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10 Signs You Really Need New Clothes

Do you notice any of these in your life?

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Picture Portraying 10 Signs You Really Need New Clothes

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Woman Trying Out Striped Monochrome Blouse

We all, at some point in our lives, have had that one shirt or sweater, whose tattered look, we’ve stubbornly turned a blind eye to; or, perhaps a pair of shoes, whose holes and rips you’d sewed and covered far too many times.

Whatever the case may be, parting from clothing can be hard, but it is important to know when you’ve gone too far and are in desperate need of a wardrobe refresh.

Read on for our top ten signs that new clothes are seriously needed in your life!


10 Signs You Really Need New Clothes


1. Full Wardrobe, Nothing to Wear


Are you someone who, despite having a closet bursting at the seams, spends hours agonizing over an outfit to wear?

If that sounds at all familiar, then you just may be in dire need of some new clothes.

Start with, perhaps, cleaning out your bubbling dressers and closets, and focusing on new items to purchase that are both versatile and of good quality!

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be all bad, in fact, it is a great opportunity to donate any clothing you may not care for anymore.


2. Most of Your Clothing is Gifted


If you strictly rely on Christmas and your birthday for your next pair of jeans, you might want to reconsider this method of gaining new clothes.

While clothing is always a convenient gift to receive, it’s important that the clothing that occupies your space is chosen largely by you—the wearer; otherwise, gifted clothes are a sure-fire way to ensure that one way or another these items will eventually lay forgotten like all of the rest, stuck and stuffed in between the depths of some lonely drawer.


3. Your Closet Upsets You


If your closet is bringing you more grief than happiness, take that as a sign of a desperate need for change.

Your clothing should excite you, as it is one of the many great forms of self-expression that we have at our disposal.

Don’t settle for clothing that only makes you comfortable, strive for articles that help you to feel both like yourself and like you are ready to take on any day.

Clothe Hangers And Silk


4. You are Missing Basic Essentials


This may not be an obvious hint, but if your wardrobe lacks the basic essentials of all closets everywhere, then you may have some revamping to do.

So, what are these essentials that we speak of?

A little black dress, a good suit, black jeans, a blazer, these are all examples of classic wardrobe staples that endure, and more importantly, never go out of style.

Now, the jeans don’t have to be black, a good pair of denim jeans will always come in handy and are a no-brainer when it comes to pairing them with anything.

With these essentials at your disposal, you’ll find yourself fretting less often when getting dressed for any pop-up occasion.


5. When Did I Last Shop Again?


If this is a question you’ve begun to ask yourself, then consider it another red flag.

This isn’t to say that you have to spend all of your free time digging for clothes, but it should be something you do on a somewhat regular basis.

You don’t want to be that person who walks into a clothing store and has a look of just having been dropped in a foreign country.

It’s important that you know your current size, what section is your go-to, and have an all-around idea of your overall style.

If you currently don’t, no need to worry, just make sure to bring a good shopping pal along with you and have fun experimenting.

This is a great way to continue to find, as well as reinvent yourself and your fashion choices.

Another great way to experiment with different styles and stay within budget is by taking advantage of student discount womens clothing.

Many retailers offer students discounts to save money while discovering new favourite looks.


6. You Are a Chronic Re-Wearer


I’m sure we are all guilty of this in some way or another, after all, it’s natural that you are going to have some articles within your wardrobe that you favor a little more than the rest, but the key is to know when you’ve gone overboard.

If you are wearing your favorite sweater during the winter for most of the week, we may kindly suggest that you, perhaps, not do that.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of just one favorite article, if you want to improve your style and wardrobe, then it is essential that you branch out and invite some versatility into your wardrobe.

Your friends will thank you.

Various Pink Blouses On A Hanger


7. Same Top, Many Colors


This is a common trap that many shoppers fall into, you find that perfect shirt, and then you go on to hoard that same shirt in every color under the sun.

It’s variety all right, but then again, is it really?


8. You are the Borrower


Are you that person who is constantly asking your friend, “Hey, mind if I steal this?” Yes, let’s not be that person.

While it’s okay to borrow clothes from time to time, you don’t want to have this as your main method of dressing up every day.

Find your style with clothes that belong to you, not others!


9. Pajamas Galore


While pajamas may be comfortable, they are in fact, not clothing.

Do not settle as the person wearing Cookie Monster pants outside.

If you do find yourself with more pajamas than anything else, take yourself out on a shopping spree, and if you do, avoid the sleepwear section like the plague.


10. You Still Have Clothes You Wore When You Were 12


Our closets and dressers should not still be brimming with clothing we wore back in middle school.

If it is, throw it all out, every single last article.

While we understand the irresistible powers of sentimentality, it is also important to have ample room for clothing that reflects the person you are today.

If you must, keep a t-shirt or two, and then chuck the rest.

Well, hopefully, you didn’t check off all of those boxes, but if you find that you were guilty of most, then it is time to get to work.

Revamping your wardrobe should be fun, and full of experimentation.

Let us know your favorite spots to shop.

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