3 Forgotten Powers That You Should Use Daily

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Do you know that you have 3 wonderful powers that no one can ever take away from you? And no, this is not an article about mystic or supernatural powers (sorry if you were expecting that!), but the ones I’m going to tell you about are pretty cool as well. In fact, they aren’t anything new to you. You had these powers since you grew up as a person, but you might have forgotten about them.

Today I’m here to remind you about them and hopefully – remind you how much power you actually have in this highly demanding world.


3 Forgotten Powers That You Should Use Daily


1. The Power Of Your Sense Of Self.


Have you ever been called a bad person? A lazy one? Maybe you’ve been called fake or selfish? If you’ve let any of these or similar statements affect you, you forgot about the power of your sense of self.

Even if you are someone who is constantly shamed or picked on by others, you have the power to tell yourself the true story of who you are. After all, you’re the only one who really knows it. 

You have the ability to choose what you think of yourself and your life, no matter how many times you were told to think otherwise. You know you. You know your story. And you’re the only one who can command yourself to see it the one or another way. No one can take that away from you unless you decide to allow it.


2. The Power To Choose Your Responses.


Just how you’re the one to decide how you see yourself and your life, you’re also the only one to choose how you want to respond to life and people around you.

As soon as anything happens, you have a right to choose your response. This is incredibly important! If you are a person who’s prone to overthinking, getting into arguments or ruminating on negative things, remind yourself that there is always another path.

You have a power to choose how you respond to absolutely everything in your life and if you are willing to try, you can choose to respond to life in a positive, joyful and lovinfg way.


3. The Power To Choose Your Own Path.


This might not apply if you are still living with your parents… But if you are already an adult, remind yourself of your power to choose your own path. This means that you are the only one who can decide where you want to go, what you want to do and how you want to do it. 

Why is this important? Because many people, even when fully grown, still tend to listen to other people opinions on how they should live their own life. Think about mothers who decide everything for their fully grown daughters, demanding husbands who believe their wives should act in a particular way and even daughters who command their mothers back!

Unless you decide otherwise, you are the only one who has the real power over your actions, dreams and goals. Nothing that other people want you to do will ever make you genuinely happy. So go find what you want to do, create a plan and strive to achieve your dreams even if someone thinks you are a failure (and in that case… refer to number 1 again).

Good luck.

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