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Can I Paint My Bedroom Furniture?

Painting furniture is a sustainable, creative, and cost-effective way to revitalize outdated pieces.

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If you’ve got pieces of bedroom furniture that are no longer matching the look you’re going for, then you might be wondering what the best course of action is.

Do you throw the piece of furniture away?

Do you sell it?

Can you paint it?

Here’s what you need to know about updating your home and your bedroom furniture, and the best way to do it.


Can You Actually Paint Furniture?


You can paint most types of furniture.

Wood furniture, wicker furniture, and even leather furniture can be painted.

The only type of furniture you can’t easily paint is fabric, but you can dye it!

The only things that can hold you back from painting bedroom furniture are whether or not the furniture is yours (if you’re living in a furnished rental, for example, the furniture does not belong to you) and whether you have the time.


The Best Ways To Paint Furniture: a How-to Guide


Different types of furniture have to be painted in different ways.

If you’re hoping to paint furniture, you’ll need to know the best ways to paint that specific type of furniture in order to achieve the best results.

Once you know that, painting furniture should be a breeze.


Painting Wood Furniture


Furniture made of wood like an old wooden chest of drawers is one of the most commonly updated, in part because it’s often considered the easiest.

For painting wood furniture, you will need:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Plastic bag;
  • Drop cloth;
  • Palm sander;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Tack cloth or damp cloth;
  • Primer;
  • Paint;
  • Paintbrush;
  • Sealant.


What Paint Will You Need For Painting Furniture Made of Wood?


The best paint for painting wood furniture will depend on what kind of finish you’re after.

For shiny finishes, you’ll want gloss or satin paint, and for the opposite, you’ll need matte paint.

For rustic looks, you’ll want something like chalk paint.

Alternatively, you might want to opt for latex paint, which dries fast and is easily accessible.

Or you could buy milk paint that has a thinner texture than chalk paint and is more eco-friendly.

Acrylic paint will work well for painting furniture made of wood, too.


How To Paint Wood Furniture


  1. Remove hardware and drawers.
  2. Put down a drop cloth.
  3. Carefully sand the item.
  4. Wipe down and clean the item.
  5. Apply a primer to get the paint to adhere.
  6. Paint the piece of bedroom furniture, applying multiple layers until you achieve the color you want on your painted bedroom furniture.
  7. Apply a sealant with the same finish as your paint.

If there are any broken parts in your furniture piece, you might need wood filler to help before you paint it.


Painting Laminate Furniture


You can also paint furniture made of laminate, which is often cheaper than wood.

If you’ve got bedroom furniture made of laminate, it might well be a color that sticks out from the rest of your room.

To paint it, you will need:

  • Zinsser B-I-N primer;
  • Mini roller;
  • Semi-smooth roller;
  • Paint tray;
  • Small angled brush;
  • Fine sanding block;
  • Microfiber cloth;
  • Mask;
  • Paint.


What Paint Works Best on Laminate Furniture?


Generally speaking, a durable paint with a good primer will work well on laminate.

Lots of people recommend durable latex paint when painting bedroom furniture made of laminate.


How To Paint Laminate Furniture


  1. Apply the primer with a roller in large areas, filling in the corner with a small brush.
  2. Let the primer dry completely and sand it gently.
  3. Apply another coat of primer and leave to dry.
  4. Apply your first coat of paint.
  5. Let the paint dry.
  6. Apply another coat of paint and let dry, continue as needed.


Painting Wicker Bedroom Furniture


If you need to paint wicker furniture, whether it is a wicker bed frame, or perhaps a piece of old furniture like a chair or set of drawers, then you will need the following items.


  • Drop cloth;
  • Stiff bristle brush;
  • Sponge;
  • Liquid soap;
  • Water;
  • Liquid deglossers;
  • Spray paint primer;
  • Acrylic spray paint.


How To Paint Wicker Bedroom Furniture


  1. Prepare your area by putting down the drop cloth and protecting the walls.
  2. Clean your bedroom furniture.
  3. Prime the wicker bedroom furniture.
  4. Paint the wicker bedroom furniture.
  5. Let the paint dry.


Painting Bedroom Furniture – Yes or No?


Painting bedroom furniture may seem like a lot of effort, but there are a few benefits of painting your wood furniture, wicker furniture, or metal furniture rather than replacing it or buying all new bedroom furniture.

Painting bedroom furniture has a few benefits.


1. Painting Bedroom Furniture Is More Sustainable


Companies like Sketch Spray have become very popular of late providing people a service to paint their furniture and even paint spraying courses for the same.

Regardless of whether your bedroom furniture is wood furniture or anything else, painting furniture and choosing to refinish furniture is much better than buying new furniture pieces whenever you have a new style.

Rather than buying new furniture and sending your current furniture piece to the landfill, you can simply paint your old furniture.

Painted furniture can really improve a whole room, tying it together or standing out as a feature piece.

So why not try painting bedroom furniture?

There’s nothing to lose.


2. Painting Bedroom Furniture Could Make You Some Money


Painted furniture, also known as upcycled furniture, can be sold online for a premium price.

If you’ve got old furniture in your home that needs updating, but you’re not sure if you want it at all, even after a coat of latex paint, then you can always sell the painted furniture.

Upcycled furniture is often considered to be worth more than that just straight from the furniture store.

A bed frame with painted designs, that had been subjected to painting projects, for example, may sell for more than a simple metal frame.


3. Painted Furniture Brings a Sense Of Creativity To a Space


Painted furniture can really make a difference in any room, including the bedroom.

It can bring a splash of your personality into a room that is otherwise simple and uninteresting.

Plus, painting projects are a great way to explore your creativity!




In conclusion, reinventing your bedroom furniture through painting is not only a practical and economical decision but it also supports sustainability, promotes creativity, and even has the potential for financial gain.

The process, while seemingly complex at first glance, can be broken down into manageable steps that make it achievable for everyone, regardless of your previous DIY experience.

Whether your furniture is wooden, laminate, or wicker, a fresh coat of paint can give it a new lease on life and can help transform your entire bedroom.

With a little bit of effort and the right tools, your outdated bedroom furniture can become stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly match your preferred aesthetic.

After all, our homes, especially our bedrooms, should be a reflection of ourselves.

So, don’t let old furniture pieces deter you from your dream bedroom look.

Instead, see them as opportunities for a DIY adventure.

You’d be amazed by the transformative power of a little paint, and who knows?

You might discover a new hobby along the way.

Happy painting!

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