How To Look Expensive: 10 Tricks To Fake An Expensive Style

Updated on August 6, 2020

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A blonde beautiful woman shows how to look expensive

I bet we all secretly admire those designer clothes from popular fashion houses. When those are featured on the red carpet, they seem to have that particular something that makes someone stand out. Yet in most situations, those designer goodies are pretty much too expensive for a regular gal.

Thankfully, there are a few simple tricks that can help you look just as good with inexpensive, affordable clothes! Here’s how to look expensive with a bit of creativity to set up the best outfits and look great without going broke.


How To Look Expensive: 10 Tricks To Fake An Expensive Style


1) Choose a Long Coat


An expert tip on how to look expensive is choosing a long coat for your winters. Short, puffy coats can make you look cheap, underdressed or even out of style. Instead, long coats offer a sense of elegance and style, while adding that extra value to your overall outfit. Choosing a beige or black long coat will add some luxurious vibes to your whole appearance!


2) Prefer a Structured Bag


A stylish, designer-like outfit is defined by the type of bag you use. If you want to look expensive, choosing a harder, structured bag will give a nice addition to your wardrobe. Backpacks or bulky bags are not recommended if you seek to fake an expensive style and it is also best to opt for black bags with little to no hardware.

A hard black designer bag as an example of how to look expensive

TcIFE Satchel Shoulder Tote Bag + Wallet (22$)

3) Small Heels!


Wearing very high heels won’t get you that refined look you want to achieve… Instead, combine your outfits with a pair of small, pointy heels, preferably designed with black touches. Those will create a stylish and professional look and (the added bonus!) will be a lot more comfortable to wear. The quality of your shoes is important, so try to choose fake leather shoes that are inexpensive, yet look put together. And of course, clean and shiny shoes always look more expensive than they actually are.


4) Rock Cool Sunglasses


How to look expensive with minimal investment? Choose stylish sunglasses! You should wear a pair of sunglasses as often as possible (you know, just like those celebs). Even simple, black sunglasses can complement your outfit, but you should only use them during the day and only if they’re necessary (otherwise, you may seem out of place).

Choose glasses with a thicker black frame or a few golden details for an extra touch of expensiveness.


5) Simplicity First


To look expensive and sophisticated, consider wearing simple outfits with a delicate pattern, that is not boring and has a bit of a classy vibe. Mostly, you can get your inspiration from the French, as they always manage to look expensive and fancy with the simplest clothing items.

Blonde woman with high heels, jeans and sunglasses shows how to look expensive on a casual dayHOTAPEI Women’s Casual Summer Chiffon Blouse (20$)


6) Choose Accessories Wisely


There is no need to wear plastic jewelry or oddly colored accessories… In fact, if your only jewelry is plastic, it’s better to not wear any jewelry at all. To look expensive, opt for classic accessories that are inspired by the minimalist trend. Opt for gold-colored necklaces, minimalist watches, or small earrings without too much bling.


7) A Little Black Dress Can Do Wonders!


The famous and all-time favorite, the Little Black Dress is the best clothing item you could have in your wardrobe. Also – one of the easiest tricks to look expensive at any time.

A little black dress is sleek and stylish and overall it looks like expensive clothing, no matter the shop you got it from. It can be used as an everyday dress or as a fancy evening outfit, perfect work attire, or a cocktail party go-to. This versatile dress is key if you want to look expensive and classy!

A little black dress as a timeless option how to look expensive at any ocasion

HOMEYEE Women’s Vintage Bowknot Dress (25$)


8) Skip Tons Of Blouses And Invest In a Few White Button-down Shirts


White button-down shirts are usually inexpensive, yet can dow wonders in making your attire look more expensive than it is. It can be matched both with casual AND professional outfits to make you look rather fancy. Always remember that when you wear this type of shirt it must be steamed or ironed perfectly. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the desired effect.

Young woman shows how to look expensive while wearing a white shirt

Zeagoo Women Victorian Blouse (27$)

9) Turtlenecks Work Great!


During the past years, the turtleneck gained more and more popularity in the fashion world. The knitted texture of turtlenecks can transform all winter outfits and they make your whole style look expensive. Moreover, you can even consider a turtleneck dress for impressive results. The trick is to opt for either dark colors or beige / white ones.


10) Use a Scarf


This simple accessory can make a dull outfit appear exquisite. It can add a touch of sophistication to any type of clothes you might think of! A pretty scarf is easily the simplest trick on how to look expensive with little to no effort.

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I hope you will try to create that perfect expensive style without breaking the bank. Does it really matter how much you’ve paid for your clothes if you look bomb-hot in them? I don’t think so!

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