Picture Portraying 7 Simple Tricks &Amp; Tips To Refresh Your Home Style

7 Simple Tricks & Tips to Refresh Your Home Style

Boring cave to fancy home - mission possible.

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Picture Portraying 7 Simple Tricks &Amp; Tips To Refresh Your Home Style

Do you spend so much time at home lately that you feel completely sick and tired of it?

Well, it might be time to freshen up your home and make it look stylish and modern.

How do you do that without going into too much trouble?

Here are a few simple tricks to keep in your sleeve!


7 Simple Tricks & Tips to Refresh Your Home Style


1) Have a purge


Before you start investing in new things, take away the junk first.

There are probably a few things you’re better without, so throwing them out or donating them can do wonders for your space.

Decluttering will open up your space, make it feel fresh and look bigger.

So, grab a few boxes and trash bags, play your fave tunes, and start sorting things out.


2) Reshuffle your furniture


Do you remember the feeling of rearranging your bedroom when you were little?

Well, you can still do it today!

Rearranging your furniture can be a cheap and easy way to freshen up your space and give it a new vibe.

You can do this with any room in the house and get amazing results without spending a dime.


3) Grab a paintbrush


Do you have a piece of furniture you’re ready to get rid of?

Well, wait until you repaint it.

No matter if you have an ugly old table, dresser or console, it can be made new and attractive with a coat of paint.

Painting furniture is not hard and you can even find various online tutorials for chalk, regular and spray paint.

A brand new-looking furniture piece will definitely refresh your home.


4) Add interesting décor


To add some style and interest to your space, grab one or two intricate décor pieces that will instantly attract attention.

If you love a darker and more mystical vibe, search through exclusive SkullBliss carvings and find something that fits your aesthetics.

These hand-carved animal skulls will add just the right amount of drama to your home and make it look designer.

If you love something softer, you can find glass or crystal sculpture to add some bling to your space.

Either way, you’ll have a piece that will add that special something to your home.

Picture Portraying 7 Simple Tricks &Amp; Tips To Refresh Your Home Style


5) Replace an old lighting fixture


Lighting can have an amazing impact on your aesthetics and design, yet you probably don’t think about your fixtures too much.

Well, that’s about to change!

Lighting fixtures have a big function in your home, but they can also serve as décor.

For some interest, ditch those old-fashioned bulb lights and grab a modern chandelier that will raise your eyes upwards and open up space.

Or add some ambient lighting to your room with a floor lamp or a string of bistro lights.


6) Freshen up your windows


If you want something that will have impressive results without too much trouble, take a look at your window treatment.

It takes ten minutes to change your curtains and almost as little money.

If you want to try your hand at DIY, find a drop-cloth curtain tutorial.

For a dreamy farmhouse look, go neutral with a material that feels warm and cozy.

In order to achieve a big impression, you don’t need to go big and flashy—less is sometimes more—yet you will still notice a big change and positive effects on your design.


7) Boost comfort with a new rug


If your space needs some extra comfort, invest in a nice rug.

A quality area rug will instantly change the look and the feel of the room, anchor your furniture, and tie everything together.

And the best thing is that you can find all sorts of designs and materials that will fit any space—go geometric to add some interest, tribal to achieve Zen or neutral and soft for extra comfort.

These tips will definitely help you love your home again.

You’ll feel like you’re living in a fancy designer space instead of your humble abode, so remember these tips and start decorating today!

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