4 Best Tips to Enrich Your Vocabulary With Modern Words

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Sometimes, people avoid learning new words after completing high school or college. However, you might want to start it again at some point in your life.

Several words get added to English dictionaries daily. You can try to keep up with these new words and use them wherever you can. You can use them for writing emails, letters, public speaking, presentations, and more. Learning new words might sound boring, but you can follow several steps like these to make it a fun and entertaining journey!


1. Develop a Reading Habit


Sounds boring? Well, reading is not boring if you read about things you like. Enriching your vocab with new words becomes effortless if you encounter or learn new words in context. You can follow a newspaper, novel, books, online blogs, or articles to learn new words. This method is more convenient than reading vocab lists or tables. By reading the words in context, you are more likely to remember them for a longer time as you will relate to them more easily.


2. Play Word Games and Use Online Tools


Playing word games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Bananagrams, Boggle, and mini-games like Anagram, Wordle, Crossword, etc., can be a game changer if you want to learn new words. You can write down new words learned on paper or notebook. After that, try using them in context with things or hobbies you like to memorize for a longer duration.

Online tools can help you in two ways by adding new words to your vocab. You can use them as a cheat/assistance/helper tool for all word games by entering conditions to find words. For instance, you can add the number of letters and their placement, vowels, and more filters like these. Online tools will give you a list of possible and valid high-scoring 4-letter words you can use in word games. You can refer to this source to learn more 4-letter words to win your next word game.

The second method is to create your mini-games or use the tools as they are to learn new words. For instance, you can build wordles, anagrams, or crosswords using these tools. You can also use specific conditions on alternate days to learn new words. You can learn new words starting with the letter M on Monday, T on Thursday, and so on.


3. Use Traditional Dictionaries and Thesaurus


Traditional dictionaries (online and offline) and thesaurus are helpful if one can use them properly. You can save your favorite words, synonyms, antonyms, and meanings.

You can learn about the root words or origin to expand your vocab further. Learning synonyms and antonyms is the quickest way to add new words or phrases to your vocab.


4. Flashcards


Flashcards are a quick and fun way to build a massive vocab. Several apps make flashcards easy to organize and convenient, which makes them a decent option. Using flashcards, you aim for a single word every day, which is reasonable. Here are some of the best flashcards you might want to try. You can learn more than one word daily, but avoid stacking and forgetting dozens of words daily. Learning one or two words more accurately is more reasonable and fruitful.

Similarly, you can subscribe to feeds and apps that notify you and give you new words daily. These apps and websites always provide modern words that keep you up to date. Moreover, some apps also give you examples and use these words in a context that makes users memorize them for longer.


Wrapping Up


Improving your vocab is always a good option because it can help you improve all parts of your life. After all, we speak at least 7000 words daily!

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