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5 Face Yoga Moves To Try For Less Wrinkles & More Tone

Face yoga is pure BENEFITS for your face!

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Asian Woman Performing Face Yoga Moves For Less Wrinkles

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Young Woman Doing Face Yoga Exercises

Your face is a big part of who you are, and you want to keep it looking its best.

Wouldn’t you love having a way to keep your face looking younger that wasn’t invasive, didn’t need specialized tools, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg?

You’re in luck.

I’m sure you’ve heard of yoga, but did you know that you can use face yoga – soothing and invigorating stretches specifically designed for your face?

You can!


What is Face Yoga?


Face yoga, also called facial exercises, allows you to create resistance for your facial muscles as you move them.

Just like resistance training for the rest of your body, doing repetitions of these stretches helps to strengthen and tone the muscles in your face.

Having stronger muscles helps to tone your face by lifting the skin around the jawline and filling out the cheeks.

It also restores the elasticity to your face and helps to smooth out and soften wrinkles to keep your face looking young.

Woman Doing Gentle Face Yoga After Shower


How To Do Face Yoga For Best Results


Before we get to any specific face yoga moves, it is important to know how to make sure that you are using the right techniques.

Using these techniques will help you maximize your results and avoid creating any new and unwanted wrinkles.


1. Choosing the Right Face Yoga Moves


As practicing face yoga has become more popular, plenty of people have started to put out videos or articles with their own suggested facial stretches routine.

While having easy access to a variety of moves is convenient you need to be aware that not every move on the internet is actually good for you.

You should look for moves that have been vetted by experts in the field and that have been shown to have positive results.

You also want to use or craft a routine that will work on each part of your face in turn.

Trying to isolate just one part of your face in your face yoga won’t produce as effective results as one that covers the whole face.


2. Mirror, Mirror


Make sure that you are doing your face yoga stretches in front of a mirror so that you can make sure that you are doing each move correctly.

Since you want to smooth out wrinkles, you shouldn’t be making any new ones during your stretches.

If you look into your mirror and see wrinkles on your face you should stop and make sure that you are doing the stretch correctly.

If you are doing it correctly and can still see wrinkles, you might need to consider dropping that move from your routine and replacing it with another face yoga exercise that targets those muscles but doesn’t cause wrinkles.


3. Use Control!


To make sure that you aren’t causing damage and that you are really using your facial muscles, you should do each face yoga move slowly.

Make sure that you are finding the muscle that you want to target and slowly tightening and releasing it.

This will make sure that you are strengthening the muscles that you think you are.

It is best to complete a handful of quality face yoga repetitions instead of doing many bad repetitions.


4. Practice Face Yoga Daily


As with any exercise routine, you will get better and faster results if you repeat it often.

For face yoga, practicing your routine of stretches once a day if plenty.

Make it a part of your morning or evening routine so that you remember to do it each day.

You should see results with just 15 minutes each day, but you are more than welcome to practice face yoga daily for 30 minutes to maximize your results.

You may start to see results after a month or two, but the longer that you keep doing face yoga, the more your results will show.


Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your face before every face yoga sesh!

Woman Cleansing Her Face Before Face Yoga Session


5 Face Yoga Moves To Try Tonight: Less Wrinkles & More Tone


1. Forehead Stretch


Smoothing and stretching your forehead can help avoid lines created by scowling or furrowing your brow.

  • Start by making your hands into fists.

    With your hands in this shape place them in the center of your forehead.

  • While applying pressure with your index and middle finger knuckles, slowly slide your fists outward towards the sides of your face.
  • Apply slightly more pressure when you reach your temples.
  • Release.

Do 5 repetitions of this face yoga move for fewer wrinkles on your forehead!


2. V eyes


To tighten the skin around your eyes and remove wrinkles and eye bags, follow this easy face yoga move:

  • Place both of your middle fingers at the inner ends of your eyebrows.
  • Then place your index fingers on the outer ends of your eyebrows.
  • Apply gentle pressure with all four fingers.
  • While applying pressure look up to the sky or ceiling.
  • Pull your lower eyelids up by trying to squint.
  • Hold for a breath and then relax.

Do 7-10 repetitions of this face yoga move and, after the final repetition, tightly close your eyes for 10 seconds.


3. Frog Cheeks


This face yoga move will help you to release the tension in your jaw and define your cheeks.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Use the breath to puff your cheeks up like a bullfrog or a cute chipmunk.
  • Hold for two breaths.
  • Really think about pushing on the cheeks and stretching them outward.
  • Release.

Do 5-10 repetitions for noticeable less tension in your jaws.


4. Giraffe Neck


Use this face yoga stretch to smooth and tighten the skin at your neck and jawline.

  • Begin by placing your fingers on your collar bones.
  • As you tilt your head back, stroke gently downwards with your fingers and pucker your lips.
  • Hold this pose for about four breaths as you push your lower lip forward and pull the corners of your mouth down.
  • Release your fingers and slowly raise your head.

Do 3 repetitions of this face yoga move daily for a visibly chiseled jawline!


5. Jaw Stretch


If you dread having a double chin, try using this jaw stretch face yoga move.

  • First, pucker your lips.
  • Pull them to one side of your face.
  • Turn your head toward the same side and look up a bit until you feel the stretch.
  • Hold this stretch for 3 breaths.
  • Release.

    Repeat on the other side.

For the best results, you should do 3 repetitions of this face yoga move for each side.


Face Yoga Is Pure BENEFITS For Your Face!


Let’s sum up our face yoga mini guide – shall we?

  • There are several benefits to doing face yoga each day.

    It can plump your cheeks and lift the skin at your jaw to improve your natural beauty.

  • Face yoga also helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles by revitalizing the elasticity in your skin to keep you looking younger.
  • As with any self-care practice, face yoga can improve your mood and self-esteem as you take time to value your wellbeing.

    Face yoga can even help you relieve tension in your face!

  • The stretches that you do in your face yoga routine will gently relax your face muscles leaving you feeling more peaceful.

    You might even find that doing them shortly before bed helps you sleep better.

Is there anything not to love about face yoga?

We doubt it!

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