5 Different Scientific Disciplines You Could Study: Which One is Right for You?

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Science is often talked about in broad terms, but it’s actually a hugely diverse and varied field, with a deluge of different disciplines and specialisms involved. If you’ve got an enquiring mind, studying to be a scientist is sensible, but which of the many subcategories should you choose?


Ecology: Save the environment through game-changing research


If we want to secure a prosperous future for our planet and the life it supports, then studying ecology is vital.

An ecologist works to explore and analyze how animals and humans interact with and are impacted by the habitats they inhabit.

This includes everything from investigating the interactions of microscopic life forms in the soil, to the largest mammals in the oceans.

With an ecology degree, you’ll be able to contribute to everything from public health to natural resource management, in any part of the world you choose to work. As such, it suits someone looking for a globe-trotting adventure and a career that encourages sustainability.


Cell biology: Develop new drugs and treatments in the lab


From the macro to the micro, the science of cell biology focuses on cells, which are the building blocks of all life on Earth.

In this field, time is spent in the lab unlocking the secrets of cells, and extrapolating from this a cavalcade of cutting-edge treatments for all sorts of ailments. This means getting to grips with all sorts of techniques, such as creating cell cultures to be studied under the microscope, and you can buy hydrogel online to streamline this process.

Clearly, getting into cell biology would suit someone who has excellent attention to detail, as well as a predilection for the focused, often repetitive nature of lab work.


Astrophysics: Scrutinize the stars and tap into the beating heart of the universe


There are a number of different branches of physics, and astrophysics is perhaps the most conspicuous of the lot because it has the most far-reaching implications in terms of the physical reality around us.

As the name suggests, it involves studying physics at an astronomical level, meaning that you’ll become familiar with the forces at work in holding the universe together and tearing it apart. From black holes to big bangs, astrophysics seeks to understand grand-scale phenomena and the often undetectable elements which orchestrate them, such as dark matter.

Astrophysics is a suitable discipline for anyone who’s more than just proficient at mathematics. It’s also a good path to follow if you are enthused by the often imposing ideas about how the universe operates.


Computer science: Master modern information systems and software


Whether you want to develop games or help businesses become more efficient through technology, studying computer science should be a priority.

It’s the kind of course that gives you a good grounding in all manner of IT-related topics and could lead you down a path to being a programmer, a web designer, a data analyst, a technician, or anything else you might fancy.

Computer science graduates are among the most employable out there, so if you want a secure and well-paid job, this is another good reason to study computing.


Analytical chemistry: Reveal the inner workings of myriad materials


Like physics, the discipline of chemistry is multifaceted, and the branch of analytical chemistry is one of the most focused and industrially relevant of the whole tree.

Analytical chemists take materials and compounds, assess them thoroughly and uncover as much as they can about how they behave. Industrial uses in everything from engineering to pharmaceuticals apply to this specialism.

So as you can see, there’s a scientific discipline out there for you, no matter what you enjoy or where your ambitions lie. Don’t miss your call!

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