25 Ways To Leave a Lasting, Unforgettable Impression

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Hi pretty! I know I talk a lot about being comfortable in your own skin but leaving a lasting impression is just as important. We encounter social situations every day and meet new people regularly, so knowing how to leave a lasting impression can be a huge bonus in your life.

A good, lasting impression can lead you to new friendships, romantic relationships, job opportunities, side gigs, and overall a more fun social life. 

Now I know a lot of my beloved readers are anxious little souls who often struggle with social anxiety too.

If you’re one of them, it doesn’t mean this list doesn’t fit you.

Quite the opposite – it can give you do-able, easy ideas on how to act in those anxious social situations, especially if you encounter a new person or have a job interview.

I have social anxiety myself but through the years, I learned live with it and still leave a proper impression when needed. 

I am not talking about the visual impression (like making heads turn when you walk by)… It is not my goal, even though looking pretty is always a bonus.

I mean a lasting impression of an interesting, smart human being who is capable to be comfortable in her own skin, even with social anxiety speaking negatives in her head.

Even if you manage to use just a few tips from this list, it’s already a bonus on your impression game.

But if you can implement most of them, then you will leave an absolutely amazing, lasting impression on anyone you meet in your life!


Here are 25 Ways To Leave a Lasting Impression:


1. Watch your body language.

2. Talk in a calm, light and friendly tone.

3. Try to be a good listener.

4. Greet with a smile.

5. Don’t talk only about yourself.

6. Ask questions and show genuine interest.

7. Make sure your shoes are clean…

8. … your clothes are ironed and fresh…

9. … your hair and nails – clean and tidy.

10. Put on a mist of perfume (just don’t overdo it).

11. Use his / her / their name.

12. Don’t talk about the subjects you don’t understand well.

13. Be transparent and open.

14. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

15. Try to find common ground.

16. Make him / her / them feel important.

17. Stand and sit straight.

18. If there is an activity going on, try to actively engage in it.

19. Be honest but also a little blunt (to make a statement).

20. Try to be positive and have fun.

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21. If you are shy, smile even more!

22. Be helpful and empathetic.

23. Remember the name!

24. Offer a firm but gentle handshake.

25. Don’t forget to be yourself. 

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I hope you like this list! Try to implement a few of these things and soon you’ll see that it’s getting easier and more natural to you to leave a lasting impression.

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