun, romantic, sexy and they keep your couple close as well.

If you are going to the beach, you can also dress up as a couple to really make the experience more fun (who cares what anyone else thinks – it’s YOUR time!). Once you’re there, there are a lot of fun and relaxing things to do at the beach like:

  • Sunbathing together;
  • Going on a walk along the shore;
  • Playing in water;
  • Looking for cute stones;
  • Build a sandcastle (who told you that it’s for kids only?!)
  • And just chatting the day away while the sun sets at the horizon…

boy and girl having great couple tiem together on the beach


3. Go On a Trip Together


Some couples may prefer even more active ways to have couple time, outside their home. One of these ways is going on a nice trip. Going on a trip can help you to relax and get away from all the stress that’s been keeping both of you tense. A trip will also give you a chance to spend some quality time with your partner somewhere else that’s not home, because we all get tired of our routine surroundings.

Your trip doesn’t have to be long or expensive to be apart of an awesome couple time. Even a 2 hour trip to the nearest forest or mountain can be entertaining and refreshing enough to make you both feel amazing!

couple time on a trip


4. Play Games


Another way to have fun couple time together is to play games. A good, quality board game can keep you both engaged through the whole evening and it’s a fun way to bond and show off your personalities. To make sure the ardor doesn’t spoil the night, you can choose games that don’t involve you two competing against each other. Instead, pick games that require you and your partner to team up against the game.


5. Get Active Outside Your House


If the weather is great, you will absolutely love spending couple time in your backyard or nearest park. You can go for a long walk in nature, play ball, or the good old Frisbee. Not only does it help you bond, but it’s also a great way to move your body. On top of that, watching your partner actively move can be a very sensual activity that can keep you both in a nice, romantic mood (if you know what I’m saying!).


You Can Have a Great Couple Time By Doing Simple Things That Make You Happy.


When you are planning to have couple time together, keep in mind that you don’t want to make your couple feel like they are alone. This can happen if you do things that require one of you to wait for another or not talking for a long time (like zip-lining or diving). This can make your partner feel isolated and may ruin the mood.

Most importantly, try to do the things you both like. It’s so much easier to have a nice couple time when you do things that make both of you excited! Have fun, try new things together, and make your couple time even happier with a lot of sneaky kisses.

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