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How To Look Effortlessly Pretty At Home

Keep looking classy and polished, even at home.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Minimalistic Home Clothes Style

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Picture Portraying How To Look Effortlessly Pretty At Home

When we stay in the house for an extended time, it sometimes becomes a norm to spend all day in pajamas and tangled hair in a bun.

And that’s fine! Comfort is the number one priority, always.

But if you feel like you have forgotten yourself lately, or that you would be in a better mood if you looked more put together, it’s perfectly reasonable to spend a few minutes to get ready in the morning and look good for the day.

Even if it’s a day at home!

Looking put together can elevate your mood, and help you to feel more confident and energetic while tackling your daily tasks.

In this article, we’re touching on a few ways to look pretty at home, without spending hours on your makeup, hair, or clothes.


How To Look Pretty At Home


1. Just basic makeup


I know, you probably don’t want to walk around the house with a full face of makeup every single day. However, it is easy to spend a few minutes on a basic makeup routine to brighten up your complexion and make you look well-rested.

Picture Portraying How To Look Effortlessly Pretty At Home

A basic makeup routine uses up to 5 products and takes less than 5 minutes.

The best part – you look fresh, awaken and put together by the end!

Start by washing and moisturizing your face for a healthy natural glow.

Then proceed as follows.

Step 1. Put on a few dots of BB cream on your face and blend using your fingers for a flawless finish.

BB cream not only moisturizes the skin but also evens out the complexion and can even provide sun protection.

I have been happily using this cheap and everywhere-available Maybelline BB Cream for a long time and I love it!

Picture Portraying How To Look Effortlessly Pretty At Home

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Then, proceed to dab a little bit of concealer under your eyes and blend it with your ring finger to minimize any dark circles and puffiness in this area.

Step 2. Use a colored eyebrow gel to gently coat and fix your eyebrows for a naturally accentuated look.

Step 3. Put on a coat of mascara on your top lashes.

Step 4. Add a natural color blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Hint – play with corals and peach tones for fresh and youthful looks.

Step 5. Finish your makeup by applying a lip balm or neutral shade lip gloss.


2. Hairstyle


Once you are done with your basic makeup, you can move on to your hair.

On the days when your hair looks like a mess, use simple messy hairdos that take less than 10 minutes.

There is no need to spend hours styling your hair, and a simple combed hairstyle can look very beautiful when you are staying at home.

Some of my favorite styles are high messy ponytails or messy buns with a few French braids, something like this:

Picture Portraying How To Look Effortlessly Pretty At Home


3. Choose a comfortable yet stylish outfit


When choosing clothes while you stay at home, make sure that they’re both comfy and well-fitted.

Choose soft and stretchy materials that allow you to move freely.

Here are a few ideas!

  • For a casual everyday look, pair a tee shirt with some shorts (or a hoodie with jeans, depending on the weather), and put on comfortable flats to complete the look.

    This way, if you have to run some errands or need to get out of the house, you can easily add a few accessories to this basic attire and look instantly dressed up.

  • Home clothing sets look good and feel comfortable too.
  • Another wonderful choice for home is a romper!

    It’s comfy, it’s sexy, it’s cute and it’s hard to buy the one that doesn’t fit!

They’re perfect for hot summer days and you can buy them in different colors to make your at-home days a bit more interesting.

Is it summer?

You’ll feel and look great in any stretchy, soft-material dress too.


If You Want To Dress Up At Home – Do That!


Let nobody tell you that you’re doing too much or too little – you set the rules.

I hope you loved these simple tips that will keep you looking classy and polished, even at home.

Staying in the house for an extended period can quickly become stressful, but smiling to yourself in a mirror can add a spark to your day.

So… Why not?


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