50 Bright Ideas For Your Life Makeover Plan + FREE Printable Checklist

Updated on October 7, 2020

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I’m still obsessed with lists, God help me! I can’t seem to get enough of them and this time I want to share with you these 50 bright, cheerful, and beautiful ideas for your life makeover plan.

I know you’re probably thinking about ways to make things better in your life, as many of us do. And in that case, creating a life makeover plan is a perfect way to get yourself started.

You should have your own specific goals, of course, but the ones in this list can be applied in anyone’s life for a beautiful and cheerful improvement. I mean, why should you settle with something small… Make big plans, make big goals and never be afraid to go after them!

You will find a FREE printable checklist of these life makeover ideas at the end of this article. Grab it, print it, mark the ones you like and include in your own life makeover plan! Also, if you stumble upon a purple link, you can click it for more related info or tools.

P. S. Before I begin, there’s something helpful I want to show you.

If you need a way to get all your life planned and organized, set your life makeover goals, and even get your mental wellness in order, check out my Ultimate Printable Super Pack which has A TON of planners, mental wellness journals, goal organizers and many more beautiful minimalistic goodies to set up your perfect life binder.


It’s a beautiful collection of 40+ ShineSheets tools that have helped a lot of people (including me!) to create the life they always wanted, and setting a life binder is a perfect way to start your own life makeover journey. Check it out here

Let’s go!


50 Bright Ideas For Your Life Makeover Plan

ARTICLE TOPICS (feel free to scroll down - the content starts below)


1. Change every bad habit with a positive one.

2. Create a plan to live healthier.

3. Organize your closet and revamp your style.

4. Get rid of toxic relationships.

5. Set your self-improvement goals.

6. Change your job if it’s keeping you miserable (and if you can’t do that yet… read this).

7. Create a list of things you want to learn.

8. Start doing 90-day challenges.

9. Become a planner girl.

10. Change your hairstyle and makeup routine.

11. Start working on those mental health and confidence issues.

12. Get your life seriously organized.

13. Become diligent about what you put into your body.

14. Get in shape.

15. Start a side hustle.

16. Find valuable life hacks and start using them.

17. Become a morning person.

18. Make “positive” your go-to word.

19. Rebuild forgotten friendships.

20. Learn to stop obsessing about your past or future – live in the NOW.

21. Instead of driving a car, start riding a bicycle.

22. Make a plan to pay off your debt.

These can greatly help with that:

How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously

How to Be Debt Free: A simple plan for paying off debt

23. Start tracking and planning your budget.

24. Become radically grateful.

25. Start a new project.

26. Review your relationships and improve them where possible.

27. Start showing more initiative at your work or uni.

28. Develop a “pamper yourself” routine.

29. Master lady etiquette rules.

30. Start including a few minutes of  self care at work.

31. Make a “preparation plan” for every season.

32. Find the root cause of your laziness and get rid of it.

33. Develop a habit of reflecting on your day, week, month and year.

34. Find an enjoyable way to work on your body (or even go for full body makeovers if you feel like it’s something that would make you happier).

35. Learn how to joke and be entertaining in a company of people.

36. Find what makes you feel sexier and do more of it.

37. Set a big goal for every area of your life.

38. Decide to love yourself unconditionally.

39. Make a list of empowering affirmations to read every morning.

40. Block bad vibes.

41. Makeover your home.

42. Get new glasses (or a new, sexy wallet!)

FOXER Women Leather Wallet

FOXER Women Leather Wallet Small Bifold

43. Prioritize spending time with people you love.

44. Completely stop caring what other people think.

45. Start doing things that make you smarter every day.

46. Decide to be a leader when the situation needs one.

47. Learn to rest properly.

48. Set a clear life-work balance and stick to it.

49. Ditch the habit of judging others.

50. Stop taking yourself so seriously and have more fun in your life.


>> Download this as a printable checklist! <<



How to Create Your Own Life Makeover Plan


I hope you found a lot of lovely ideas for your life makeover! Now, how do you create the actual plan? Start with taking a few of your favorites from this list. Then, think of things you want to change in your life, based on how you feel today. Write it all down and decide on the actions you need to take to make all of them happen – and work on them!

I know it may seem overwhelming at first, so this is why I really recommend setting up your own life binder to make everything systemic. Doing a life makeover is a big thing, so it’s easy to fail… But planning and documenting your progress can double your success chances.

So if you haven’t yet, make a cup of coffee, grab the Ultimate Super Pack if you need helpful, ready-to-use life improvement templates, decide on what exactly you want from your life and that’s it! You’re all set to makeover your life.

P. S. If you want more self-improvement tips, advice, and freebies – scroll down as I have A LOT… For the love of lists! 😊

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