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Botox: What Should You Know and How Does it Work?

Botox is ultra popular - here's everything you need to know to stay updated.

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Botox treatments nowadays are among the most wildly used ones in the aesthetic medicine sphere.

While other products (like dermal fillers) are mainly concentrated on the already existing skin imperfections, botulinum-based products are effective in preventing skin aging.

In this way, it becomes possible to preserve one’s youthful appearance and make skin firmer, glowing, and flourishing.

Before trying this type of cosmetic procedure, it is recommended to at least get acquainted with basic information about the Botox injection.

To understand its working principle better, of course!

Let’s start learning more about this interesting topic; we’re all in this together.


What are Botox Injections?


Botox is a brand name for a product based on botulinum toxin type A (and, more rarely, B).

Except for Botox, there are more manufacturers who produce similar injectables (e.g., Dysport and Xeomin).

Of course, there are a few dissimilarities, but the main goal remains the same – relax muscles in target areas to stop them from contractions and, as follows, pause the occurrence or dynamic wrinkles in the facial area.

The product can be used not only for cosmetic purposes; such unfortunate issues as cervical dystonia, muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder area, excessive sweating, multiple sclerosis, urinary incontinence, and other medical conditions can be treated with its help too.

The most important thing is to remember that before the procedure, the consultation with a medical professional should be conducted to understand whether Botox will be helpful, as well as to make sure a doctor is experienced and knows how to perform the injection session correctly.

Woman Getting Botox Injections At A Beauty Salon


Who Can Buy Botox Online?


Botox injections are meant for professional use only, which means amateurs or people without a valid license cannot buy it.

However, if professional has a document that proves their qualification, they can easily buy botox for their clinic both online and offline (depending on their personal preferences).

It is important to remember that there are a lot of scammers out there who can sell spoiled goods or simply block people after the payment has proceeded.

In order to avoid them, it is crucial to check the supplier carefully before placing an order: talk to colleagues, browse through the Internet, check out forums where people share their real experiences with others.

By doing that, it is possible to avoid a lot of problems.


Forehead Lines and other Target Areas


Typically, medical professionals use Botox for the upper third of the face: eyes corners (crow’s feet), forehead lines and wrinkles, the area between the eyebrows.

Such areas as the chin and neck demand a special technique in order to be treated by using Botox.

To conclude, all types of dynamic lines can be considered target zones.

The final result can be corrected with the help of additional procedures in the doctor’s office.


When should I start using Botox?


Botox injections, as well as any other treatments in the aesthetic medicine sphere, should be prescribed based on one’s individual skin condition and appearance goals.

Typically, recommended age varies between 30 and 35 years of age but, once again, it should be discussed with a professional beautician to make sure the product is suitable to fulfill one’s desires.

As a preventative treatment, botulinum-based products can be administered in the mid-twenties to certain facial zones to eliminate the occurrence of aging signs.

Once again, it can only be done after the consultation with a professional to know that the procedure will be suitable for you.


How long does Botox take to work?


If injected properly, the first improvements become noticeable after a few days.

However, you will need to wait for a week or two to observe the full effect of the product.

All because facial muscles need more time to stop contracting fully; moreover, already existing lines require some time to smooth out better as well.

We would like to remind you that a touch-up procedure can be used only after the total result appears fully in a person.

After the treatment, the effects of Botox stay noticeable for up to six months.

Of course, this factor depends a lot on an individual’s body peculiarities and health conditions in general.


The most common adverse reactions


When it comes to the side effects, they are pretty similar to those that occur after dermal filler injections.

So, be ready for the following symptoms after the cosmetic treatment:

  • Injection site reactions (like redness, itching, bruising, and so on);
  • Increased skin sensitivity in the administration zone;
  • Minor allergic reactions.

These are the most typical ones, so make sure a proper aftercare routine is used for a better recovery process.

However, if any severe symptoms appear (allergies, trouble breathing, loss of consciousness, pain or serious discomfort, etc.), it is vital to talk to a medical professional to receive proper consultation and treatment (if needed).

That’s an important step for every patient who uses Botox for their younger-looking skin.


Are there any contraindications to the Botox treatment?


With any product, there are indications and contraindications.

They should always be discussed with a doctor beforehand in order to be sure the procedure will be right for you.

The most common limitations include individual sensitivity to the injectable’s ingredients, damaged or inflamed skin areas, pregnancy or breastfeeding period, acute episodes of chronic diseases.

The doctor should also be informed about prescription or over-the-counter medications if those are taken regularly by the patient.

There are numerous options when it comes to aesthetic treatments, so if Botox cannot be used for an individual, other medicines or products can be picked in order to reach their goals and desired results. 


The final word


That’s it for today’s article.

Hopefully, now you understand how does Botox works better and can distinguish it from other aesthetic treatments.

Don’t forget that all questions should be discussed with a medical professional in order to receive the opinion from an experienced person.

That’s the best way to get all information you need about Botox injection sessions.

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