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Four Major Ways to Improve Your Payroll System

Got employees? This might help.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Managing Payroll

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Payroll processing can be a complex and time-consuming process with a lot of annoying factors baked into the way that it all functions, meaning that a good payroll system can be a godsend for a business of any size.

Making slow but significant improvements to your payroll is always a good idea, but it can be hard to know where to start.

Here are four ways that you can make major changes to your payroll, overhauling the system to make it a lot less of a hassle for your employees to use.




The best way to improve your payroll system is to try and optimize everything.

This could be something as simple as using new payroll software to completely change the structure of the system itself – anything that makes the payroll more convenient overall.

Look for weaknesses or flaws in your current system and find ways to work around them, prioritizing the problems that actively get in the way of basic payroll responsibilities.

If something is making the payroll less practical, then you need to identify the problem and fix it as soon as you possibly can.


Use Third-Party Tools


Do not be afraid to use more tools when creating a stable payroll system.

A lot of these tools are great for speeding up the entire payroll process and removing a lot of unnecessary work, freeing up your employees to do other things, and reducing the chances of delays or setbacks.

A paystub generator can let you generate a pay stub extremely fast, meaning that employees do not spend nearly as much time trying to make paystubs and payslips.

A good pay stub creator or check stub maker can form the backbone of a new, overhauled, improved payroll system that your business can rely on for years to come.


Go Paperless


Going paperless for your payroll system is a valid option, and it can be a nice option for a range of different reasons.

For one, you do not have to create a paystub using physical documents that need to be filed away somewhere, and you can make paystubs much faster using digital information.

Beyond that, a paperless paystubs system is often safer and more flexible than any physical storage system could be.

The less physical space your payroll is consuming, the better – especially for a new business that might have a very limited amount of office space.




It is important to remember that your payroll processing system does not stop existing once you improve it.

There will be a lot of cases where you might suddenly discover a new tool or feature that could enhance your system, and upgrading it further is always an option.

Be sure to keep your payroll system evolving over time.

You want it to grow with your business and gradually improve to match your own needs, rather than to remain exactly the same even as your business continues to expand and change.

If you do not make any major changes to your payroll, you might end up stuck without an efficient way to pay a larger amount of employees.

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