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How To Look Pretty For Your Wedding

Do these things to look unforgettable on your wedding day.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

An Example Of How To Look Pretty On A Wedding Day

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Picture Portraying How To Look Pretty For Your Wedding

It doesn’t matter how many fancy events you attend – the most important one will definitely be your wedding day.

And you will want to look absolutely the prettiest for your wedding!

Being a celebration of love, it is important to prepare yourself and also be as relaxed as possible.

The best way to get ready for your wedding in a calm way is to make preparations in advance.

At the same time, it is recommended to focus on your wellbeing, too.

Staying true to yourself and noticing your needs is key to looking and feeling pretty for your wedding.

Here are some important ideas on how to look pretty for your wedding day without being stressed about this major event in your life.


How To Look Pretty For Your Wedding


1. First of all: take care of yourself


If you want to look pretty on your wedding day, here is a fact: you need to take care of yourself during the preparation process.

Let’s admit that it can be quite stressful to plan a big event like this.

So make sure you exercise daily, eat healthily, relax and spend enough time on your self-care.


2. Whiten your teeth


Since you will have to smile both for pictures, guests, and the love of your life, getting a few shades whiter smile can be a huge plus!

You can get an at-home teeth whitening kit, like this:

Picture Portraying How To Look Pretty For Your Wedding

GENIUS Teeth Whitening Kit

Another option is whitening strips (but they may take a bit more effort).

Or you can choose professional whitening sessions with a specialist, which is always recommended.

Whitening your teeth professionally is a lengthy process, so you might want to consider starting it 2-3 months before your wedding day.

This will give you the perfect smile on your special day while keeping you safe from tooth sensitivity or pain during the event.


3. Book an appointment with a professional brow trimmer


Another action you need to take to look the best for your wedding is trimming and shaping your brows.

Plucking and shaping your brows by yourself can result in mistakes and you may find yourself in a situation where your brows look different.

So, for the best wedding look, commit to seeing a professional that will get you clean and beautiful brows to fit your makeup nicely.

Picture Portraying How To Look Pretty For Your Wedding


4. Stay hydrated and avoid processed foods


If you want to feel and look pretty on your wedding day, you might want to be a little more careful about what you eat.

Processed foods and unhealthy snacks are packed with sodium, which can result in unnecessary water weight. A month or two before the wedding, focus on eating healthy dishes and drinking plenty of water.

Drinking enough water will also improve your skin (dehydrated skin can look rather dull in photos)!


5. Practice smiling


This might seem odd, but many brides forget to smile during the celebrations.

And this happens because of stress, tiredness, or anxiety.

So it is a great idea to practice smiling, just so you will be able to look natural on your wedding day.

You can even sit in front of the mirror and pep talk yourself!

Smile at yourself just like you would do that for that special occasion.

Picture Portraying How To Look Pretty For Your Wedding


6. Have a hair and makeup trial


Prior to your wedding day, let’s say 2 to 3 weeks before, it is highly recommended to go for wedding hairstyles and makeup trial.

This will let you decide whether or not you feel pretty with the look.

If you don’t like it, you can talk with both your makeup artists and hairstylist about what changes could be done.

This way, you will make sure that your makeup and hair combination enhances your beauty perfectly.


7. Test your Mani and Pedi as well


You can test this, too, a couple of weeks before the main event.

Consider choosing neutral colors, that won’t stand out as flashy, but rather as a sophisticated touch.

A beautiful bride has always a bit of classic flair.

Both your manicure and pedicure should match in color, especially if you opt for high heels sandals for the wedding.

If you want to look pretty for your wedding day, focus on planning the event at your own pace, and don’t forget to relax. There is no need to go through a burnout process.

You can ask your loved ones to help, while you rest for a day.

If you are relaxed and well-rested, you will have the most beautiful smile and complexion on your wedding day, along with the best mood on the most important day of your life.

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