9 Fun Body Toning Activities To Lose Weight & Get Stronger

Updated on June 6, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

Artsy Woman Dancing To Lose Weight And Have Fun

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Woman Dancing As Part Of Her Body Toning Activities

Many of us have a few health and fitness goals that we like to keep at the top of our minds. Losing weight, getting stronger, and toning our muscles are usually part of those goals. We all likely tried intense or regimented workouts and diet routines in order to stay in shape and feel good about ourselves.

The downside to that process, however, is that we usually can’t stick with intense routines. Unless you are somebody who is very passionate about fitness, some workout programs can be too challenging, too boring, or just unrealistic for our current physical capabilities. It’s okay, we aren’t all supposed to be physical trainers, but we should all be getting a decent amount of exercise every week.

To make this easy, we have created a list of 10 awesome body toning activities to help you get fit without all of the frustration. Our list includes some standard workout suggestions, along with activities that are going to tone your muscles while also having fun – chances are you will not even realize you are getting in a workout until you find yourself slightly out of breath.


Go on a hike


Hiking is a great way to trick yourself into working out, while also taking in the beautiful surroundings. Challenge yourself by trying a trail that is a bit more involved, and you will be rewarded with some new muscle tones in your legs. Grab a friend, or maybe make a playlist and take a hike.


Take a walk


So many people believe that running is the only effective form of cardio, but walking can be a great way to get your heart rate up while taking in some fresh air. You should use a health tracking smartwatch to know your time, distance, pace, and speed. Some more advanced ones can track blood pressure, heart rate, and other health metrics. Even if you are spending 30 minutes a day, going on a brisk walk around your neighborhood will start to have visible effects on your muscle tone and mood if you are consistent.


Try a new indoor activity


There are so many indoor activities that are fun and challenge your inner athlete – rock climbing, trampoline parks, adult obstacle courses, we basically have a gym class for adults now. With one of these heart-pumping activities, you will be able to lose weight while having fun.


Dance around your house


Pump up the jams, grab your hairbrush, and put on a show for stuffed animals – don’t worry we aren’t judging you, and don’t try to be cool we know you have at least one leftover, a fuzzy friend from your childhood. Dancing is one of the best body toning activities out there!

Seriously, put on a few hearts pumping tunes and relieve some stress while you dance around your house. You may even be able to shed a little weight and add some muscle tone if you are doing it often – twerking works the glutes.


Go kayaking


Water sports are a great way to tone your arms and abs. Think about how much work your arms and abs have to do to keep you stable on a kayak or a waterboard. Even better, you will get to take in all of the beautiful sights and the peaceful atmosphere of being out on the water.


Try martial arts


Why not tone your body, learn a new skill, and basically become a kickass fighter all at once? Martial arts uses a lot of repetition and self-control to train your mind and body. Consistent practice will lead to weight loss, improved muscle tone, and the ability to beat the crap out of anyone who threatens you. This is what we call a win-win.


Go rollerblading


Another of our fave body toning activities – is good ol’ rollerblading! Strap on a pair of the cutest skates that you can find and go for a ride. Not only do rollerblading and roller-skating help to tone your legs and your core, but it’s super fun and is best practiced with a killer playlist. Did you know that a Harvard Medical School study showed that inline skating can burn between 400 and 600 calories!


Flow-through a yoga practice


There is no question that yoga is an effective and amazing workout. There are many different forms of yoga, but all of them require you to practice your breath while holding static poses. Supporting your body weight with other parts of your body improves muscle tone, and also promotes better mental health.


Bust out the Wii Fit


Why not get the kids involved? Video games don’t have to be a lazy activity. Put on Wii Fit and start challenging each other in gold, bowling, you name it. By getting off the couch and moving around, the entire family will be improving their fitness without even realizing that they are getting in a workout.


Our team concludes that it would be a shame to not try at least some of these fun body toning activities. We’re not easily amused, so it must mean something. What do you think? Scroll down for more ideas below!

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