Easy DIY Easter Decor With Fresh Flowers

Updated on June 7, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

diy easter decor center piece bouquet

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I don’t know about you, but I just love easy DIY Easter decor that looks good and takes less than 30 minutes to create. I have to admit that I’m not the best with DIY, even though I really love creating beautiful things with my hands, especially if they make your home feel more cozy.

Today I want to share with you this super easy DIY Easter decor idea that will fill your room with vibrant flowers and joyful spring mood. It’s a long-lasting, colorful table center piece that is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of patience, or who love a more minimalistic DIY Easter decor. Thanks to floral foam (OASIS), it will stay pretty for days!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to recreate this pretty piece.


Easy DIY Easter Decor With Flowers


You will need:

  • Floral foam, or OASIS (you can get it here)
  • Fresh flowers of your choice. If you want to recreate the exact bouquet you see in the pictures, you will need: pink tulips, yellow tulips, pink clove pinks, a few sprigs of catkin (yes, that tree that looks like it’s infested with small kittens in spring) and a few sprigs of green ilex or similar bush.
  • A wide, low-height bowl or flower pot.
  • Plastic flower wrap.

easy diy easter decor with flowers step 3


Steps To Recreate This DIY Easter Decor


Step 1: Take your bowl or pot. Put the plastic flower wrap in.

Step 2: Cut your flower foam to one or two pieces and put it inside the bowl.

Step 3: Cut the extra plastic flower wrap so it holds the flower foam but doesn’t stick out of the bowl (see picture below).

easy diy easter decor with flowers step 1

Step 4: Cut your flowers to prefered lenght and stick them one by one into the flower foam, like this:

easy diy easter decor with flowers step 2

It’s easier to start with bigger buds (tulips and clove pinks) and finish off with small springs of catpin and illex.

Step 5: Carefuly fill the bowl with water.

And that’s it! All you need to do now is to add water to this bowl daily so the floral foam stays moist, which means your flowers will stay fresh as well. I told you this will be easy.

easy diy easter decor with flowers step 4

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