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14-Day Walking Challenge To Feel Great & Lose Weight

A nice walking challenge is all a girl needs to restart her body and soul.

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Young Woman Looking Happy After Her Walking Challenge

I have to be honest with you and, frankly, myself – I haven’t been very diligent with my workouts lately.

Things got really hectic, and my boyfriend got a leg trauma which resulted in me putting myself aside once again.

And even though I’m a huge advocate of self care, this time it was just too hard to take care of everything at once.

No matter how much I planned and how early I got up.

Thankfully, as soon as my schedule cleared up just a bit, I knew I have to come back to my exercise routine – both for my physical and mental health.

But here I was facing another problem – the lack of physical exercise has left me weak, sluggish, and a bit heavier than before!

I knew that it won’t be that easy to just get back to my regular exercise routines…

So I had to gently move and awaken my body at first.

Can you guess what’s the best way to do it?

Yes – to start walking!

This is why I decided to create this easy, balanced, and gradual walking challenge to help my body get accustomed again.

It ended up giving me fantastic results and I want to share it with you today!


Why Do This Walking Challenge?


A walking challenge is a perfect way to gradually introduce your body to physical activity.

You can use it to feel better, lose weight, and gain endurance by simply walking, which is easy peasy and something anyone can do.

My walking challenge in particular is gentle and kind to your body.

There’s no “insanity” in this challenge – just a simple, down-to-earth way to move your muscles, boost blood circulation, detoxify and feel amazing thanks to that.

Woman Walking At The Beach


When a Walking Challenge Is a Great Choice


You will definitely benefit from this walking challenge if:

  • You haven’t exercised in a long time and feel weak or too heavy for harder exercises;
  • You haven’t worked out ever and don’t know where to start;
  • You are trying to lose weight but want to take it easy + stay relaxed about it;
  • You have a lot of weight to lose and need to start somewhere;
  • You need to be easy on your joints or spine.

Any of these conditions can be greatly improved by simple walking, which is one of the healthiest things you can do! It won’t overload your joints too much, you don’t need to learn how to do it and it’s virtually free (except for the sneakers, maybe).


My Experience With This Walking Challenge


The reason I have decided to share this walking challenge is that I’m currently on day 15 of it and I can’t believe how great I feel!

This super simple walking challenge has made me into a superwoman in such a short time and I just can’t not share it.

Here are the benefits I’m feeling after doing this walking challenge:

  • I feel a lot more energetic and a lot stronger.
  • I can now walk super fast! I used to be a slow penguin but now I can fly through the supermarket like I’m on rocket fuel.
  • I have definitely lost weight, with absolutely minimal effort.

    I didn’t even feel like I’m trying.

  • I feel less anxious and my mood is a lot better.
  • I sleep like a baby.
  • My skin became extremely soft and a lot clearer.
  • I actually crave walking every day now.

Does that sound amazing?

If so, you can experience all of that too!

Here’s the exact walking challenge I created for myself to get these beautiful results.

I promise, it’s really easy, and it works amazing!

Woman Doing Walking Challenge


14-Day Walking Challenge: Feel Great, Lose Weight, Look Awesome


To do this walking challenge, you will have to walk a certain amount of time, every day.

You can walk outside or on a treadmill – it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re comfy and safe.

You don’t have to keep a particular speed, just walk at the speed that feels most comfortable at the moment.

You may feel that it’s hard to go fast at first and that’s fine.

Your body needs to ‘unclog’ and it will happen after a few walking sessions.

You will notice that you feel stronger and if you feel like it, increase your walking speed!

Keep in mind that:

  • Walking faster burns more calories;
  • Walking on an incline works your thighs more;
  • If you can walk at a speed that makes your heart beat faster, you will benefit from happiness hormones that get released during medium-intensity cardio;
  • You don’t need to push yourself too much – if you feel any pain, slow down!
  • It’s highly recommended to do a few warm-up moves before every walking session.
  • It’s very important to drink water while you’re walking and after to stay hydrated!

Also, choose comfortable walking sneakers to make sure your feet are feeling great every time you walk.

My personal recommendation for walking shoes is sock-like sneakers, like these inexpensive slip-ons:

Walking Sneakers, Slip On Sock Shoes Erfect For Walking Challenge

Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers by Slow Man Store

They come in a variety of colors, have a nice cushion, and generally feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

Keep them feet happy!


Walking Challenge: Days 1-3


Start your walking challenge with 15 minutes of walking per day.

That’s it!

You need to take it slow, but your body will already start to feel it.

Even if 15 minutes is nothing to you, it’s still 15 minutes of moving your body.


Walking Challenge: Days 4-6


Increase the amount you walk every day to 25 minutes.

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s enough, for now.

Remember – you’re trying to do things gradually to not overwhelm your body and keep it happy.

If you can, try to walk faster at this phase – this can give you a better workout at the same amount of time.

Walking faster also works as an anti-anxiety “medicine”!

Woman Legs While Doing Walking Challenge On A Mountain


Walking Challenge: Day 7


On this day, rest and do a light stretching routine.

You can find a lot of gentle stretching routines on Youtube, so just pick the one you like and slowly stretch your tense muscles – it will feel amazing!

Also, take a bath or a warm shower and massage your muscles with your favorite lotion – this will help you to recover and get ready for the next part of your walking challenge.


Walking Challenge: Days 8-12


By now, you should start to feel a lot stronger and more energetic.

It’s time to push for 30 minutes!

A longer walk will move your whole body and you will feel rejuvenated.

Again – it’s not about the speed!

The goal of this walking challenge is to help your body to get used to regular movement.

Do not overexert yourself.

Walk at a comfortable speed!


Walking challenge: Days 12-14


This is the pinnacle of our walking challenge but I am sure that by now, you have fallen in love with daily walking and the way it makes you feel.

You’re probably waking up feeling lighter, sometimes – tighter than yesterday (which means that your walking challenge is actually challenging your muscles!) and your skin looks better.

On days 12-14 of this walking challenge, pick a longer route and try to walk for 40 minutes.

If it feels too hard, adjust your walking speed.

Feels easy?

Then fly on your feet and enjoy that newfound energy!

Listen to your body at all times.


Did I mention that you can do this walking challenge together with a friend?

This way, it’s even more fun and enjoyable.

Two Women On The Beach Doing A Walking Challenge


After Your Walking Challenge…


I bet you will feel super great and super proud of yourself after finishing this harmonizing walking challenge.

To keep reaping the benefits, try to walk as much as you can every day.

I personally strive to walk at least 30 minutes a day and it feels like a perfect amount.

And to be honest – that is it!

I told you it’s super simple and easy, didn’t I?

I hope you will take this simple walking challenge to improve your health, lose weight, and become more agile.

All of that is in your feet!

Discover the power of the most natural movement our body knows… Embrace it!

Like this walking challenge idea?

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