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6 Ways to Rejuvenate Weakened and Damaged Nails

Healthy, strong nails are one of the prettiest accessories you can have.

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You can get weak or damaged nails from many factors, like applying acrylics or lacking certain nutrients in your diet.

Changing your lifestyle habits can help strengthen your fingernails and toenails so you can have that gorgeous manicure you’re dreaming of and reap the benefits of optimal nail health.

Here are some ways to rejuvenate your nails, whether weak or damaged.


1. Eat a Balanced Diet


A balanced diet ensures your body has the proper nutrients for optimal nail health.

Your nails can indicate a vitamin deficiency or other health problems.

Consuming the right foods can make them stronger and boost their appearance.

You need omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin C, protein, iron, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals.

A protein-rich diet, including eggs and red meat, can help maintain strong nails.

Eggs also provide biotin, an important vitamin that promotes cell growth and contributes to healthy nails.

Whole grains are ideal because they’re rich in magnesium — less than 60% of people eat the recommended amount.

This mineral can be found in almonds, other nuts, and leafy green vegetables.


2. Take a Supplement


Supplements help supply your body with the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

They’re ideal if you struggle with eating a balanced diet or have a vitamin deficiency.

You can tell how low your vitamin intake is by examining your nails.

Splitting nails can indicate you need more iron, collagen, or vitamins A or C.

Personalized supplements cater to and are tailored to your needs, while over-the-counter versions contain contaminants or unlisted compounds.

You can begin the process with fasting blood work to assess what your body is missing.

A personalized program will rejuvenate your nails, skin, and hair.

The right supplement can also balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, sustain weight loss, and optimize sleep, among other benefits.


3. Use Cuticle Cream


Fun designs can make giving your nails a break challenging, but they need time to breathe between polishes.

Those freestyle swirls from the ‘70s are coming back, but constantly polishing your nails can weaken them.

Give them a week off and use cuticle oil and cream to rejuvenate them.

Cuticle cream can lock in moisture and repair damaged nails.

Applying cuticle oil first delivers nutrients and softens your cuticles while hydrating them.

Losing moisture is common with nail damage, so moisturizing streamlines the repair process.

Some cuticle creams contain vitamin E, nourishing and hydrating your cuticles and skin and restoring your nail health.

Massaging cuticle oil or cream helps your skin absorb the product better.

This can also increase circulation, which stimulates growth and protects your nails.


4. Stay Hydrated


Staying hydrated has many benefits, but did you know hydration plays a vital role in nail health?

It ensures your nails get the nutrients they need.

You should drink plenty of water to retain moisture and strength since dehydration can lead to brittleness and peeling.

Reach your daily recommended water intake to maintain optimal hydration and keep those nails looking fresh.

You can use lotion, cuticle conditioner, and cuticle cream as well.

Moisturize your nails with lotion or hand cream every time you wash your hands for the best results.


5. Protect Your Nails


You can nourish your nails and achieve optimal nail health with creams, diet, and other lifestyle choices.

However, exposing them to harsh chemicals in cleaners or lotions can deter your healing process.

You’ll want to avoid water as much as possible to repair and rejuvenate dry or damaged nails.

Keep them clean and dry to prevent bacteria from growing underneath.

A protective layer, like a nail hardener, can help strengthen and protect your nails from damage.

Wear gloves while doing chores like washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom to minimize your exposure to water.

Search for gentle hand cleansers and cleaning products to avoid harsh substances in contact with your nails.

Protect them by not using them as tools to open soda cans — use your fingers, not your fingernails.


6. Stop Biting Your Nails


Biting your nails tears your nail bed apart, and the fractured remains are weaker than before.

They may also take longer to heal before returning to their original length.

If you’ve spent years biting your nails, it might seem like an impossible habit to break.

Try a few new ideas if you think this could be an underlying cause of your damaged nails.

Bitter nail polish will taste foul and cause you to stop biting instinctively.

You could also get weekly manicures.

The investment and resulting style could be the extra factors you need to catch yourself when biting your nails.

It may also help to journal what’s going on when you start biting to identify triggers.

Reducing or eliminating those issues will help your nails stay intact so they can become stronger, combined with your other lifestyle changes.


Strengthening Your Nails


Rejuvenating weakened and damaged nails is easier than it seems.

There are multiple ways to strengthen them with moisturizing products like lotions, creams, and oils.

Changing your diet or opting for a personalized supplement program can ensure you get the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Get back on track with these tips and rock the season’s most gorgeous manicures and pedicures.

Cora Gold

Cora Gold is the Editor in Chief of Revivalist magazine, where she covers wellness, beauty and more. Follow Cora on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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