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Types Of Thinking Or How To Be a Macro Thinker And Rule This World

Become powerful with macro thinking and rejoice in the bigger picture of life.

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Thinking is one of the powerful assets of human beings.

There’s no secret that your performance as a human could be affected by the way you think.

But what is “thinking” all about?

Isn’t thinking reflecting about life, diving down into prospects, and visualizing values in the head?

Thinking is absolutely significant because you are absorbing things into yourself.

You’re evaluating.

Making decisions.

And yet, there are different ways to think about various aspects of life.

Some things deserve your full attention while some of them don’t.

Today I want to tell you about two different types of thinking and how mastering one of them can significantly improve your life.


Types Of Thinking: Micro And Macro Approach


Micro and macro are one of the most common types of thinking, and they can have so much impact on your life!

But what are these thinking styles about, and what is the significant difference between the two?

Let’s differentiate:

  • Micro Thinking

It’s carefully looking at the aspect as a whole as if nothing else influences it.

In simple words, it’s like thinking into the box.

You carefully look at all the things in the box and form your thoughts based on only what you see inside.

  • Macro Thinking

Macro thinking is looking at all the other background aspects as well, not just the actual part.

It’s thinking outside the box – you will consider a lot of elements while shaping your thought process.

This type of thinking is an overall analysis of what things around look like.

It makes you very considerate about everything.

Your approach to things becomes more inclusive and goal orientated.


In my humble opinion, I think that macro thinking is what most philosophers possess.

That’s what makes them deep thinkers.

Having vague thoughts run around your head most of the time and deriving the best ways possible to deal with issues could seem very complicated… But that’s exactly how the most ground-breaking ideas are born.

Macro thinkers have a precise picture of the world and how most things work.

Therefore, they take a lot of different things into the picture and are able to see things that are hard to see in the chaos. 

Woman Exploring Different Thinking Styles By Walking In Nature


Why Is Macro Thinking So Important?


When you look at today’s world, you will find that micro thinking is one of the most preferred thinking styles everywhere.

You might even be tested for it during your job interview.

But why?

Most businesses focus on their goals and work towards getting on top with analysis of the big picture.

They’re not focusing on their business only, they’re also watching their rivals, the economy, financial markets, trends, etc.

No matter how focused and precise a company works, it will face difficulties if it lacks macro thinking.

Macro thinking and focus (micro thinking) are equally essential.

Because hey, if you have a big picture of something, you’ll be able to focus on achieving your goals associated with it better.

A clear sense of vision is vital for a crystal-clear focus, therefore these thinking styles should always go together.

Having just focus is not enough.


Achieving Your Goals With Micro and Macro Thinking Styles


Learning to use different thinking styles is essential if you want to achieve anything, really.

Let’s look at any kind of goal.

At first, you must draw yourself away and look at it from afar.

What kind of big picture can you see?

Only when you analyze that, you can implement micro thinking and set your focus on the exact tasks you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goal.

By implementing both micro and macro thinking styles, you’ll be able to zoom in and out and get your things done.

However, speaking about the importance of different thinking styles, the world is slowly evolving in making macro thinking a particularly significant aspect.

What makes it so loved?

It’s simply the fact that lots of people are lacking the ability to see the picture, and the ones who have this ability have an upper side.


What Helps You To Become a Macro Thinker?




For ages, meditation has been a perfect way to slow down, relax or let your mind do what it can do best – just think.

There are two types of meditation.

The first one is the standard way to relax your mind and concentrate on your breathing, drifting away from any other aspects running in your head.

This comes under the focus category because your mind focuses on breathing and drifting away from your thoughts.

The other type of meditation is when you’re letting your thoughts flow the way they are.

It’s called open-monitoring meditation.

When you get lost in your thoughts and all that enters your consciousness, it’s said to help you think more creatively and actively.

Open-monitoring meditation has helped in changing a lot of people’s lives.

It’s because it makes them more aware of themselves, and their wishes.

You explore your mind, thoughts, and ideas, which you must have avoided while getting caught up with the busyness of life.

By practicing this meditation, you become more open-minded and creative.


Doing nothing at all


Sometimes, to get the best ideas, you just have to do nothing.

Being idle is the easiest way to establish macro thinking.

Being in focus mode makes us all very busy and we barely find time to do anything.

Therefore, we need to slow down.

Ask yourself – when was the last time you did nothing?

I know, it seems a little impossible to do nothing.

Because if you really think well, even when you come back home from work or study, you try to rest, but you’re probably also looking at your phone, watching TV or getting busy with some other form of “rest”.

Have you sat down without anything playing in the background or having your hands empty?

If you haven’t, then you could start fitting “doing nothing” into your schedule.

You can wait for your taxi, wait for your ordered food without doing anything else or just sit down somewhere in the open and stare at the beautiful sky and nature around.

These are a few activities where you can explore the macro thinking styles and “wake up your macro mind”.

When you float in your mental space, you find many answers that you might be searching for.

Not everything is achievable by trying to focus.

You need to pace yourself at times.

Watering Brain A Concept Of Exploring Different Thinking Styles


Macro Thinking Is One Of The Best Thinking Styles To Learn


The world likes to think that it’s built by micro thinkers who worked hard each day and helped it grow so advanced.

But nobody is actually looking at the underlying aspects.

How are ideas generated?

How did people think about inventing certain things?

Everything that has gained value today has merged with the influence of macro thinking.

The fact that both micro and macro thinking styles build the great world is not loud enough.

Broadening your views about everything could make you one step closer to knowing objective truths.

It is just like looking at an art gallery.

You don’t want to evaluate an art gallery just by looking at one piece of art.

There are many more brilliant pieces available, and you must take a look at all of them.

It might not be possible to look at everything in detail, but taking one good look at everything present in the gallery can help you to understand the whole concept of art better.

This is precisely how it works in the world of today, with micro and macro thinking styles included.

Creative aspects are crawling high; people are looking for valued elements attached with a lot of meaning.

Also, a lot of aspects of life are overlooked while everyone is busy with their own things.

It’s the macro thinking that will help you to find the best ways to look at everything.

There’s always something beyond to look at, in every situation.

If you settle for what’s under your nose, you won’t be able to discover some of the easiest solutions and some of the best ideas.

Remember that the bigger you think, the higher you can get.

Never limit yourself when it comes to thinking.

Let all your thoughts and ideas help you build some of the best decisions.

If you want to, you can even test your thinking abilities to make sure you’re making progress (we recommend Wonderlic’s Cognitive Ability Tests for that).

Macro thinking is a concept that will transform you into an extraordinary being.


Final Thoughts


Macro thinking differs for each person.

Everyone has their own consciousness, their own threads of thoughts, thus building different visions.

The best thing?

Macro thinking is powerful.

It makes you equipped with stronger aspects of life.

Looking beyond things helps you to make your life clearer.

It is as essential as having focus.

If you want to prosper as a human, practice macro thinking on a daily basis.

Allow yourself to drift away from the focused world for some time.

Your mind and thoughts are a part of you.

Giving attention to them will help you learn more about yourself.

Dive into a bigger pool, and swim through all the waves.

When you start looking at everything from outside the box, life becomes more beautiful to experience.

Macro thinking will also help you to succeed in the best phases of your life.

If something simple like adapting different thinking styles can help you to discover the unseen aspects in every situation, make you learn new things, and understand different processes, it needs great attention.

Become powerful with macro thinking and rejoice in the bigger picture of life.

You will see your growth by yourself.

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