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How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe That’s Perfect For You

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Capsule wardrobe items placed on pretty pink backgroundHave you heard about the capsule wardrobe? Well, it is definitely not just a millennial thing, but also something we all might be in need of. You can think of it as a life-changing idea!

To get a better understanding of what it is and how to create a capsule wardrobe from scratch, read on to find a few insider tips I managed to scout.


What is a capsule wardrobe?


A capsule wardrobe refers to a small and functional wardrobe filled only with items that you really need.

Each piece of clothing must be a value-add and you are not supposed to add clothes that you won’t be wearing.

This type of wardrobe starts with the principle of mix and match and it should fit both your style and personality nicely, without making you (or your closet!) overwhelmed.

Ideally, a capsule wardrobe features between 20 and 37 clothing items. The purpose is to get rid of anything that you’re keeping simply because “it might come a day when I finally decide to wear it!”.

Having only necessary items and accessories in your wardrobe makes it easier for you to create unique and attractive styles.


What are the advantages of designing a capsule wardrobe?


There are several good things that can derive from having a capsule wardrobe. These include:

  • You will have to do less laundry;
  • You will have more time, as you will spend less of it trying to decide what to wear;
  • You will save money and space;
  • You will own only clothes that fit you perfectly.


How to create a capsule wardrobe that’s perfect for you


If you are convinced about this, here is how you can create a capsule wardrobe yourself. The following tips will help you to get rid of clutter and unused items, which will ultimately make your life (or at least your style) better!


1) Define your personal style


The first step in creating a capsule wardrobe is to assess your style. Think about what you enjoy wearing the most and which clothes make you feel most comfortable.

Also, it can be helpful to define your style with 3 adjectives (for example: elegant, minimalistic, neutral-colored). Use these words to select what will remain in your closet and what will have to go.


2) Create a strategy


We tend to buy unnecessary clothes because we think we might end up wearing them. The reality is that pretty often, it’s not that likely to happen.

To make a good foundation for your capsule wardrobe, strategically eliminate everything that does not entice you to wear it daily.

Besides this, be selective and identify specific items that can be worn in terms of season.


3) Donate or sell unused clothes


To encourage you to stick with the plan, it might be a great idea to donate what you don’t use. Not only will it free up some space in your closet, but it will also help you adapt to the idea of having fewer clothes.

Also, you can host a ‘garage sale’ event at your home! Invite your friends to check if they would like some of the items you’re planning to give away.


4) It is all about the basics


When designing a capsule wardrobe, the main thing you have to take into account is that almost all of your clothes should be the basics that go well with each other.

The goal is to make everything work nicely together. As an example, you should add clothes such as a simple button-down shirt or a classic blazer, that can be matched with almost anything and yet create several different styles.

There are a few essential pieces that will help you to easily mix and match your clothes. Thy look great no matter what season we are in, so it’s a great idea to add all or at least a couple in your wardrobe:

  1. Cashmere turtleneck sweater
  2. Denim jacket
  3. Black heels
  4. Basic white t-shirt
  5. Black blazer
  6. Silk blouse
  7. Little black dress
  8. Casual white sneakers.


Also, it is important to think about colors, too. It is recommended to opt for neutrals, but you can add some prints too – just look for neutral patterns that would go well with all other clothes you have in your capsule.

To avoid looking boring, you can add a unique touch to your outfit with a few high-quality accessories, bags, gloves, scarfs or hats.


5) Think in terms of sustainability


An authentic capsule wardrobe also revolves around sustainability.

This is optional, but when choosing clothes for your capsule wardrobe, you can also opt for buying from sustainable brands.

The goal is to buy clothes from brands who strive to not impact the environment negatively.

For some people, wearing sustainable clothing can add an extra point of happiness in their day, so why not choose it when there are so many options available!

– – – – – –

In the end, the perfect capsule wardrobe is the one that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Owning only items that look perfect on you (and with each other) will make you feel empowered and just plain more confident.

You will be amazed at how creative you can get when it comes to wearing the same blouse in several ways! 😊😊

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