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6 Stylish Ways To Upgrade Your Family Home

An entire remodel is not mandatory!

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Beautiful Family Upgrading Their Home

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You have to admit that after a while, your once beautiful home will lose its sparkle and shine and look out of place in your block.

Of course, you would want to make your home stand out so that it doesn’t look shabby beside other houses.

Also, aside from the benefits of a beautiful exterior, you would like your family to live comfortably inside your home.

So, deciding to upgrade it almost comes naturally.

Home improvements in the United States amounted to USD$457 billion in 2020 and are projected to increase to USD$621 billion by 2025.

This only proves that homeowners are willing to spend to make their residential homes comfortable for their families.

If you wish to upgrade your family home, here are some of the ways you can do it.


Install Soffit Ceiling Panels


Soffit ceilings are the visible underside of your home’s actual ceiling.

It works as an aesthetic finish to hide the tubing or any unsightly structural features of your ceiling.

Aside from hiding the underside of your ceiling, it also provides structural support and insulation to your home.

For your home’s exterior, it will give a nice, clean and elegant look to your ceiling, especially when the rafter tails are fixed symmetrically.

Soffit panels use various materials, including aluminum, PVC, vinyl, wood, and steel.

Contractors prefer these because they are low-maintenance and resistant to damage like termites, mold, rot, and heat.

If you’re planning to take on this project for your home, check out Hardie Boys Inc.

There are many types and finishes of soffits that you can apply to your ceiling that will make your home the star of the block.

To give you better visualization, check their portfolio at


Paint Your Exteriors


Nothing like hiring professional Westchester painters to give your home a fresh coat of paint and make it stand out from all the houses on your block!

Of course, you can do it on your own too.

But more than uplifting the look of your exterior, a fresh coat of paint will also work to add a layer of protection to keep your home safe from harsh elements like insects, dust, and weather damage.

Additionally, it will also prevent the wood from rotting quickly.

A new paint palette will also make your home modern and stylish.

Although neutral colors are typical for many homes, adding a bold streak of color as an accent will add another layer of personality to your home.


Add Plants Around Your Home


Plants will not only improve the look of your home’s exterior but will also increase its value.

Pots of ornamental and flowering plants will add a pop of color and would be a delightful sight.

Inside your home, plants will improve the air quality and contribute positive health benefits to your family.

Being around plants has been known to help reduce the psychological and physiological stress of young adults according to a study.


Improve Cabinetry


In your kitchen, the most utilized fixture would be the cabinets.

And the constant pulling and pushing can damage it easily.

When a handle gets damaged, replacing it becomes shoved at the end of your list, and in time you realize that it’s been years since you promised to fix it.

The cabinet doors would show scratches and peeling paint and stains from food like ketchup or spills of wine and soy sauce.

Upgrading your cabinets might make your entire kitchen look new.


Consider Window Treatment


The glass panels on your window might have become a little dull in time.

Scrubbing it clean might not be enough since the grime and dirt build-up might have caused layers of deposits that would be difficult to remove by ordinary means.

A professional window cleaner might be your best bet in making your windows look shiny and new.

Paying attention to your windows is crucial as this gives a glimpse of your home and is also essential in ramping up your home’s curb appeal.

You may also want to consider getting new curtains to match your newly painted walls, something that would complement the new color you have chosen.


Spruce Up Your Bathroom


You don’t need to remodel your entire bathroom, especially if it’s outside your budget.

You may need to install a few inexpensive stuff to make it look comfortable and elegant.

You may add a new sophisticated backsplash, change the fixtures, install a cabinet to hide the pipes under the sink, and add a pot of succulents and a sparkly new mirror.

Additionally, you may add a piece of wall art to make the area look interesting and upgrade the lighting to give the bathroom a pretty glow.




Upgrading your home needs to be done at least once every five to ten years.

But an entire remodel is not mandatory.

Careful planning and weighing of options may give you the most vital areas you need to prioritize based on your reasons for upgrading.

If you need to upgrade because you plan to sell in the future, paying attention to your exterior should be number one on your list, including the soffit panels, windows, and landscaping.

But if you’re after your family’s comfort, upgrading your bathrooms and HVAC and sprucing up your walls by painting them with a fresh coat will be best.

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