How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You

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Young Woman Makes Her Boyfriend Obsessed

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time! Time to learn those secret secrets, subtle magical (well, not literally) tricks, gorgeously sophisticated ways to make.him.go.crazy.

If you’re in love with your boyfriend and want him to seriously lose his mind about you, this article is for you. Here’s how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you (no VooDoo dolls needed)!

“Wait wait wait wait… HOLD UP. Who are YOU to give me this advice?”

Well, I’m not here to brag. Not here to tell you how to live your life. But there are two reasons to trust me:

1. I’ve been together with my SO for 17 years. He claims to fall in love with me more and more each day and it seems like he means it. I mean, he had 17 years to run away… He didn’t. I guess he must be telling the truth.

2. I’ve been studying human relationships extensively for the past two years. This is a part of my effort to be well-educated about human psychology (I highly recommend it to everyone).

So if you’re ready to see how I made the guy stay for 17 years… Let’s get back to the topic!


How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You


1. Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved


This is the background of all of your effort to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, your creme-de-la-creme of all relationship rules: make the guy feel really loved. I know you’ve heard that men are mainly interested in sex, and yes –  sex is important, but no matter how vanilla will it sounds, love is still the most important thing.

All humans crave love. Everything we ever do is to make others love us, whether we like it or not. So when you make your boyfriend feel that you love him, that you approve of him and appreciate him, an important gear shifts in his heart and he becomes attached to you. Well, unless he’s a fool, then it might not work… For your own good.


2. Make Him Feel Valued


If you want to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, value him too. What do I mean by that? Don’t make him feel small. Instead, lift him up.

The easiest way to break any relationship is to make fun of someone in front of other people’s eyes. Don’t do that. Don’t make fun of any people, in general. That’s not cool, especially when it comes to your boyfriend.

Instead, support your boyfriend and be the one who’s always ready to have his back. Be his invisible wall, the safe haven for him to come back to after a stressful day. Even more – be grateful for his efforts, his work, and everything he does for you and other people around. Compliment him and make him feel valued, the way he is.

P. S. I hope it doesn’t sound like you should fake it… Don’t get me wrong. I’m assuming that you love your boyfriend and you honestly would love to compliment and support him. If you don’t feel like that about him, it might be useful to evaluate your feelings.


3. Be An Equal Partner In a Relationship


Now, this one’s really important. If you want to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, do not be a puppet. Be an equal partner in your relationship, express your feelings, your thoughts and ideas, initiate discussions, and make decisions together with him. Of course, this might not apply to every couple around, but then again, I’m speaking from my own experience. Guys love women who are confident enough to assert an equal role in a relationship. It shows that you know your worth and you’re not letting anyone be your ruler. You’re your own ruler, and that’s really something to get obsessed about!

Middle Aged Couple Have Fun Together Laughing


4. Be Educated and Smart


Do you think that guys get obsessed with perfectly-looking girls? Well, I will not sugarcoat it – they do. But you have no idea what an educated, smart woman can do to them too! Here’s another way to make your boyfriend obsessed with you – be someone with who he can have deep, meaningful discussions. If you want to go the extra mile, gather knowledge about the topics he likes. The feeling of having someone to communicate with is a very strong bonder. Once he feels that you’re the most interested person to talk to, he will definitely get obsessed.


5. Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun


Guys love women who know how to have fun! So don’t be afraid to make timely jokes, enjoy fun activities, laugh, and play together. Make your boyfriend obsessed with you by allowing yourself to just be yourself, make fun of yourself, and enjoy having a fun time with him. Just relax and enjoy life!

Irresistable Woman Smiling In The Sunset


6. Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable


How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you with no extra effort? Here’s the secret – allow your vulnerability to show through. Being vulnerable may seem like something you should avoid, but you shouldn’t. Feminine vulnerability is very sexy in males’ eyes. Guys love to make vulnerable girls feel safe, protected and cared for. So it’s another reason to allow yourself to just be yourself – with all of your flaws and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable Woman In A Tasteful Setting


7. Take Care Of Your Looks


I left this to be the last point because I really think those other things are more important. But if you want to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, don’t downplay the power of your feminine appearance. Drive him crazy with your looks – and no, you don’t need to look like a model. Enhance whatever you have best in you and play with that:

  • Take care of your hair, so it’s healthy, soft, and touchable;
  • Take care of your skin, so it shows that you take care of yourself;
  • Exercise to be energetic and in good mood;
  • Keep your nails and toenails tidy as a sign you know the meaning of hygiene;
  • Smell fresh and nice – not just for him – for yourself too.

And then… Completely disarm him with a confident smile. Mesmerize him with your playful eyes. Stun with witty ideas. Laugh. Support. Show your intelligence. And a little bit of skin to keep his fantasy turned on.

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