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How to Prepare for a Move to a New State

Moving to a new state involves a wide range of details, from updating your address to shipping your belongings.

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Moving is not easy, whether across the street, two streets down, or across town.

The difficulty level increases the farther you move, which can be stressful when moving out of state.

Moving to a new state involves a wide range of details, from updating your address to shipping your belongings.

Relocation planning can be a time-consuming process, but there are things that you can do to avoid unnecessary problems.

Having a checklist will help make the move seamless.

Here is what you need to know about preparing for a move to a new state.


Determine Your Moving Budget


Moving to a new state can be a substantial financial commitment.

Planning and creating a budget will help you save money.

Determine how much money you can set aside for the move, and remember that the further you go, the costlier it will be.

Planning involves:

  • Looking for the best moving company;
  • Looking at storage options;
  • Setting up utilities in the new location.

For example, if you plan to ship a car to Hawaii, you need to know how much it will cost.

You can use a moving cost calculator to estimate the cost of the move. Make sure to compare the cost of several moving companies as you narrow down to your most preferred one.


Research Your New Location


It is a good idea to research your new state before the big move.

It will help you know what to expect when it comes to issues like the cost of living and lifestyle trends.

It is especially vital if you have never been to the state and do not know anyone there.

Visiting or spending some time in the state can allow you to explore the neighborhoods, which can affect your experience.

If you have kids, research the schools and other family-friendly activities.

You can carry out online research if you cannot visit in person.

It can help you find your ideal neighborhood.


Research Weather-related Issues


When you decide to move to a new state, ensure you understand any weather-related challenges you might encounter: Research natural disaster risks and other conditions.

The weather in your new location can affect your lifestyle, daily plans, and utility expenses.

Find out the weather changes, seasonal temperatures, and other challenges.

If the area is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters, it can make a difference in your home-buying plans.

The information will help you plan for the cost of protecting your home.


Consider Your Cost of Living


When you find out where you would like to live, you need to consider buying or renting.

Renting for some time before buying can be a good idea.

You can find temporary living, keeping your belongings in storage until you find your ideal home.

It will give you time to know more about your new location.

Consider your new cost of living and understand the differences in the changes that you may need to make.

You need to know what your new life means in terms of housing, food, transportation, entertainment, and more.


Finding the Right Moving Company


Moving your belongings is likely to take up most of your budget.

If you are planning to move with most of your belongings, you need to find the best interstate moving company.

Planning will help make the relocation easier.

Hiring professional movers to load and drive the truck may be more convenient than renting a truck and driving it yourself.

Your moving needs and budget will determine the best option for you.

Figure out the storage options, especially if you plan to get temporary housing for a while.

You need to consider the amount of stuff you are moving with.


Choosing a Car Shipping Service


If you are not planning to drive your car to your new state, you must find a car shipping service.

Multiple companies offer car shipping services.

Choosing the best company will help ensure your vehicle gets to its destination in good condition.

There are several vehicle-shipping options.

You can choose an enclosed or open-air carrier, depending on your needs.

Your budget and the shipping distance will determine the best option for you.

Find out the regulations required for transporting your vehicle across states.


Packing for the Move


It would help if you came up with the best packing plan when moving out of state.

Strategic planning will help you move with all the items that you need.

It can help you save on buying new stuff in your new location.

Start packing early to avoid the last-minute rush.

Packing the non-essentials first and the essentials last will help ensure that you have what you need in the final days.

Sell or donate any items you do not need in your new home.

Remember, the more things you pack, the more expensive the move will be.


Determine Your Job Situation


The employment situation is covered if you are moving for a new position or job.

Talk to your employer to find out their policy on covering relocation costs.

If you are self-employed put together a list of documents that will need to be updated, like business checks, prior to resuming operations.

If you do not have a new job lined up, start making plans before you leave.

Look into employment or business opportunities in the new city before you arrive.

Create a timeline, and stay on track to avoid getting distracted when you get to the new location.

Remember, your savings may not last long when you are trying to set up a new life.

Moving to a new state can be very costly, so you need to plan for unexpected moving expenses.


Finding a Place to Stay


Unless you have a home in your new state, you need to look for a place to stay or live.

Some people are fortunate to have friends or family in their new location.

It makes it easy for them to find temporary accommodation.

Some realtors offer a virtual walkthrough, making it possible to view a residence before you get there.

You can look at short-term options if you do not want to invest in a home before seeing it.

You can look into budget-friendly hotels or Airbnb accommodation.

Some online resources or websites make finding a place to stay easy.


Updating Your Address


Update your information before moving to a new state.

Submitting a change of address will help ensure that all your mail is forwarded to you.

Use the internet to change your mailing address for your accounts.

These include your financial accounts, cell phone, retirement accounts, and other subscriptions.

Remember, your billing account will need to be the same one appearing on credit card payments and other online accounts.

The new address will appear on your checks and other financial documents.

This will help you avoid losing money or purchases.


Organize Your Moving Paperwork


When you decide to move to a new state, you will accumulate a lot of paperwork.

Creating a moving file will help you stay organized as you prepare for the relocation.

The file will contain documents such as your inventory documentation, a moving estimate, and paperwork from your mover.

If you are shipping your car, you need all the documents showing ownership and other requirements.

You need documents such as your new billing address, your new driving license, school records, and voting registration.

You will obtain some records after establishing residency in your new state.


Figure Out Your Daily Commune


Moving to a new state means you need to figure out and calculate your daily commute.

How you move around will directly impact your quality of life.

Deciding to ship your car is very convenient.

Testing your daily route will give you an idea of the best times to move from place to place.

You can discover how long it will take you to get to work and back home each day.

You can find the best routes to use and the best places to get groceries, coffee, and other necessities.

If you need to use public transport, find out the timings.


Finding the Closest Shopping Places


Finding the closest shopping places will help you adjust to your new location much faster.

Find out where you can get groceries upon arrival.

You can research the places beforehand to know where to get what you need.

You will need food, hardware, cleaning supplies, decor items, and more.

If you buy new furniture or appliances, find out where you can get precisely what you need.


Finding New Healthcare Providers


You should find new doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers in your new home.

Research your options and, where possible, get recommendations.

You can get referrals from your current physician.

Make appointments for yourself and your family to establish a relationship with the new providers.

If you have a pet, research veterinarians in your new state.

Your current vet may be able to offer suggestions.

If you have an existing health condition, fill your prescriptions before leaving the country.


Learn the Culture and Lifestyle


When you decide to move to a new location, you need to know what to expect in terms of culture and lifestyle.

You need to know where to find the best food, art, and activities you enjoy or love.

If you love sports, you need to know what your new home has to offer.

If you are religious, you need to find the available places of worship.

You need to research schools and other educational amenities if you have kids.

Some places are better for raising families than others.

Determine whether you prefer living in a busy city or in a place where you can find peace and quiet.

Your decision will help you determine where to buy a home.


Extra Money for the Move


When planning to relocate, you need to set extra money aside for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

You may have to deal with unexpected expenses during the move and when you get to your destination.

If you hire a rental truck, you should plan for diesel or gas expenses.

It would be best if you packed supplies, utility connection costs and deposits, meals, hotel costs, and more.

Moving into a new home means you will need money for supplies and home products.


Choosing the Best Moving Date


When you choose to move can affect the overall cost of the move.

When selecting a moving date, consider family concerns, work schedule, and moving company availability.

Moving during summer, weekends, or holidays can result in higher moving rates.

The greater the demand for moving services, the higher the rates.

If you move during a low moving season or on a weekday, the move will be less expensive.

Consult the moving company to find out if they have any off-peak discounts.


Confirm the Arrival Time


Make sure to confirm the arrival date and time with the movers.

Call the moving company several days before the moving date to confirm all the details.

It will help avoid inconvenience and give you peace of mind.

Following up with the information will help ensure that the movers have the correct address and date.

Ensure you read the contract to know exactly what to expect from the moving service.

You should have researched the company in advance to ensure that you deal with reputable service providers.




There are other things that you need to consider when moving.

Remember to power up the utilities in your new home before you get there.

Figure out your healthcare needs, make changes in your vehicle registration, and register as a voter in your new state.

Think about places where you can socialize or find social amenities.

Remember to transfer or cancel your gym or club memberships well in advance.

Most membership programs require a month’s notice before you cancel an account.

As you plan to move, remember some states offer better employment growth and job opportunities and have a better overall economy than others.

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