These 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Are Still Incredibly Popular Today

No matter what changes you want to have, it is your body and you have a full right to do with it as you please.

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Updated on August 2, 2023

Perfect Beauty - A Result Of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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While there have not been that many options for beauty and cosmetic surgery procedures in the past, today, the options now are numerous.

Plastic surgery is booming and becoming more popular and accessible with each day.

When you visit a beauty clinic, you can consult with a cosmetic surgeon about pretty much any part of your body and how you can change it.

However, since there is a myriad of cosmetic surgery procedures out there, it’s easy to get confused.

In this article, we are taking a look at some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide.


5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures That Were And Still Are Very Popular Today


1. Browlift


When it comes to a conversation about cosmetic surgery procedures, the first thing that you probably thought of is not a brow lift.

After all, how can a cosmetic surgery procedure about such a minor detail on our body be so popular?

Well, the reason behind it is that eyebrows play a more significant role in our looks than you might think.

As we age, a lot of different areas of our bodies are affected by gravity.

Because of gravity, they sag down and make us look older.

With that being said, people who get the brow lift aim to make themselves look younger by reverting that sagginess that their eyebrows have gained over the years.

Man Getting A Consultation About Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Browlift

Browlift is one of the most famous facial cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide.


2. Breast augmentation


Of course, there should be no surprise that one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures out there is breast augmentation.

For those who do not know, breast augmentation is a procedure that focuses on enlarging the breasts of the patient.

The reason this procedure is so popular is that a lot of women strive to have bigger breasts.

A lot of women don’t feel satisfied with their breasts and are less confident about themselves.

Essentially, breast augmentation is done because they strive to be more confident.

Even though this is one of the cosmetic surgery procedures that have been around for many years, it has been constantly evolving. There are new ways to achieve not only safer but also better implants that feel and look more natural.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is also a thing today, which allows the patient to transfer unwanted fat from one area into their breasts.


3. Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)


While not as popular as breast augmentation, nose surgery, professionally called rhinoplasty, is another great example of popular cosmetic surgery procedures that have been around for a long time.

It has also remarkably evolved throughout the years.

Rhinoplasty today is practically perfected, as patients can come into the surgeon’s office and get exactly what they are hoping to do so.

This is achieved thanks to modern technology that is combined with medicine:

  • Patients can see how a new nose would look on their face on a computer before the surgery;
  • They can tell the surgeon if the first idea should be changed in any way until they are satisfied with the outcome and want to proceed to surgery.

Even though surgery might not be completely accurate due to how the patient’s body is going to react to the surgery, the results have over ninety percent accuracy.

Woman With A Pretty Nose After Rhinoplasty


4. Gynecomastia treatment


Earlier, we talked about breast enlargement, but there is another segment of breast-related cosmetic surgery procedures.

A procedure that is quite popular today, is breast reduction.

While breast reduction is popular in general, the one we are going to talk about is the one used for gynecomastia treatment.

Gynecomastia is a condition where male breasts take on a feminine appearance, which makes men with this condition feel uncomfortable with their bodies.

The treatment aims to reduce the size of the breasts and give them male looks.

Essentially, it removes all unnecessary fat and tissue in the breast area.


5. Tummy tuck


One procedure that has been around at professional (like Dr. Hodgkinson) beauty clinics for quite some time (and is still thriving in popularity) is tummy tucking.

These cosmetic surgery procedures are also called abdominoplasty.

The tummy tuck is a procedure that focuses on giving someone the flat stomach that they have always been striving for.

What makes this procedure great is that the results are quite impeccable, and they can help someone get rid of that last portion of stubborn fat that they have left on their tummy.

The recovery from a tummy tuck procedure is also quite fast, and the scarring is minimal, even if it is a surgical procedure.


Good To Know


  1. It’s important to choose a professional and skilled plastic surgeon for any cosmetic surgery procedures you are going to have.
  2. There are many surgical procedures out there – and it’s okay if you want to have them and correct your body.
  3. If you are not sure what you are looking for, or if what you are looking for is even possible, the best thing to do is visit a local beauty center and consult with a doctor.
  4. No matter what changes you want to have, it is your body and you have a full right to do with it as you please.

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