How To Choose The Right Eyeglass Frames for Men’s Face Shape & Skin Tone

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Besides providing clear vision, eyeglasses serve more purposes. They are an expression of style and fashion, especially in today’s market. But with so many options for chic frames, choosing the right pair of eyeglasses can be confusing and time-consuming.

The rule of thumb is picking an eyeglass frame that simultaneously makes you feel confident and comfortable. However, your face shape and skin tone are key players in finalizing the decision about the frames too. Considering all factors, you’ll express your style through your eyeglasses and make a fashion statement.

Since eyeglasses are worn daily, finding the right pair is essential. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for choosing the best eyeglass frames for men according to their skin tone, facial structure, and dominant skin, eye, and hair colors.


Should Glasses on a Man Be Obvious?


A quick answer, yes! While in most cases, the concentration on physical attributes, like face shape, when choosing eyeglasses, personal consideration is more important. The idea of making the eyeglasses not noticeable is basically nonsense.

Instead, glasses can be used to express personality and style. Eyeglass frames are available in many shapes and colors that fit people from different walks of life, for example, a fun, flirty pair for weekends spent with peers, and a classier yet adorable pair for the office that emphasizes your get-down-to-business tone during the week.

A pair of high-quality prescription eyeglasses would be a part of your visual identity and the image you want that match your style and tastes, not defining it. Whatever your style, classic, athletic or vintage, choose eyeglasses that make you confident and happy; that’s all that matters.


Glasses and Face Shape


No matter how appealing the eyeglasses you find, you can’t choose them randomly without considering some factors. Defining face shape plays a vital role in picking the right pair, and here are some ways to help select eyeglass frames complementing the face shape.

Now, there are several most common face shapes:

  • Round face shape;
  • Squared face shape
  • Heart-shaped face;
  • Oval face shape.


How To Choose Glasses for A Round-Shaped Face Shape

Round faces are relatively short and more symmetrical – they have an equal length and width. The distinctive features include full cheeks with no hard angles, a jawline or chin with a rounded appearance, and a wide forehead.


Best Glass Frames For a Round Face


For round faces, aim to choose a frame that adds definition. Bold, angular, and geometric with clean lines will be a good choice. The square or rectangular eyeglasses frames tend to be wider than the round face, adding contrast to the facial structure and making it look slimmer and longer, adding balance to the rounded features.


Glass Frames To Avoid If You Have a Round-Shaped Face


Avoid rounded, small, and rimless frames. They accentuate the face shape instead of highlighting its strength, giving it a rounder appearance.


How To Choose Glasses for a Square-Shaped Face

The jawline is the main feature of a square-shaped face and it has sharper angles. Also, the face has a broader forehead and square chin, creating a symmetric square appearance.


Best Glass Frames for a Square Face


Angles are the appealing feature of a square face, so the chosen frames have to soften the angularity. An oval or rounded frame is a good choice as its curves help soften those strong features. Also, choose lenses slightly wider than cheekbones to improve the appearance.


Glass Frames To Avoid If You Have a Square-Shaped Face


Avoid embracing the angles, and don’t go for boxy or angular frames that will sharpen and draw attention to the angular features and make a face look larger.


Choosing Glasses for A Heart-Shaped Face Shape

Heart faces are characterized by a wide forehead and cheekbones that narrow down to a small chin.


Best Eyeglass Frames for a Heart-shaped face


The frame has to balance the face’s lower half, providing a more symmetrical look. Low-set temples and bottom-heavy frame lines will help achieve this.


Glass Frames To Avoid If You Have a Heart-shaped face


Avoid frames with decorative temples or embellished tops with a heart face to take the attention away from the forehead.


Best Glasses for an Oval Face Shape

The most “flexible” face shape is the oval shape, which has quite balanced properties, such as high cheekbones and a narrow chin compared to the forehead.


Best Glass Frames for an Oval Face


Oval faces work with all types of frames. However, choose frames that emphasize the natural balance. The best is wider frames than the broader part of the face, with geometric shapes and strong bridges.


Frames Not To Choose For an Oval Face


Don’t disturb the oval face’s natural balance, and avoid the overly large frames that cover up more than half of the face.


How To Choose the Right Color of Your Glasses


Having a different eyeglass frame color for each outfit isn’t practical, so you must limit it to one or, at most, a few eyeglasses. The choosing factor is the personal lifestyle and the different aspects of daily activities, so the first step is to ask some questions such as:

  • What is your work type?
  • What are your free time activities?
  • How do you define yourself and your style, a businessman style or an active outdoor enthusiast?
  • What is your dress code? Suits or casual?

Accordingly, choosing an eyeglass frame color can be more effective than neutral frames, such as black and brown.


Pro Tip: match the frame color with your accessories. No matter the color of your outfit, putting on a matching belt, eyeglasses and shoes will grab people’s attention and make the eyeglasses stand out!


Consider Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color

Just as face shape is the fundamental element for choosing the glasses frame, skin tone, eye color, and hair color are important elements to consider in the process.


Skin Tone and Eyeglass Frames: How To Create a Perfect Synergy


Skin Tone is different from skin color and generally has two categories: cool skin tone and warm skin tone. It is essential in the frame selection because the eyeglass frame color must be similar to skin tone to establish a continuity in face shape.

Cool Skin Tone. Men with skin that has pink or blue undertones have a cool complexion. The best choice is black, silver, pink, purple, or gray frames. Avoid yellow, bright orange, and dark brown frames.

Warm Skin Tone. Men with skin that has a yellow, bronze, or golden cast have a warm complexion. The olive green, honey, beige, and light tortoise frames are the go-for. Avoid blue, bright pink, black and white frames.


How To Choose The Right Glass Frame Color For Your Eye Color


Eyes have many color variations making it hard to match the frame with eye color; therefore, it is sometimes considered a secondary element. However, for those who can complement eye color alongside other elements, here are some color tips to follow:

  • For green eyes, choose brown or golden earthy colors;
  • For blue eyes, choose gray. It serves as a great complement to blue eyes since it is often an undertone to blue eyes;
  • Choose browns, greens, and similar colors such as tortoiseshell for brown eyes;
  • For hazel eyes, the smart choice is gray frames, as the hazel color has a hint of gray.


Choosing Glass Frames To Match Hair Color


Hair is essential to men’s style and visual identity, so it greatly affects the frame selection. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • For blonde hair, go for tortoiseshell, green, and gold colors;
  • For black hair, purple, blue, red, and black saturated hues will work the best;
  • For brown hair, some of the best choices are dark tortoiseshell and blue colors;
  • For gray hair, vibrant colors are great such as blue, red, black, gray, and white.




Eyeglasses, unlike sunglasses, are daily companions and an important part of the man’s overall look. Sometimes finding the best frame can take forever, with the many available options. However, when picking the right eyeglass frame, your style is the determining factor, alongside skin tone and hair color to complement the face features.

Follow the tips above to streamline the process and get that frame that will make you stylish with every outfit and whatever you’re doing.

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