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    Self improvement has many dimensions – beauty can be one of them. Get practical solutions to improve your looks, become prettier and glow up like a queen!

    perfect healthy white smile

    How To Keep a Healthy and Beautiful Smile, the Natural Way

    Let's make sure those pearly whites are healthy as well.
    apple cider vinegar for hair rinse and apples on the table

    6 Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair

    Instead of paying for expensive chemicals, why not try old good ACV?
    woman with straight hair in humid rain

    How to Keep Your Hair Straight in Humid Weather

    Ugh, just a hint of humidity is enough to ruin those perfectly straightened locks!
    woman with manicure made with gel nail polish

    5 Ways To Make Gel Nail Polish Last Longer

    Gel nail polish looks great on your nails... Until it chips too.
    example of different face shapes (diamond face)

    Different Face Shapes: How to Tell Which One is Yours

    Mirror mirror on the wall, which one of those face shapes am I after all?
    woman with very shiny hair

    7 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

    Get shockingly shiny hair with these shockingly easy tips.
    various lipstick shades on a pink background

    How to Pick the Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin & Hair Tone

    Red, brown, nude, pink... All of these have a million variations. Here's what to pick!
    well rested woman in balcony with flowers and coffee

    5 Quick Tricks to Look Well-Rested in the Morning

    Sometimes, you just want to look like you’ve got it all together.
    eyelash lift procedure

    Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions

    With so many options for lashes, an eyelash lift is one of the best!
    beautiful redhead hair after having a hair spa day

    How to Have a Hair SPA At Home

    Sensing a bad hair day? Have a hair SPA day instead!
    lavender flowers and essential oil on table

    5 Astonishing Lavender Benefits For Beauty And Health

    Yes, lavender benefits go way beyond a nice smell.
    beautiful ethnic woman using enzyme peel on her face

    10 Reasons To Try An Enzyme Peel For Your Skin

    An enzyme peel can give your skin the power you never knew it had!