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5 Beauty Secrets of Instagram’s Top Influencers In 2023

Let’s take what’s best in their beauty routines and make it our own.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Instagram Influencer Model Taking A Picture Of Herself

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If you want to see rich, successful, stunning people, then Instagram is still the place to go.

And of course, the famous and influential users that command vast audiences on this social platform don’t just roll out of bed looking gorgeous.

In fact, a whole lot of work goes into crafting the looks they post each day.

To explain this further, here’s a look at a few major celebs and the beauty secrets that lie behind the glitz and glamor of their Insta feeds.


Gigi Hadid’s Glowing, Radiant Skin: The Power of Hydration and Minimal Makeup


Supermodel Gigi Hadid is renowned for her glowing, radiant skin.

Her secret lies in the emphasis on proper hydration, both internally by drinking plenty of water and externally by using moisture-rich skincare products.

Furthermore, she opts for minimal makeup to preserve her naturally flawless complexion.

By embracing a more pared-down approach with a light foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of heavy layers, she allows her skin to breathe effortlessly while still maintaining a polished appearance.

Emulate Gigi’s beauty routine through effective hydration practices and embracing your natural glow!


Huda Kattan’s Flawless Foundation Techniques for a Picture-Perfect Complexion


As one of Instagram’s top beauty influencers, Huda Kattan is revered for her expertise in achieving picture-perfect skin.

You can of course get a similar look without spending hours in front of the mirror, or a lot of cash on cosmetics, if you use basic online image editing tools.

It’s safe to assume that most celebs post pics that aren’t without their own degree of digital alteration.

However, if you want to emulate Huda’s impeccable complexion IRL, start with thorough skincare preparation.

Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin thoroughly.

Next comes priming.

Apply a silicone-based primer that fills in pores and fine lines while ensuring better makeup adherence.

When selecting your foundation shade, test its match on your jawline under natural light to ensure seamless blending between face and neck.

For application technique preferences vary from sponges to brushes.

Either method works as long as you focus on building sheer layers instead of directly applying heavy amounts.

Remember that blending is key, and you can avoid any demarcation lines by carefully working the product into the skin using gentle tapping motions or buffing strokes.

Finally, set everything into place with translucent powder without going overboard or causing cakiness.

Master these essential steps to create an effortlessly airbrushed appearance that will garner praise beyond social media platforms.


Kylie Jenner’s Statement Lips: Achieving Fullness with the Right Lip Products and Technique


When it comes to statement lips, Kylie Jenner has set trends across social media.

To get that plump, irresistible pout like hers, start by prepping your lips with a gentle exfoliator followed by a hydrating lip balm for smooth application.

Next, outline and define lips using a lip liner slightly darker than the lipstick shade you’re planning to use.

Enhance their natural shape while carefully creating symmetrical contours on both upper and lower lips.

Fill in your lips evenly using your chosen lipstick or gloss for comfortable yet impactful wear, et voilà!

A bold Kylie-inspired pout awaits.


Selena Gomez’s Natural Beauty Regimen: Focusing on Skincare Over Heavy Makeup Application


Selena Gomez embraces a natural beauty regimen that prioritizes healthy and glowing skin over heavy makeup.

She seems to love an extensive skincare routine, incorporating nourishing cleansers, hydrating serums, and revitalizing face masks.

To achieve Selena’s effortlessly radiant look, invest in quality skincare products tailored to your unique needs.

It might just reduce the amount of makeup you need, which is a bonus for your budget as well.

When you opt for gentler options instead of full-coverage cosmetics, imperfections will be subtly concealed without losing the skin’s authentic texture.

Adopt Selena’s approach to enhance your genuine beauty from within while showcasing self-confidence.


Beyoncé Knowles’ Emphasis on Eyebrows: Celebrity Secrets to Glamorous Brows Works Wonders


Queen Bey takes her eyebrows seriously and knows the importance of well-defined brows in framing the face.

To get those glamorous arches that accentuate your eyes, start with grooming and shaping them according to your face shape.

Utilize a good-quality brow pencil or powder matching your hair color to fill in any sparse areas.

Create natural-looking strokes using an angled brush while focusing on adding a more precise definition at the tail end for higher impact.

Finish off by applying a clear brow gel to hold everything between stage performances or daily life events, as Beyonce does famously.




If you’re ready to elevate your beauty game like these top Instagram influencers, then why not embrace their tried-and-true tips and tricks tailored for the red carpet, photoshoots, or daily life?

Start today, and enhance your natural radiance while staying true to yourself.

Beautiful inspiration is just around the corner, even if you don’t want to share your looks with anyone outside of your personal social circles.

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