Christmas Gifts Under The Tree

10 Christmas Gifts & Activities to Strengthen Family Bonds

Don’t let another Christmas pass by without making the most of it.

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Christmas is about celebrating with your family and spending as many happy moments as possible together.

But in this hustle of life, we have started taking relationships for granted and have almost forgotten to walk that extra mile.

Christmas is the right time to strengthen these bonds through thoughtful gestures and special presents.

We have curated a list of 10 Christmas gifts to help you make more profound relations with your family this Christmas.


Christmas Gifts and Activities For Stronger Family Bonds


1. Handmade Painting of Family


Handmade Painting Of A Family

One of the best ways to unite your family is by portraying your love through art.

In the digital age, a handmade Family Portrait Painting holds a lot of sentimental value.

Pour your heart out and custom it the way you want.

With PortraitFlip, you can also add people who are not present in the photo by simply sending us their pictures.

Families who spend time together and create lasting memories never fall apart.

But one needs to preserve these memories in the right way always to remember them.

Gift a Family Portrait to your loved ones, and look at them smiling at it like it is the best thing.


2. Family Game Night


Sometimes, the best Christmas gift is your presence.

Spend at least one night during the Holidays with strict no TV, no Mobile rule.

Use the night to arrange a family game night, and look at your relations become stronger.

Beyond the love, laughter and fun, family game nights can be a great way to learn and grow.

Interesting games like Jenga, Charades, or even something as simple as Pictionary can be a great idea.

All you need to focus on is grouping and teamwork.


3. Hands Casting Kit


Luna Bean Huge Oversize Xl Family Hand Casting Kit – Family Size

Luna Bean XL Family Hand Casting Kit

This very trending product has created a lot of buzz around the internet.

It is a creative way of making memories with your partner, parents, or kids.

The entire kit comes with a manual.

A large bucket can fit two adult hands, two adult and one child’s hand, one extra-large adult hand, or two to four children’s hands.

The kit is also available in an extra-large version if you want more people to participate.

The product is ahead of its time, and the entire experience is a great way to spend time with family.


4. Letter Blanket


Letter Blanket

by Letter blanket gifts


This letter blanket will be a special Christmas gift from you to your family.

You can write your heart’s content and spill all the emotions you couldn’t say otherwise.

Communication is an essential value of a happy family.

Take time during the holidays to sit and read the letter together; it will surely make somebody cry.

You can use it as a throw blanket later or pin it up the wall forever as a remembrance.

A simple gesture like a letter will strengthen your family bond in ways unknown.


5. 4-000 Piece Puzzle


A 4000-piece puzzle is a great gift to get all your family member’s brains to work.

Your Thanksgiving holidays will get over, but the puzzle won’t come to complete.

Easily, this challenging task is going to bring the family together.

The family that overcomes hardships and struggles in unity is often the closest.

A 4000-piece puzzle is definitely the struggle that is going to strengthen bonds with your family this holiday season.


6. Play Furniture


Imaginative Furniture Play Set For Creative Kids

Imaginative Furniture Play Set for Creative Kids

Have kids who always end up fighting over the silliest thing and never agree?

Gift play furniture that will become an indispensable part of your kid’s life.

The foldable furniture is made of four foam pieces – rectangles, pillows, and triangles.

It is a great way to recklessly play with your kids without the fear of getting hurt.

Make it a fort, a pirate ship, a castle, or a throne; there can be a great way to bring your kids to agree on something.


7. Scratch-Off Movie Poster


Official Imdb Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Official IMDb Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Don’t know what to do as a family over the holidays?

Cook a simple dinner, order in, and get in your comfy PJs and binge-watch movies.

But let this scratch-off poster decide what to watch.

Bring everyone together with this poster that contains a list of 100 must-watch movies.

Give every family member to scratch the list, watch the movie together, eat good food, and hear laughs fly across the room.


8. Family Storytime Evening


For some families, storytelling is a ritual, and they like to spend time narrating biblical stories.

This time, bring a twist to it by narrating stories from your life.

Create play cards with situations, dates, months, or events that will make your family members remember a real-life story.

This is a fun way of spending time with your family and getting to know how their youth was.

This idea of storytelling also leaves space for many conversations and encourages family bonding.


9. Karaoke Night


Karaoke nights are fun, and nobody can deny that.

Whether you know how to sing or not, this activity will surely make the entire family laugh.

Buy a wireless Karaoke Microphone for each family member as a gift.

Plug in your best speakers and a white projector.

Find songs on YouTube, and voila!

The evening will be full of happiness, good wine, and astonishingly good singers.


10. Custom Ornaments


Giftio Christmas Photo Ornaments

GIFTIO Christmas Photo Ornaments

Christmas is all about decorating.

But have you thought about custom decorations?

Having something to commemorate where you live is sentimental, especially when the entire family does it together.

Get custom ornaments to decorate your home on Christmas.

This is a great Christmas gift idea for families that are growing or getting ready to be empty nesters soon.

The best part is that you will cherish every bit of decorating your home with your family.




It can be really difficult to be in constant touch with your family in a fast-paced world.

But you can always make it up to them by being there when they need it.

Christmas is a perfect time to strengthen your relations with the family.

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