10 Classy Nail Designs That Look Awesome With Any Outfit

Updated on August 6, 2020

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Are you into nail designs and art? Me too!

Yet in these busy days, I don’t have enough time to plan my manicure to match different outfits… It’s a bit too much when you’re struggling to find time to have a proper meal, ahem.

However, there’s a solution to everything and if you’re too busy (or too lazy – no one judges here!) to change your manicure to match your work and weekend outfits, simply choose a classy nail design that goes well with pretty much anything.

Need some examples?

These are my latest faves – classy and creative nail designs that will look great with any outfit (well, some may not be suitable for your wedding but let’s agree that wedding day is an exception to everything).

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10 Classy Nail Designs That Look Awesome With Any Outfit

Simple, yet always beautiful, peachy nail designs with a few blingy accents will look really sexy with almost anything, especially with white or nude clothes.

Dot-marbled nails look great both with work and casual outfits and they’re pretty easy to do at home (honestly – it’s just a base color and an accent color gently splashed on top).

Grey and black – forever classy, non-intrusive nail design option that looks superb with casualwear, office outfits, again – practically anything!

A bit harder to achieve at home, yet any black, white, and gold combination will be very versatile and help you go through your week without the need to change your manicure.

Classy nail designs don’t mean you have to shy away from colors. Choosing a nude background with a gentle color accent will still look great with many outfits. To make it as versatile as possible, make sure to choose a pastel color as an accent.

Soft, pastel-fueled patterns are another option when you want your manicure to match a lot of different outfits. These nail designs are easy to do ( you can let your imagination shine!) and even if they chip a bit, a mixed pattern makes it a lot less noticeable.

Ah, pink ombre! Probably the number 1 in all classy nail designs, this one looks great with absolutely anything. If you don’t know what to choose, just choose this and you will NEVER miss.

Another beautiful example of color implementation when looking for a nail design that matches many outfits! This might not be for everyone, but if you’re not afraid to show off your exclusive style, why not be a bit bolder? To keep it classy, keep those color accents thin and subtle.

Will rosy nails ever go out of style? I really doubt it. They look great on any occasion and if you want some accents, just do one or two nails differently by adding blings, painting a subtle image or painting them with a different nail color.

White is also a color that fits everything. Keep this manicure classy by adding just a few small nail diamonds, or skip them altogether – it will look awesome either way.

– – –

Which one of these classy nail designs is your favorite? Share in a comment box at the bottom! 🥰

And if you like these, scroll down for more – there’s so much more I want to show you.

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