Weight Loss Chatter: Can You Lose Weight By Stretching?

Stretching is wonderful for your joints and overall body health, but can you lose weight by stretching too? Here’s the truth!

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Woman Doing Stretching Exercise For Weight Loss

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Woman Doing Stretching Exercises To Lose Weight

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, I’m sure you have wondered at least once:

“Will these yoga stretches actually help me to lose weight?”

And while it may seem that stretching is more or less a calm exercising routine, the answer may pleasantly surprise you!


Can you lose weight by stretching?


So in short – yes!

Stretching can really help with weight loss in your life. Stretching helps increase blood flow to the muscles, which in turn increases oxygen and nutrients to them, and this helps warm up the muscles before you begin exercising. It means that you will perform better, faster, and stronger during your workouts.

Also, as with any movement that you do, be it a hard exercise or walking, stretching also is an act of movement, which means that stretching burns calories. If you burn more calories than you consume, it will help you to lose weight.

The best thing about stretching is that it can easily be incorporated into any exercise program and you don’t have to do it the way you might have to with machines!

Now, let’s see how you can make stretching a huge (and very relaxing!) part of your weight loss routine.

Woman In The Beach Doing Stretching Exercises


Do I need to have special equipment to lose weight by stretching?


No, you don’t need anything special to do stretching exercises.

As long as you stretch in the same way each time you exercise, it won’t matter what type of equipment you do or don’t have.

However, you can benefit from stretching more if use whatever you’re most comfortable with – stretching bands, towels, just your own body weight, or foam rolls.And of course, make sure to support your body with a good, non-slip yoga mat.

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Just remember, if you’re new to stretching or aren’t comfortable with any specific stretches at all, then you should first get the OK from your doctor or health care provider to try a general stretching routine.


Why is stretching good for weight loss anyway?


The benefits of stretching for weight loss are many and well worth taking note of.

Stretching breaks down and reduces the tension on muscles.

It reduces the body fat that you put on because you burn calories more efficiently, because stretching has been proven to benefit your body’s function and can make your body function better.

By stretching your muscles, you increase your ability to move, make your joints feel better, decrease your risk of injury, and improve your mood.

Of course, all of these benefits are based on the actual stretching exercise itself.

The real reason why can you lose weight by stretching is because stretching also burns calories and makes you perform better on harder workouts, so it can be an effective weight-loss tool.


Why is stretching a part of my weight loss plan?


I’ve been trying to lose weight by stretching to improve my health and flexibility (I have chronic back problems), and I’ve noticed it myself – if you do a good job of stretching each day, it will really help your body burn more calories and help you lose weight.

I’ve noticed that on those days when I don’t stretch before and after a workout, my body feels more tired and less energetic too.

Now, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, so in order to lose weight, you have to continue to do the things that keep you moving.

By including regular stretching exercises in your fitness plan, you can improve your flexibility while making your muscles stronger!

So not only can stretch to be a part of your weight loss program but it can also be a really good part of it.


How exactly can you lose weight by stretching?

What should you do?


First of all, it’s helpful to learn about the different kinds of stretches.

For example, yoga uses gentle stretching movements, which are good for people who want a more meditative experience.

Another type of stretching is Pilates, which involves a low-impact, strength-building stretching routine.

To reduce muscle tension while pregnant, you can try prenatal yoga.

I personally browse stretching routines on Youtube and do the ones I like.


Even if you have been doing yoga or Pilates for years, you might not realize that there are now more flexibility stretches than ever before.

Many fitness professionals have designed classes specifically for those who want to lose weight by stretching and improve their health through regular workouts.


Easy And Pleasant Yoga Poses To Lose Weight By Stretching (Infographic)


This is a basic, yet very therapeutic and helpful yoga sequence that you can use to get introduced to stretching.

If you’re ready to also lose weight by stretching, repeat this sequence 2-3 times!


Picture Portraying Weight Loss Chatter: Can You Lose Weight By Stretching?


When should you stretch in order to lose weight?


Any exercise program should include stretching as an integral part of its routine.

Just like you need to warm up before a workout, you should stretch before you exercise as well.

Just like your warm-up routine, stretching before your next event can give you a greater advantage in terms of muscle remodeling.

A great way to improve your flexibility and burn some calories is to do a few stretching exercises after you finish your workout.

This gives you a greater range of motion, which means you can stretch further and work more muscles at a higher intensity for longer periods of time during your next workouts.

As a result, you will not only burn more calories but you will also feel better than ever.


Can you lose weight by stretching if you are very overweight?


First of all, you don’t have to be in perfect shape to benefit from stretching.

Even if you aren’t currently in great shape, it’s important to keep your body flexible at all times.

Also, stretching feels relaxing and can help to calm your nervous system, leaving you less stressed.

When you’re less stressed, you’ll be less prone to eating unhealthy foods that put added stress on your body.

And hey, eating less stressed improves your health and mood overall!

However, if you have a lot of weight to lose, stretching alone will not be enough to give you results in a reasonable amount of time.

So make sure to incorporate a doctor-approved workout routine and a healthy diet into your whole weight loss agenda.


Can stretching help to keep your weight down?



Once you managed to lose weight by stretching, it’s important to keep it up.

You should also include some flexibility training in your fitness routine to help you burn calories even while you are not actively trying to lose weight.

Many people do not realize the number of calories they are burning with simple stretches!

So yes, stretching will definitely help you to keep your weight stable.


Can you lose weight by stretching for like, 2 minutes?


Now that’s a question!

Since you’ve learned of all those beautiful stretching benefits for weight loss, here’s the last thing to know.

If you’re trying to lose weight by stretching, spend enough time on those stretching exercises.

Do not try to fool your own body.

If you think that you can reap all those benefits by stretching for a minute or two, I’m here to cut it short and tell you that it won’t do much.

Give stretching a real shot.

Try 20 minutes of stretching, or even 40 or 60!

You will be amazed at how good it can make you feel and how much more slender you will feel the next day.

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