Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Is Not a New Thing: These 7 Procedures Are BOOMING

Can we normalize plastic surgery already? It’s been YEARS since the first procedures and we are still talking about it in secret.

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Updated on July 9, 2023

Asian Model As A Symbol Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Success

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Having the looks that you are satisfied with and that will impress others plays quite an important role in today’s society.

It’s not a secret that cosmetic plastic surgery is one of the ways to obtain them.

In the past, cosmetic plastic surgery was affordable only to those who had an above-average income.

Today, almost anyone can go to a cosmetic clinic and take advantage of these cosmetic procedures to get the looks they want.

In this article, we’re digging into classic and modern cosmetic plastic surgery to see what is worth attention.


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures That Are Noteworthy Today


1. The Macs Lift


One of the most popular procedures today is the macs lift, which stands for minimal access cranial suspension lift.

This is a far less invasive cosmetic plastic surgery option than a facelift.

Its goal is to reduce signs of aging by tightening the skin.

The way that Macs Lift is less invasive is because it does not expose facial nerves during the procedure.

It is also much faster, taking about two hours only.

During the Macs Lift procedure, the excess sagging skin is removed, and the underlying facial muscles are tightened for a long-term lifting effect.

The best part about getting a Macs Lift is that the scarring is minimal, and recovery is very fast too.

Unlike other anti-aging procedures, this one will have immediate visible results, and it can also be done on all ages.


2. Breast augmentation


Of course, when it comes to popular cosmetic plastic surgery, there is no better example than breast augmentation. It is the most requested procedure in US, even years after its introduction.

While the traditional way of increasing the size of breasts is still used (which is to use some sort of implants), there’s also another way.

Fat transfer augmentation is becoming popular too.

Fat transfer augmentation is perfect for those who also want to get rid of fat in some other area of their body, as that fat can be transferred to increase the size of the breast to give them a natural feel and look.


3. Breast lift


Even if a lot of women seek to increase the size of their breasts, some of them just want them returned to their original position.

As gravity has quite a big impact on breasts, and it makes them sag over time.

A breast lift is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that can reduce the effects of breast sagging.

It can return the breasts to the position they were in when your breasts looked the best to you.


4. Blepharoplasty


Speaking of aging and gravity, blepharoplasty is another procedure that deals with this issue.

Instead of focusing on the breast, the focus is on the eyelids.

Even if eyelids are quite a small detail on the face, they can reflect someone’s age quite a bit.

This is why patients can look years younger after undergoing blepharoplasty.


5. Double chin liposuction


If you are looking for cosmetic plastic surgery that can help you deal with double chin, there’s something for you.

Double chin is usually the hardest part of the body to remove fat naturally with a balanced diet and working out.

This is where the double chin liposuction comes to help.

This procedure works similarly to traditional liposuction, which is to get the unwanted fat sucked out of the chin.


6. Gynecomastia treatment


Cosmetic plastic surgery is not always about making things bigger.

Breast reduction or gynecomastia treatment is aimed at helping patients with enlarged breasts.

For those who do not know, gynecomastia is a condition that makes male breasts take on a more feminine shape.

Patients with gynecomastia don’t feel confident about their bodies, which is where gynecomastia treatment can help immensely.

The treatment works by reducing the size of the breasts and making them look more masculine.

This, in most cases, is enough to confidence to the patient.


7. Rhinoplasty


One procedure that quite a lot of people want is rhinoplasty.

This cosmetic plastic surgery procedure revolves around reshaping the nose.

Changing the appearance of the nose is a very significant confidence factor.

There are also computer technologies that can display the results before the surgery is even done.

If you are not sure about the surgery part, you can get non-surgical rhinoplasty, which is a way to reshape your nose for a limited time.


Final word


Can we normalize cosmetic plastic surgery?

It’s been YEARS since the first procedures were introduced and we are still talking about it in secret.

Cosmetic procedures can help you become who you want to be and how you want your body to look.

If you are feeling uncomfortable or unconfident because of something you were born with, it is okay to change it.

However, visiting a reputable cosmetic surgeon for consultations is highly suggested.

A chat with a professional can help you to make an informed decision.

Who knows, maybe getting a cosmetic surgery can change the view you have on life to something a lot more positive?

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