5 Tips To Improve Your Breast Lift Recovery Results

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Breast lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess skin and fat from your breasts. The goal of this procedure is to make your breasts appear fuller, shapely, and perky. Breast lift surgery is often performed in conjunction with other procedures or it can also be performed alone. An important part of this process is breast lift recovery.


Common types of breast lift surgeries


  1. Mastopexy: This procedure involves repositioning the nipple or areola and lifting the breast tissue. It can also be used for small amounts of breast reduction.
  2. Breast Reduction/Augmentation: This procedure reduces the size of your breasts by removing extra skin and fat from under them. The goal is to reduce their size as much as possible while preserving enough volume to look natural (without being too thin).

A smooth breast lift recovery will lead to a healthier overall outcome. Here are some tips to consider while recovering from a breast lift.

Women In Breast Lift Recovery Process


How To Improve Your Breast Lift Recovery Results


1. Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs While in Breast Lift Recovery


Not only can smoking increase the risk of complications after surgery (including wound infections and pressure sores), but it can also affect your breast lift recovery.

Smokers are also more likely to develop breast cancer, which is more common in smokers than non-smokers. Smoking and drugs are a bad idea after breast lift surgery. Smoking can damage your lungs, and also make it harder for your body to heal after surgery. Drugs like marijuana or cocaine can cause bleeding and other problems, which can be very serious in the long run. Smoking can cause oxygen deprivation, which affects the healing process and increase the risk of infection.


2. Avoid Bathing For a Few Weeks


Avoid bathing for a few weeks after the breast lift to allow the scars to heal and prevent further damage. The worst thing you can do in your breast lift recovery is expose yourself to water, as this will increase irritation and swelling in your breasts. Soaking in the tub can cause fluid to accumulate under the skin, which may result in scarring or contracture of the nipple or chest muscles.


3. Take Your Medications


During your breast lift recovery, you may need to take medication to help with swelling and pain. It is crucial to take your medicine as directed by your surgeon and follow any instructions they provide. In addition, you must continue to exercise and drink plenty of fluids. The medication can make a world of difference in the recovery process. When you are recovering from breast lift surgery, staying hydrated is very important because dehydration can increase your risk of infection and make things worse for healing.


4. Avoid Heavy Workouts


It’s important to avoid heavy lifting while in breast lift recovery. If you decide to lift weights after your surgery, ensure to take your time doing so, and avoid overdoing it—that will only make things worse! There are many reasons for this, including:

  • You’ll lose more blood volume than normal, which can cause your body to return to its pre-surgery weight faster.
  • Heavy exercise can raise your heart rate and body temperature, which can put you at risk of heatstroke and other complications.
  • Heavy exercise may cause irritation or damage to the incision, which could lead to a complication called a seroma.


5. To Support Your Breast Lift Recovery, Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy


Eating healthy and hydrated is crucial to your breast lift because it helps you achieve a better outcome. The best way to improve the results of a breast lift is to ensure you eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Eating right will help keep your body hydrated, which in turn means that you will have less swelling and pain after surgery. Additionally, if you aren’t drinking enough water, it can lead to dehydration which can affect your breast tissue’s elasticity and ability to bounce back after surgery. Infections can lead to complications that delay your recovery or cause other complications in the future.




Breast lift surgery is an effective and safe way to improve the appearance of your breasts. It can be performed on women who have lost weight and those who have gained weight. Breast lift surgery can also help you feel more confident in your body and more comfortable with your appearance. It’s important to be mindful during your breast lift recovery to make sure you are healing optimally.

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