How To Rebuild Your Self-Value After Making a Mistake

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Trying To Rebuild Self Value After Making A Mistake

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Young Woman Looking At The Mirror And Trying To Rebuild Her Self-Value

If you have made a mistake, you may be facing a time in your life where you have no self-value, and everything seems grey… It makes it much more difficult to carry on with your life when you don’t value yourself as a person, and when all you can think of are the replays of your mistake, negative thoughts, and worst-case scenarios about the future.

If you’re doing this, please stop!

You don’t deserve to feel like that. In this article, I want to talk about simple ways to restore your self-value after you’ve made a bad choice in your life.


“I Made a Mistake.” How To Rebuild Your Self-Value Now?


1. Stop Blaming Yourself


When we make a mistake, the easiest thing to do is blame ourselves, because we must be the one at fault, right? Well… It might be true. Maybe you are the one to blame. Yet, it doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself forever with negative thoughts and words.

Remind yourself that just a few days ago, you were okay, happily living your life, but then something happened that you couldn’t control. You may have lost a job because you failed to fulfill a big order, you may have failed an exam, or ended a perfectly good relationship, but you should know in your heart that you gave it your best anyways.

It may be hard to believe, but you have to stop blaming yourself and know that everyone goes through a similar phase at one or another time of life. If your self-value is in the gutter, it’s not because you are a terrible person! You just made a mistake. Every one of us does that sometimes.

Start taking steps now to rectify the problem and take care of yourself – otherwise, you can’t get your life and self-value back together.


2. Go Outside


I know it’s the last thing you may want to do when you are in a state of anxiety and low self-value… But it would be wonderful for you to go out and have a little fun + have that change in the environment.

Go out for a long walk and listen to your favorite music, or go to the beach to soak in some sunshine and relax for the day. Pleasant activities will help divert your mind from the problem at hand, and the fresh air will do wonders to stimulate your tired, exhausted brain.

If your self-value is at rock bottom, it can be great for you to experience the world. By doing that, you will realize that just like nature, you will come back stronger one day!


3. Choose Positive Mindset


Anxiety and low self-value can quickly fill you with negative thoughts that play a massive role in plummeting your self-confidence.

However, you can undo this by noticing and then actively disengaging from the little voice in your head that is always negative. You have to reaffirm to yourself that yes, the situation is unpleasant, but it will get better, and you will emerge at the top!

Yoga and meditation are excellent for that, and they allow you to enter a state of mindfulness, which helps you through the healing process and, in turn, rebuilds your self-value.


4. Surround Yourself with the Right Company


I cannot stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with loving and nurturing people. There is nothing that can shake your self-confidence as much as a snide remark from someone criticizing and disapproving of your actions. It makes you uncertain about yourself, and with each comment, you fall deeper into the pit of low self-value.

On the other hand, when you start spending time with positive people who appreciate your positive attributes, you will notice a considerable improvement in your self-esteem, and you will finally be able to escape this unpleasant situation.

You can find this support in good friends, family, or even colleagues who are honest and love you. This support system can get you back on your feet in no time.


5. Assess Your Life, Then Change What You Don’t Like


No one is perfect, and every one of us has traits that negatively affect our life. If you want to restore your self-value, you have to take a good look at yourself and acknowledge the attributes you want to change. You may find out that you are a bit too sensitive, you criticize yourself too much, or you care about others’ opinions more than you should.

This self-realization will be the first step to changing your old habits and rebuilding your self-value. Unless you actively try to eliminate the things you don’t like about yourself, you will always be running from the truth, and ultimately you will find yourself at square one.

This Tool Can Help You…

There’s a tool at that I think could be useful to you: 30 Days Self Discovery Journal

This free printable journaling journey can help you dig deep and remind yourself that you’re a beautiful human being, even with your flaws and mistakes. When your self-value is low, spending some time with yourself and exploring your soul is a perfect thing to do – it can help you find relief faster. Check it out here


If your self-value is severely hurt, you can get back on your feet! Your self-esteem will come back, and you will be happy again if you trust yourself, support yourself, and choose to wait out those unpleasant feelings of making a mistake with a positive note. Hold on!

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