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Not Losing Weight On Diet? 10 Thoughtful Things To Try

The scale doesn't budge? Don't feel defeated yet.

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Being overweight is hard!

But what’s even harder than being overweight is dieting and not losing weight on diet that you’re so strict about.


Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Diet?


There are many reasons why this happens but here’s the thing: if the diet isn’t working it’s probably because you’re doing something wrong.

Dieting is usually a matter of calories in and out.

Take in fewer calories than you expend and you’re bound to lose weight.

Plus, dieting takes time.

When you first start, it’s relatively easy to lose weight because your body starts to flush out the excess water weight.

But as time goes on, your body adjusts to what you’re doing and weight loss slows down.

It can take years to lose significant amounts of weight and it might not be a case of your diet not working, but more that it’s working extremely slowly.

So don’t be alarmed if it seems like you are not losing weight on diet.

Bodyweight also changes depending on the foods you’ve eaten, your hormones, and water retention (this is why you shouldn’t always trust the scale.).

It’s also important to take precise measurements when you start.

Measure everything from your waist to your weight, BMI, and body fat ratio.

This way, you’ll know if something is actually happening.

So is there anything you can do to fix this and finally start losing weight?

Yes! If you’re not losing weight on diet here’s what you should do.


10 Things To Try If You’re Not Losing Weight On Diet


1. Count calories more precisely


In most cases, weight loss is a matter of calories in and out.

People who struggle to lose weight are usually eating too many calories.

You might think this doesn’t apply to you, but studies have shown that most people incorrectly guess the number of calories they eat.

This is why you need to be precise when weighing your food and counting calories.

As crazy as it sounds, there’s also a possibility of not eating enough and therefore stalling your weight loss.

If you’re starving yourself, your body will do whatever it can to protect itself from famine.

By finding out the exact number of calories you should eat to lose weight you can avoid both overeating and undereating (here’s a great calculator for that).


2. Keep track of what you’re eating


Studies have found that people who keep track of what they eat, lose more weight than those who don’t.

Start keeping a food diary or taking pictures of your meals.

This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and how much.


3. Avoid processed foods and stick to whole foods


If you are not losing weight on diet, what you eat might be just as important as how much you eat.

The healthier your food is, the more likely you are to succeed in your diet. Healthy foods are more satiating and help suppress your appetite.

Stick to whole foods and try to avoid processed foods whenever possible.

Mediterranean Diet


4. Eat fewer carbs


Carbs are an important energy source, but too many carbs can also make you gain weight.

You might be eating fewer calories than you expend, but how many of those calories come from carbs?

If you are not losing weight on diet and the scale isn’t budging (despite being precise with calories), you might consider eating fewer carbs. Low-carb diets are proven to burn fat and can help you lose weight faster or break through the plateau.

However, make sure to consult your doctor before trying it as it can be quite restrictive.


5. Eat more protein


Did you know that eating more protein boosts your metabolism and reduces cravings?

It’s true!

High protein intake can result in up to 24 hours of better energy expenditure.

The best time to eat protein is at breakfast because it means you’ll be less hungry during the day.

High Protein Diet To Lose Weight Without Exercise


6. Be less restrictive


If you are restricting yourself too much, this can also backfire.

Forcing yourself to quit the foods you love completely can lead to binges.

Remember that you don’t have to cut out everything you love and it’s okay to have a treat meal every now and again – just as long as you don’t go overboard.


7. Sleep more


If you are not losing weight on diet, it’s important to look at your sleep patterns too.

Your body needs sleep to lose weight, so are you sleeping enough?

Studies have found that people who sleep poorly have an increased hunger hormone ghrelin production, which can easily lead to becoming overweight or obese


8. Drink more water


Hydration is extremely important for all the processes in your body – including your metabolism.

Drinking water can boost the number of calories your body burns and also helps you eat less.

Drink water throughout the day and also before mealtimes.

Along with this, cut down on your alcohol and fizzy drink consumption.

Ideally, you should remove them from your diet whenever possible, and consume them as occasional treats.

Person Drinking Water To Get Rid Of Water Weight


9. Don’t skip exercising


Exercise will help to speed up weight loss and do wonders for your health.

The fact is that weight loss is not only about counting calories or eating less food… If you are not losing weight on a diet, it’s possible that you will have to do some type of exercise to make things move.

However, it’s also the best thing you can do for your health.


10. Be honest with yourself


Finally, there’s an honest question that requires an honest answer from yourself.

Are you really sticking to your diet?

Or are you cheating on it not just sometimes, but more and more often?

Try to be honest with yourself and review your efforts regularly to make sure you’re still working on your goal.

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