25 Ways To Make a Good Impression

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We talk a lot about being comfortable in your own skin, but sometimes it is just as important to make a good impression. We encounter social situations every day and meet new people regularly, so knowing how to make a good impression can be a huge bonus in your life.

A good, lasting impression can lead to new friendships, romantic relationships, job opportunities, side gigs, and a more fun social life. 

Even if you struggle with social anxiety, practicing your social skills can give you an edge in those tense social situations (like when you encounter a new person or have a job interview).

Making a good impression is not always about the visual aspect (like making heads turn when you walk by). Looking pretty is always a bonus – of course – but there are other ways to make a good impression too. You can leave a lasting impression of an interesting, intelligent human being, capable of feeling comfortable in any social setting.

Even if you manage to use just a few tips from this list, it’s already a bonus on your impression game. Implement most of them to make a good impression on anyone you meet in your life!


Simple Ways To Make a Good Impression


1. Watch your body language – stand tall and straight to appear more confident. Relax your shoulders and avoid offensive poses.

2. Talk in a calm, slow, and friendly tone.

3. Try to be a good listener.

4. Greet with a smile.

5. Don’t talk only about yourself.

6. Ask questions and show genuine interest.

7. It’s always a great idea to make sure your shoes are clean.

8. Most clothes look best when they are fresh and ironed.

9. It is generally more appealing when your hair and nails are tidy as well.

10. Spray a hint of perfume (just don’t overdo it).

11. Use his / her / their name when in conversation.

12. Don’t talk about the subjects you don’t understand well.

13. Be transparent and open.

14. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

15. In conversations, try to find common ground.

16. Make him / her / them feel important.

17. If possible, sit straight and keep your spine neutral. Hunching can sometimes make you look less confident.

18. If there is an activity going on, try to actively engage in it.

19. Want to make a statement? Be honest but also a little blunt.

20. Try to be positive and have fun.

21. If you are feeling shy, smile even more!

22. Be helpful and empathetic.

23. Remember the name – and use it the next time you meet this person.

24. Offer a firm but gentle handshake.

25. Don’t forget to be yourself. 

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Try to implement a few of these things, and soon you’ll see that it’s getting easier and more natural for you to make a good impression that lasts.

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