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How to Lose Face Fat, In a Healthy Way

If you want the hard truth on how to lose face fat… here it is. Plain and true.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Picture Portraying How To Lose Face Fat, In A Healthy Way

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Blonde Model Woman With A Beautiful Slim Face

If you’ve gained a few extra pounds you’ve probably noticed it starting to hang out around your face.

Having a little more of face fat can make your face look rounder, softer and take some of the definition from your chin and cheeks.

While you are beautiful the way you are at any part of your life, if the extra fullness around your face bothers you, there are ways to improve it.

So, how to lose face fat?

As promised in the title of this article, we won’t give you unhealthy tips or try to sell you snake oil.

Instead, let us give you the truth on how to lose face fat healthily, successfully, and the exact things you need to focus on.

Here’s how to lose face fat safely.


You Can Lose Face Fat With Sustainable And Healthy Weight Loss


You’ve probably heard miraculous stories of people losing 50 pounds in just eight weeks, which comes to a little over 6 pounds each week.

Or perhaps you’ve followed the journey of contestants on “The Biggest Loser” and want the same amazing transformation for your body.

The hard truth is that losing a lot of weight quickly isn’t healthy and it isn’t sustainable.

Your body is designed to store up fat in times of plenty so that it has fuel in times of hunger.

When you lose weight quickly, you unintentionally tell your body that it can’t count on having a steady source of food, so it works even harder to store fat for the next time you restrict calories.

This starvation instinct is exactly what leads to Yo-yo dieting.

You lose the weight and gain it back over and over – with the number on the scale going up and down like a yo-yo.

If you want to lose weight and in turn lose face fat, you need to do it slowly so that you don’t cause your body to panic.

Losing just one or two pounds a week will set you up for success that lasts.

It’s natural to want the change to happen now, but if you allow the change to come more slowly and naturally, you will have a much easier time maintaining your new weight.

Woman Thinking How To Lose Face Fat In A Pink Room


To Lose Face Fat, Prioritize a Healthy Diet


Our weight gain/loss can be simplified down to a simple equation of “how much you eat” minus “how much you burn” to equal how much you gain or lose.

That means that the most effective way get leaner and lose face fat (+ maintain your new weight!) is to be aware of and control how much you eat.

Remembering that you want your weight loss to be slow and long lasting, you only need to reduce the amount you eat by a small amount.

Hard truth number two is that you don’t need to start a diet with a ridiculously lower calorie restriction like 1500 calories per day.

Experts instead suggest lowering the amount you eat each day by just 100-200 calories.

Doing so will allow you to slowly lose weight, but without feeling like you are starving all the time.

Slow and steady wins this race!

Blonde Model Woman With A Beautiful Slim Face


If You Want To Lose Face Fat Faster,  Add Health-boosting Exercise!


Let’s talk about exercise.

If you want to get healthy and lose face fat along the way, you should exercise regularly.

Doing so will help to tone your muscles, gain you greater flexibility and range of motion in your joints, and increase your overall health.

Exercise also uses energy, so it can help a little with weight loss too (but it isn’t the factor that makes the most difference in weight loss).

Moderate exercise, like brisk walking (15 minute-mile), burns about 160 calories.

The same number of calories can be consumed without much thought and in just minutes by eating a single-serve (1 oz) bag of plain potato chips.

Unless you can spend the whole day working out, exercising alone isn’t going to be enough to cause much weight loss, but it can help you to lose face fat faster.

Exercise to strengthen your body but look at your food for most weight loss.

Pretty Black Woman Exercising In Order To Lose Face Fat


Helpful Eating Tips That Can Help You Lose Face Fat & Improve Your Nutrition


What you eat is probably even more important than how much you eat.

So instead of counting calories meticulously, just work on eating healthier and you’ll notice that it helps you to lose face fat as well – again, because your whole body will become healthier, happier and leaner.

Here are some tips to help you do that.


1. Eat More Plants


It really is that simple.

Not only are plants (AKA fruits and veggies) lower in calories, but they are also full of the good stuff that our bodies need.

Fruits and veggies have more fiber, more vitamins, and less refined sugar than other foods, so they give your body the tools to build and maintain your health, and they help keep you feeling full and satisfied longer.

Make a goal of having half of your plate full of fruits or vegetables.


2. If It Helps, Use a Smaller Plate


You eat with your eyes first, and they want to feel like they got to eat the entire plateful.

So, satisfy your eyes while reducing the amount of food you eat by using a smaller plate.

This will help you choose smaller portions.

If you finish everything on the plate and still want more, you can still go back for seconds, but you will be more aware of doing so.

Needing to go back for more gives you a natural stopping point to pause and evaluate if you are really still hungry.


3. Never Eat from the Container


Another way to help you stick to slightly smaller portion sizes, lose weight and lose face fat as well is to serve the food you eat on a dish.

This just means putting things on a plate or in a bowl instead of eating straight from the bag or box.

When you eat straight from the box you are likely to eat more than you intend to (overeat).

Much like using a smaller plate, if you eat your food from a dish you have a natural pause to make a conscious choice about whether or not to have more.

You will ask yourself, “is it worth getting the box back out and getting more?” These pauses don’t stop you from eating, but they do help make you choose to actually eat instead of eating on autopilot.


4. Eat Slower


It takes time for your stomach to send signals to your brain and tell it that you are full, so try eating a little slower to give it the time it needs.

Chewing and eating slower also helps you feel more satiated and happier with the food you’ve eaten.

Eliminate distractions while you eat and really focus on each bite of food.

You’ll feel more satisfied with your meal and be better able to listen when your body says that it’s had enough when you aren’t distracted by TV, books, or other entertainment.


5. Don’t Cut Out Food Groups


The biggest reason that strict dieting fails is because it makes certain foods off-limits.

As soon as these foods are forbidden, they become the great treasure that you can’t have.

Cutting out foods will make you feel deprived of the things that you like and will probably cause you to spend even more time thinking about them.

Instead of cutting certain foods out of your diet entirely, just cut back on them by eating smaller portions.

If you really love chips, don’t throw them out, but instead serve yourself just one handful in a bowl and enjoy just that small amount.

You may have to teach yourself to savor each chip, but at least you won’t feel like you’ve lost your best food friend.

Healthy Food That Helps To Lose Face Fat


To lose face fat, take baby steps towards a healthier life


I’ve saved the most important tip for last.

Your weight loss is a journey and each step on the path takes you closer to where you want to be.

You can’t take the steps all at once.

It’s impossible and trying to will overwhelm and exhaust you.

Take time to look at where you are at right now and pick just one or two of these tips to implement right now.

Just start adding a veggie to dinner each night.

Start walking around the block and using a smaller plate.

Whatever you choose to change right now, focus on that until it is second nature.

Then when you’re ready, pick another change and make it part of your routine (face yoga or gua sha could be your next choice!).

Yes, this method will take longer, but it will last longer too.

You aren’t looking for a temporary solution, so you need to make sure you aren’t making temporary changes.


Slowly changing your lifestyle for the better will help you reach and maintain your healthy weight.

So, take the first step today, even if it needs to be a baby step.

Soon you’ll notice, that your burning questions “how to lose face fat” always has the one and only answer – choose to be healthier, and your body (and face) will go along.

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