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8 Tips That Can Effectively Increase Muscle Mass

Here's exactly what to do to get healthy and strong muscles.

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So, you want to grow your muscles.

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or completely new to fitness, increasing your muscle mass can be a very simple process.

On the other hand, it can also be an uphill battle for others.

Gaining muscle isn’t always as straightforward as one might think, and depending on certain factors, such as exercise frequency and the type of exercise a person chooses, building up more muscle can prove to be quite difficult.

If you are having trouble increasing your muscle mass but feel like you have been doing everything right, this article might have the answer you’re looking for.

Here are 8 Tips that you can apply to your fitness journey that could make a huge difference in your gains.

Let’s dive right into it.


Strength Train at Least 3 Times A Week


One thing that is an absolute certainty is that in order for you to see results in your fitness routine, you must be consistent.

It’s not enough to do a couple of exercises here and there.

In fact, if you’re not exercising at least 3-4 days out of the 7 days a week, this could be why you’re not seeing much muscle growth.

Advancements in fitness technology, such as the muscle booster app, have made muscle growth exponentially more attainable.

It does this by simplifying your entire fitness journey with a personally curated exercise routine that is fully customizable.

On top of that, it offers over 2500 different meal recommendations for you to choose from and tracks your analytics to give you real-time progress.

Having a personalized workout routine tailored to your specific needs can be a total game changer.

And having access to such a vast library of meals designed for optimal nutrition can expedite the results you wish to achieve.

If you’re having trouble balancing your fitness routine and mealtimes and want a more simplified approach, the Muscle Booster app is worth looking into.


Consume Adequate Protein


If your muscle mass is not increasing the way you think it should be, it could be due to a lack of protein in your diet.

In order for muscles to grow, they require adequate amounts of protein taken from our diets.

Experts suggest that those who wish to achieve hypertrophy (muscle growth) should be consuming roughly 0.72 grams of protein per pound of body weight every single day.

This includes the days that you are not training, as well.

In general, it is important to consume a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet for optimal health.

So, in addition to taking in adequate amounts of protein, you should also be incorporating healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

Your daily calorie intake should also be higher than the number of calories you burn to achieve hypertrophy.


Warm-Up Exercises


One of the most underrated aspects of fitness is the importance of warm-up exercises.

These exercises are incredibly important if your goal is to improve your performance during a workout.

Warm-up exercises increase the body’s blood flow, thereby sending more oxygen into the muscles.

Warm-ups also improve the range of motion and loosen any stiff muscles, helping to prevent muscle tears and avoid injury.

Other benefits of warm-up exercise include:

  • Increased Core Temperature;
  • Decreased Muscle Soreness;
  • Improved Focus During Exercise;
  • Improved Joint Mobility.


Change Up Your Workouts


Over time, our muscles learn to adapt.

This is why some weightlifters may experience what is known as a workout plateau.

Hitting a plateau simply means that your body has become accustomed to your workout routine and is simply maintaining the level of fitness in your current state.

This could be why you are not seeing any more growth.

A way to overcome this would be to switch up your entire exercise regimen to something you are not accustomed to.

The new exercise routine should still challenge you, but it is important to refrain from overtraining and causing burnout.

This can actually hinder your progress further.

Instead, if you normally do rapid, high-intensity exercises, try slower-paced activities such as cycling, rowing, or yoga.

The key here is to try something new that will challenge you in a different way.


Choose Your Exercises Well


The exercises you choose should directly correlate with the muscles you are trying to grow.

Essentially, this means that if you want to grow your biceps, you need to include exercises that work those muscles.

This might look like isolated exercises, such as the bicep curl, or compound exercises that include the biceps, like pull-ups.

Both isolated exercises as well as compound exercises are effective for growing muscle, but the best practice is to include both in your routine.

Compound exercises are great for functional movement one uses in daily life.

These exercises activate multiple large muscle groups during a workout and are generally accepted as the more practical exercises for an efficient workout.

Isolated exercises are a great way to target specific muscles and don’t generally require your stabilizing muscles.

This makes them more beginner-friendly and can be used as finisher movements at the end of the workout.


Use The Correct Weights


For each exercise, you should have a specific number of repetitions per set that you complete.

An example would be 10 reps per set.

In this example, the weight you choose should be heavy enough that you are unable to exceed 10 reps in a set but not so heavy that you’re unable to complete more than half of your reps.


Slow Down Your Exercises


Strength training exercises offer the best results when performed at a slow, consistent rate.

By just pumping through your exercises in rapid succession, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

If you’re rushing through your exercises, not only do you risk losing proper form, but you may also be causing other muscles to compensate.

Slowing down your movements, especially while the muscle is contracted, will guarantee that more muscle fibers tear during the workout, leading to greater muscle growth.


Feel That Burn


Though you may feel the urge to stop when that burning sensation kicks in during an exercise, it is important to push through and challenge yourself.

The burning sensation you feel is the tearing of muscle fibers due to the intense activity.

This breakdown of the muscle fibers is what allows them to grow back stronger during recovery time.

It is important to note that if you feel pain in your joints or a tearing sensation in your muscles that is not a direct result of the exercise, you must stop the exercise immediately.

This could mean you have sustained an injury and should seek medical attention.




To summarize, in order to increase muscle growth, you should be strength training at least 3-4 times every day and ensure that you are eating a nutritious diet with adequate protein.

Warm-up exercises are incredibly important and offer many benefits in your exercise routine, but if you are experiencing a workout plateau, it’s crucial to change your fitness plan.

Be sure to include both compound and isolated exercises in your routine and ensure that you are using the appropriate weight during the exercise.

Slow down your movements during the exercise when the muscle is contracted and push through that burn.

If you feel pain in your joint or severe tearing of the muscle, stop the exercise and seek medical attention.

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