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Master The Healthy Weight Loss Mindset ONLINE CLASS + E-BOOK (42 PAGES)


If you are tired of your weight loss ups and downs, yo-yo dieting and feeling miserable while trying to lose weight, this Online Class is for you!

Simple, easy, text-based lessons will help you to create a mindset that leads to body-positivity, self-love and a healthier way to achieve your weight loss goals.

To enroll: Simply purchase this Class and you will instantly receive a link to the Class page. Pour a cup of tea, relax and dive in!

How long is this class? This class has 15 lessons, with approx. amount of 7500 words.

In this Class you will learn to:

  • Stop dieting and start losing weight with health of your body in mind
  • Find new ways to cope with negative emotions instead of turning to food
  • Spot unhealthy weight loss patterns and transform them into positive ones
  • Take a loving, helpful approach to solving common weight loss roadblocks

The class covers topics like:

  • Making a real commitment to lose weight
  • Managing your weight loss expectations
  • Why restrictive diets, yo-yo dieting and diet-based mindset is harmful for your body
  • How to incorporate healthy habits and shift your focus on more meaningful weight loss goals
  • Common overeating triggers, fear of hunger and how to deal with them
  • Ways to cope without food
  • How to use journaling, thought-reframing and affirmations for weight loss


… Be the one who did it without starving.

No matter if you are only planning to lose weight, or if you’re on your weight loss journey already, this class is a dose of healthy, food related self-love.




When you enroll in this class, you will also get these tools from ShineSheets store for FREE (worth 16$!!):

Weekly Meal Planner Printable

Food Diary / Printable Tracker

Printable Workout Tracker

Diet Diary Printable

All Lessons are also ready in a PDF class form (already included)!

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a struggle. You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on something. This class will help you develop a new mindset and help you lose weight while staying balanced, focused and healthy.

So what do you say – shall we do this? 😉

Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice. All information in our courses is collected by doing an extensive research from reputable sources and it’s sole purpose is to motivate, inspire and support.

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