Derma Roller, Serum And Cotton Buds On The Table

Derma Roller 101: Everything You Need to Know About Microneedling At Home

If you're not obsessed with derma roller yet, you're seriously missing out.

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Derma Roller And Face Serum On The Table

Derma rolling is the latest obsession of skincare lovers, made famous by social media influencers and celebrities.

You must have seen videos of women using what looks like a funny device on their faces and raving about the greatness of derma rolling.

A few years ago, derma rolling used to be an in-office procedure done by dermatologists.

However, due to the latest advances in technology, many companies are manufacturing derma rollers that are safe to use from the comfort of your own home.

Today I want to overview the derma roller benefits and techniques, and how you can use these little needly devices to achieve flawless skin!


Derma Roller 101: Everything You Need to Know!


What is derma roller used for?


You must be wondering what derma roller (sometimes called a face roller or mesoroller) is, and how can this device be beneficial for your skin.

Let’s enlighten you!

Derma rolling is also called Microneedling or Mesotherapy, and it is a procedure in which you use multiple tiny needles to create microscopic wounds on the surface of your skin. This trauma kick-starts the healing process, and your skin upregulates the collagen production to help in wound healing.

Collagen is a natural protein present in our skin that maintains the structure of the skin, but its production reduces with age.

This process of collagen induction with derma roller is beneficial for the skin, as this protein helps to keep the skin elastic and healthy.

Derma roller is especially helpful for those who are trying to combat aging, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles because collagen fills in the connective tissue under the skin.

Derma Roller And Cream Bottle On The Table

While using a derma roller might look like a painful procedure at first glance, it is actually a safe and well-tolerated process.

You can even go back to routine activities with little downtime.

Derma rollers come in a variety of needle sizes, so the recovery process may vary (longer needles will produce deeper wounds that take more time to heal).

The goal of your derma roller session (even if it’s done at home) is two-fold: you are creating microscopic pathways in the skin to enhance the absorption of skincare products, while also inducing collagen production.

The results will vary based on the type of needle used, but generally, you should expect your skin to look plump and youthful.


Derma roller benefits


Let’s admit it – no one wants to prick their face with needles if it doesn’t do any good for your skin!

Derma rollers have become wildly popular in the past few years, thanks to the fantastic effects it offers in relatively few treatments.

This treatment is terrific if you are suffering from acne scars, open pores, and even oily skin.

Derma roller will also act as targeted therapy against signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

You can combine derma rolling with topical treatments and serums to achieve the best results.

Derma Roller And Serum Bottle On Blue Surface


What are derma roller types?


The market is filled with derma rollers with different needle sizes, which help different skin problems.

It is crucial to know the issues you want to target before buying a derma roller, so let’s look.

  • Derma rollers start at 0.25mm needle size, and this size is perfect if you are a beginner with no prior experience of derma rolling.

    These microneedles make your skin receptive to skincare products by improving absorption.

  • Derma roller with 0.5mm needles is targeted for acne scarring, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

    This needle size shows incredible results while still being comfortable and painless.

  • Derma roller with needles of 1-1.5mm is used for deep wrinkles, scars, and collagen induction.
  • Derma roller with needles longer than 2mm should not be used at home, and it is best to consult a licensed professional if you want to get this treatment.

Derma Roller Devices In Various Sizes On Pink Surface


How to use a derma roller?


Now that you know the different types of this device, it’s time to understand how to use derma roller safely.

If you have bought a derma roller but are absolutely intimidated by it, don’t worry because I will condense the whole procedure in a few simple steps.

The most important thing to remember when using derma rollers is that you’re essentially creating micro piercing in your skin, therefore cleanliness is absolutely important.

Derma Roller Close Up


Step 1: Clean and disinfect your derma roller.


Since those derma roller needles will be penetrating the skin, it is crucial that you follow aseptic measures and thoroughly disinfect the derma roller before using it on your face.

You can clean your derma roller by soaking it in 75% rubbing alcohol for 5 minutes and letting it air dry.

Once your roller is clean, place it on a clean surface, preferably a paper towel.


Step 2: Cleanse your face.


If you want your derma roller treatment to be successful, it is imperative that you start with a clean face.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser that removes all dirt and impurities.

This prevents any gunk from entering the fresh wounds on the surface of the skin.

You can also wipe your face with a little bit of rubbing alcohol if you’re working with larger needles.


Step 3: Use a numbing cream (optional).


If you are using bigger needles or have low pain tolerance, a numbing cream is a great option to make your derma rolling procedure more comfortable.

You can use an anesthetic cream like lidocaine, and let it sit on the face for a few minutes before wiping it off.


Step 4: Use the derma roller.


  • Use your derma roller on small sections of the face, starting from the forehead and then moving to the cheeks, chin, and jawline.
  • You should begin by moving the roller horizontally on the section of face you are treating, and going over the part 1-2 times.
  • Then use derma roller vertically on the same section, and end by rolling diagonally.

    Using this method should give you 6-10 rolls for each part of the face.

  • Start from the center of the face and move outwards with a very gently pressure.
  • Cover all parts of the face using these steps.
  • End the procedure by applying a gentle serum. Something soothing and calming, alcohol-free will pamper your skin and help it recover.

    I really love my Breylee rose serum after a good derma rolling sesh – it’s so gentle and hydrating that it never irritates my skin any further.

Rose Hydrating Serum As An Example Of What To Use After A Derma Roller

Rose Face Serum, BREYLEE


Can you use derma roller for acne?


Derma rollers are recommended for acne scars and acne marks, but you should avoid using them on active acne.

Using a derma roller on active acne can spread the bacteria from the pimples to your whole face.


Can you use derma roller for stretch marks?


Stretch marks are just deep scars formed on the skin due to excessive thinning and stretching.

You can benefit from derma rolling if you want to combat these pesky scars, and stretch marks will usually start to fade after 5-8 treatments.


Is derma roller safe?


As long as you follow the instructions and choose an appropriate needle length, derma rolling is a safe and effective procedure.

However, if you have deep scars or wrinkles, it is best to contact a professional.

These conditions require treatments with longer needles that shouldn’t be used without proper training.

You should also avoid using retinol or exfoliating agents after your derma roller treatment because they can irritate and aggravate the already sensitized skin.

Skincare Esthetician Holding A Derma Roller


What are the side effects of derma roller?


The most common side effects of derma rolling include minor skin irritation, swelling, and redness that may last for a few days.

A few more severe side effects include peeling of the skin, bleeding, infection (and if you notice any of these, it’s best to call your doctor to make sure everything is okay).


Where to buy a derma roller?


Thankfully, derma rollers are widely available online these days.

You can get a really good derma roller at a reasonable price, and this device will probably last you forever.

I got mine from Amazon, and am still using it successfully after 1 year!

Here are the best-reviewed derma rollers at the moment:

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller Device Green

Sdara Skincare Derma Roller For Face, 540 Titanium Micro Needle 0.25mm

Linduray Skincare Derma Roller Device Pink

Linduray Skincare Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit for Face 0.25mm


How often to use derma roller?


Derma rolling depends on the skin’s natural healing response to show results, so you should space out the treatments to allow time for the skin to heal.

If you are using 0.25mm needles, you can derma roll up to three times a week.

It is best to stick to once a week if you are using a 0.5mm needle, and once every two weeks for longer needles.

Derma roller is a revolutionary device that has changed the life of many people by giving delightful skin results.

If you want to reap the countless benefits of Microneedling, invest in a derma roller, and you will see a visible improvement in a few treatments.

Just don’t forget to follow those simple instructions and keep everything neat, clean, and sanitized.

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