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How to Keep Yourself Mentally Sharp Under Stressful Conditions

The worst thing to do in stressful times? Not trying to lower your stress at all, and letting it pile up.

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If you often find yourself in stressful situations, perhaps due to work pressures or problems in your personal life, you can handle the stress better and remain calm by incorporating different methods into your life that can help you stay mentally sharp.

Here are some of the best methods you should consider trying.


Embrace Stress Management Techniques


Stress management techniques can be pivotal in maintaining mental sharpness under duress.

For instance, you may consider engaging in anti-stress activities such as yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques.

These practices will not only relax your mind.

They could also enhance your cognitive abilities.

Furthermore, breathing techniques can be applied during actual times of stress.

For instance, if you are in a stressful work situation, you can remember to take some deep breaths, as per the guidelines you have been following, to instantly feel calmer.

Mindful resilience training is another stress management technique you should consider.

It involves challenging the mind under controlled, stressful conditions.


Optimize Your Nutrition


Your brain requires optimal nourishment to function well, especially when you are in stressful situations.

Eating a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and B vitamins will keep your brain healthy and your mind sharp.

In turn, you could deal with stressful situations more easily.


Regularly Work Out


Physical exercise is not just beneficial for your body.

It is also crucial for keeping your mind in peak condition.

Regular physical activity increases blood flow to the brain which enhances cognitive agility and alertness.

If you are in a stressful situation, such as a confrontation at work, by removing yourself from the situation and taking a brisk walk or running around the block, for instance, you can soon alleviate your symptoms of stress.

But working out regularly will also enable you to be less stressed generally.


Get Enough Sleep


Insufficient sleep impairs cognitive functions such as memory, judgment, and decision-making skills, all of which are vital during stressful periods.

So, make sure you get enough sleep each night.

Experts recommend getting at least seven hours per night.


Try Nootropics


Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are natural or synthetic supplements designed to enhance cognitive functions.

They aim to improve aspects such as memory, creativity, and motivation.

They can also help users maintain mental clarity.

In turn, that means nootropic users can potentially stay calmer during stressful situations.

Indeed, certain nootropics like Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine are particularly renowned for their stress-relieving properties.

These natural herbs possess the ability to decrease cortisol, resulting in a calm yet focused state of mind conducive to critical thinking under pressure.

However, these substances should not be considered a substitute for practices like sleep or regular exercise.

Instead, treat them as supplemental amplifiers for your brain’s performance.

MLP® v4 from Mind Lab Pro is one of the world’s smartest brain supplements.

It has been scientifically proven to enhance brain power.

It could enable you to be more motivated and productive.

It could also assist you in staying calm under pressure. 


Practice Self-care Rituals


The role of self-care rituals cannot be undermined in keeping you mentally alert during stressful periods.

Whether it is taking some time off for a warm bubble bath, putting delicious home-cooked meals on the table, or simply spending time amidst nature, such acts not only refresh the mind but also foster mental sharpness.

By putting more things into your life that make you feel calm and happy, the easier it will be to cope with stressful situations when they arise.


Practice Gratitude


Gratitude encourages positivity, which in turn enhances brain function.

Jotting down what you are thankful for may contribute to a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.

By focusing on the positives, you might find that keeping mentally sharp becomes less daunting.


Keep Learning


Learning new things gives the brain its daily dose of exercise that stimulates cognitive functioning.

For example, brushing up on a foreign language or mastering culinary skills can keep mental wheels turning productively.

In turn, during stressful times, you can remain calmer and mentally sharp.


Be Creative


Creativity often serves as an effective outlet for stress while fortifying mental strength.

Consider engaging in activities, such as painting, playing an instrument, or gardening to challenge the mind while creating soothing effects.

By regularly being creative, you can potentially stay mentally alert and in control of your emotions during stressful situations.


Seek Professional Assistance


Lastly, if you try various techniques and find you still get more stressed out than you should during situations, it could be time to seek professional help.

Engaging professional services, such as therapists or life coaches who are trained to deal with stressful environments, can help you navigate through high-strain periods.

Thus, you can preserve your mental sharpness for when it is needed most.

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