Easy Storage Solutions for Seasonal Decor (No More Mess!)

Enjoy all sorts of festivities without generating additional waste.

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Updated on December 16, 2022

Seasonal Decor Storage In Cear Container

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With the changing seasons come different adaptations and decorations around the home. This also means that there are many months of the year during which the items that are so essential for a few days or weeks need to be kept out of sight.

We all struggle with storage, so let’s discuss some options for making your seasonal decor easy to keep at home year after year without getting in the way or being an eyesore.


Regularly review your inventory of adornments


The first and most important step for any attempt at improving your storage setup at home is to make sure you aren’t keeping items that are no longer fit for purpose.

It’s easiest to check up on seasonal decor to find unused, damaged, or even dangerous items during the season itself. Taking these to be recycled or safely disposed of in another way, rather than leaving them to gather dust and take up space, is sensible.


Make use of transparent containers


Another issue with seasonal decor is that if it is stored in an opaque box, you won’t know what’s in there without needing to take everything out. And if you’re looking for one specific item, it can involve a lot of rummaging and rearranging, and who’s got time for that?

Instead, invest in transparent containers, preferably ones which can easily be stacked, and you’ll then be able to see what’s in each at a glance, saving you hours each year. This is also handy for housing other items you only get out occasionally, such as your wedding photos. If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out the wedding photo book ideas here!


Choose storage that fits the available space


Not every nook in your home will be the right size and shape for standard containers, so why not mix things up with alternatives instead?

For example, an affordable waste paper basket can serve as a container for everything from festive baubles to rolls of wrapping paper for birthdays and will have a small enough footprint to sit in some out-of-the-way corner without cluttering the floor space.


Protect fragile items


Seasonal decorations can be surprisingly susceptible to breakages, so if you’re just shoving everything into one container together, you can expect damage to occur.

A cost-effective solution to this is to take a cardboard egg carton and use it to keep things like glass Christmas tree decorations out of harm’s way for the rest of the year.

Even wrapping delicate items in tissue paper, or making use of cardboard toilet paper tubes to separate out strings of wired lights, will let you sidestep damage and also allow for items to be organized more easily.


Get to grips with garment bags


As the name suggests, garment bags are designed for storing clothing, but they can also be well suited to shielding seasonal decorations during storage.

Let’s say you’ve got a festive wreath that you hang on your door every year. It might not be ideally shaped for keeping in a rigid container, but you could cover it with a transparent garment bag and hang it up in a wardrobe or on a clothes rail until it’s needed again.


Final thoughts


Storing seasonal decorations is not just about saving money and making better use of the space you’ve got available at home; it’s also about making sure that you’re able to enjoy all sorts of festivities without generating additional waste.

We’re all more concerned with sustainability these days, and you can get enjoyment from items year after year rather than having to buy new ones if you take storage seriously.

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