Romantic Couple Trying Out At Home Date Ideas

10 Fun At-Home Date Ideas to Try Something New

Skip Netflix and try one of these unique at-home date ideas instead.

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When you want to have a date night at home, your options can feel limited.

The typical stay-in date looks something like ordering food and binging Netflix movies.

Doing it every week can get boring and you might even run out of things to watch.

Luckily there are many things you can do other than watch TV.

Here are 10 fun at-home date ideas to try something new.


1. Cook Dinner Together


If you typically order out or only one of you makes the meal try switching things up and creating a meal together.

Cooking is an intimate activity that brings people together.

In fact, 78% of people think their cooking skills improve when they cook together often.

You can find endless recipes online and try to recreate dishes you will both love.

Another fun aspect to add is to try recreating the meal you first ate together.

Think back in your memory of the first time you guys went out to eat and set the scene to bring back the excitement you felt.


2. Painting Competition


You don’t have to be good at arts and crafts to have fun being creative.

If you don’t have paint, you can grab other art supplies like markers, crayons or pens and create a challenge.

Set something up in your house for both of you to draw or paint and see who does a better job.


3. Make Drinks


Instead of heading out for a night of expensive drinks, get some supplies to make your own.

You will be able to save money and drink more.

A delicious and easy drink you can make together is a margarita.

All you need is tequila, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, a shaker and ice.

You can add any flavor you prefer most to the mixture.

Pour the mixture into a glass over ice and garnish to make it look nice.


4. Make a Bucket List


When your partner is your best friend, there are so many things you want to experience together.

You’ve probably had moments where you discussed something fun you want to do together and let the idea fly by.

Create a bucket list of all the things you want to do together, big or small.


5. Play Video Games


If your partner is a gamer, they will love when you suggest this.

It can be tedious when they are playing for hours on end.

You can get involved by asking to play with them.

If you have never played, it will be a fun new experience while being taught a new skill.

It will surely give you lots of laughs and you might even be surprised to have a hidden talent.


6. Have a Spa Night


Your lives can get busy, leaving you with minimal time to pamper yourselves.

Head to the store or look through your cabinets for masks and other beauty products to indulge in.

To elevate the experience even more, grab some robes and cut up cucumbers to put over your eyes.

Take turns pampering each other.

One moment you can put on their face mask and give them a massage and they will do the same for you next.

Massages provide an extra romantic element to the experience.


7. Do a Virtual Workout Class


There are endless options of workouts you can find online.

You can do ab circuits or pilates together, depending on your preferences.

There are yoga classes online that are specifically for couples.

You can challenge your mind and body together.

It will be fun to do together since there is a lot of teamwork when creating the poses.


8. Have a Fashion Show


This is a fun way to clean out your closets.

Find old clothing you haven’t worn and create fun outfits with them.

Rate each other’s looks and decide what needs to go.

Sometimes clothes can get piled up in your clothes that don’t fit or is outdated, so it is a fun and productive date night.


9. Start a Home Improvement Project


If you have been putting off a paint job or fixing furniture, you can start it together.

Although it might not be the most fun, seeing what you and your partner accomplish together to make your home look amazing will feel rewarding.


10. Have an Engaging Conversation


When was the last time you sat down and got to re-get to know each other?

People constantly change, so sitting down and learning more about each other is a fun bonding experience.

You can play games encouraging the conversation to flow and see where it takes you.


Try These Fun At-Home Dates


With these fun at-home ideas, you might not even want to go out anymore!

Skip Netflix and try one of these unique at-home date ideas.

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