5 Ways To Make Gel Nail Polish Last Longer

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Gel nail polish is a must for anyone looking for a manicure that pops and lasts. Unfortunately, even with gel, the lifetime of that fresh-looking set is bound to chip and wither like all the rest. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that we suggest in getting you to stretch that two-week set into a whole month! Here we have a list of our top five favorite ways to get your gel nail polish set to endure even your busiest of months.


How To Make Gel Nail Polish Last Longer


Avoid Hot Water


Of course, there is nothing quite like a steamy shower after a long day of hard work, but it’s so unpleasant to look down at your hands and notice that the beautiful gel nail polish that you absolutely adore is already lifting and chipping!

If you are noticing premature damage to your fresh gel nail polish, then you and your shower water may just be the hidden culprits.

Prolonged exposure to hot water and steam means bad news when gel nail polish is involved. This is because heat softens that beautiful gel of yours, causing it to lift easily, which is why it’s easiest to remove your gel manicure while in the shower.

So, what can be done about this? It’s a simple fix, either be sure to lower the temperature when you do hop in the shower or, if you can’t seem to stomach anything cooler than scorching, then just be sure to limit your time.


Use Cuticle Oil


The process of prepping your delicate nails and cuticles for a gel manicure can be extremely drying, so it is vital that you continue on in adding moisture well after your manicure is complete. Without additional hydration, your nails will naturally dry out and become a flaky disaster, resulting in prematurely chipped polish—which isn’t a look you want to sport in the summertime.

Fortunately, the fix is an easy one, simply apply cuticle oil daily by brushing the cuticles directly, as well as the surrounding skin. For ultimate hydration and softness, we recommend applying the cuticle oil right before bed and following up with a moisturizing hand lotion.

Most cuticle oils are infused with nourishing agents like Vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and more, so not only will the oil ensure that you’ve got the longest-lasting gel manicure around, but your skin and nails will thrive, and thank you!

Picture Portraying 5 Ways To Make Gel Nail Polish Last Longer

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Become Friends With Rubber Gloves


Yes, we are aware that rubber gloves aren’t exactly the cutest fashion accessory out there, but if you want a gel nail polish that won’t up and leave your hands in two weeks, listen up.

If you find yourself weary of washing dishes soon after your salon appointment, we recommend going out and grabbing a durable pair of rubber gloves to protect your fresh set. Not only is prolonged exposure to warm water and soap bad news for your nails, but so are many of the ingredients found in your favorite household cleaning products. The chemicals found within cleaning products are proven to weaken your nails, so we suggest breaking out those chic rubber gloves whenever you tidy up around the house as well.


Add An Extra Layer Of Top Coat


One of the last steps in your gel manicure process is that beautiful and glossy top coat. This coat essentially seals in the colored polish, preventing any premature chipping. What we suggest is that you add an additional top coat around a week after your salon visit to guarantee that any potential damage is kept at bay.

Whether you go with an actual top coat or clear polish is completely up to you, just be sure to allow ample time for drying. Afterwards, you’ll want to repeat this process during the next couple of days to minimize any future chipping.


File, Don’t Cut


If you are looking for a sure-fire way to completely ruin your new and shiny gel manicure, then break out your clippers and cut away. Seriously, clipping your nails is probably one of the worst things you could do to a fresh set of gel nail polish.

Do you loathe the look of your nails growing out of your perfect and glossy manicure? So do we, but ditch the clippers and reach for a nail filer instead! When a gel manicure is clipped, you are essentially removing that effective seal and inviting water to seep in between the gel and the nail, resulting in that precious gel to lift up, ruining your manicure. With that being said, filing should only be done if absolutely necessary, and afterwards, we’d recommend resealing the edges with a little nail glue to prevent any more damage or breaking.

Picture Portraying 5 Ways To Make Gel Nail Polish Last Longer

So, there you have it! We hope that you enjoyed all of our secret hacks to ensuring that you’ve got the glossiest and longest-lasting gel nail polish (or should I say – manicure) around.

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