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6 Foundation Tips To Make It Last All Day

Simple foundation tricks to keep your face looking gorgeous through the day.

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We all have various beauty struggles, but one of the most annoying and demanding ones is making your foundation last the whole day.

Disappearing foundation is quite an injustice to face after you carefully perform all of your makeup in the morning, isn’t it?

I really don’t know anyone who didn’t face this situation at least once, myself included!

How do you make the foundation last the entire day?

Some specialists say it’s all about understanding your skin type (like if you tend to lose your makeup by noon, it might be that you’re using something that doesn’t really fit your skin).

I’ve found a couple of handy foundation tips for it last longer and look great throughout the whole day.

I’ve tried them all and – oh my – these foundation tips can make wonders when it comes to lasting makeup!

Let’s see what it’s all about.


6 Foundation Tips To Make It Last All Day


1. Clean Your Face Twice


This might be the king of all foundation tips in the world!

To make foundation last all day, prepare your skin before application by doing a double cleanse.

A proper, deep cleanse will eliminate dirt or any residual dust that can clog pores and promote any breakouts, but most importantly – it will also remove any excess sebum that can make your foundation slide off faster throughout the day.

To do a double cleanse, simply wash your face with a gentle face wash, and follow up with micellar water to fully prep your skin.


2. Choose An Oil-Free Moisturizer


A good, lightweight moisturizer will properly prepare your skin for foundation by establishing a smooth, moisturized base.

An oil-free moisturizer is a better option if your foundation tends to slide off because, well, no oil means things will be less slide-y. 

Also, if you have dry skin, it will prevent those unpleasant, dry patches that can also ruin your whole effort to create a flawless finish.

Since following your moisturizer with a good sunscreen is a must, I recommend opting for a lightweight sunscreen product that won’t make your face sticky and shiny as well.


3. Primer primer primer!


The best foundation tips without a primer?

I don’t think so!

After moisturizing your skin, it is highly recommended to apply a makeup primer.

The main purpose of it is to create a smooth, matte, and even finish for the foundation.

Most of the primers have silicon in them, which helps you achieve a smoother application with a better grip too.

There are a ton of primers to choose from, but my all-time fave has always been this inexpensive, yet really good foundation primer by Rimmel:

Makeup Primer As One Of The Best Foundation Tips

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer (Just 4 bucks!!)

Keep in mind that you should wait around 10 minutes between applying your moisturizer and applying the primer.


4. Skip Fingers – Use a Foundation Brush Or a Beauty Blender


For a flawless foundation coverage that lasts the entire day, it is best to opt for a makeup brush or a beauty blender.

Brushes will allow you to evenly spread the foundation and avoid streaks (synthetic brushes work better for that, by the way).

You can find a good quality brush set on Amazon – I personally never buy expensive brushes because the cheap ones work just as well and I don’t see any reason to overpay.

Here are some of the best brush sets I’ve found on Amazon:

Makeup Brush Set Black And Gold

Refand Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brush Set

SIXPLUS 11Pcs Pink Makeup Brushes

Foundation Brush Set

Yoseng Makeup Brushes Set 10Pcs


A beauty blender helps to soak up any excess foundation and also offers a very smooth finish by kind of “pressing the foundation into” your skin.

I’ve been using a beauty blender for years and, in my opinion, so far, nothing beats a slightly moist beauty blender when it comes to a flawless, air-brushed finish.

Beauty Blender As One Of The Best Foundation Tips

Original beautyblender bubble


Beautyblender Foundation Tips Infographic


5. Always Dust With a Little Bit Of Loose Powder On Top


If your goal is to make the foundation last the entire day, choose a loose powder to apply as a finish.

It will act as a soft layer that locks in the foundation, preventing it from fading away.

Try to use a very lightweight, translucent powder to prevent a cakey look – a little bit goes a long way + you can always touch up a little later.


6. Never Skip Setting Spray


Makeup setting sprays can work wonders in keeping your foundation intact!

I personally don’t use them every day (the tips I mentioned before seem to be enough), but if I’m going to an occasion, this definitely helps to keep that carefully applied makeup in place:

Makeup Setting Spray By Nyx As One Of The Best Foundation TipsNYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Makeup Setting Spray, Matte Finish

And that is it!

If you follow these foundation tips, you will definitely make your foundation last throughout the day – that’s no rocket science!

The key is to use properly layered skincare products while choosing certain products that help you keep the desired result.

Like these foundation tips?

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