How To Clean a Messy House (Fast!)

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Cleaning Tolls Prepared For Cleaning A Messy House

Clutter gets to even the most organized people, turning a home of tranquility into an overwhelming messy house of stress. If you’ve struggled to keep your home clean for longer than 2 days, you’re not alone!

The constant cycle of clean and pristine to messy and chaotic can be exhausting, but there are ways to clean smarter rather than harder. Here are a couple of tips to clean your messy house fast! Because we all know that none of us have days on days to devote to tidiness… It’s super easy to get overwhelmed by the looming mess, but here are the step-by-step instructions so you can tackle it in a manageable way!


How To Clean a Messy House, Fast


Go room by room


When you look at the mess as a whole, it can seem daunting. You may be paralyzed by the sheer amount of mess and feel compelled to do nothing at all instead (same!). To combat this, break down this herculean task into bite-size chunks.

Start with one room and only focus your energy there. When you’re trying to figure out how to clean all the rooms at once, your brain suffers decision fatigue. Make it easy on yourself and take it one room at a time. Also, stay in that room until that room is completely done.

Once that room is tidied up then you can move on to the next room. Soon the entire messy house will become a clean house!

Cleaning Tools To Clean A Messy House


Set the laundry


Chances are, a large component of your messy house is just random laundry and clothes strewn all over the place. Pick up any clothes that need to go through the wash and start doing load after load.

Take care to also throw in your bedsheets, as having clean and fresh bedsheets make a world of difference for your quality of sleep. Your laundry may be the last thing on your priority list, but it helps a ton when trying to clean your messy home. Plus, you can have the laundry going while you get to the rest of your messy house.


When in doubt, vacuum


Oftentimes we underestimate how good a clean and spacious floor feels. Vacuuming may seem like a hassle, but it forces you to pick up any clutter on the ground and get it out of the way.

A large part of having a clean house is getting rid of things that are on your walkways and hallways. This can easily be done in 20-30 minutes, tops! This quick act of vacuuming can change the feeling of your messy house dramatically.


Pick things up quickly, but put away correctly


I’m sure we’re all guilty of this — you speed clean your space but as a result, you actually just relocate all the mess into a closet or other room. This transference of clutter doesn’t actually make your messy house any cleaner and actually just worsens any mess you may have.

Along with picking up your clutter, put everything in the correct place it belongs. This will help keep your space tidy in the long run and prevent your messy house from falling apart once again.

There’s a clear difference between surface cleaning and deep cleaning, and even though deep cleaning is a hassle, it definitely contributes to the long term success of your newly cleaned home.


Prioritize the messiest areas of your home first


Along with the first tip, organizing your cleaning by the messiest areas will ensure that cleaning the rest of the house will be a breeze.

What area of your home are you least looking forward to cleaning? Start with that area! Cleaning your messy house in this way ensures that:

1) you have more than enough energy to deal with the worst areas since you’re targeting them first;

2) cleaning the most difficult areas will make the rest of the house appear super easy to clean, thus keeping your motivation up.

This will also ensure that you clean in a timely manner as these areas are bound to require the most time and energy anyway, so you’re doing yourself a favor by getting them out of the way first.


Even with these tips, it can be difficult to clean a messy house quickly and effectively. With this in mind, think about instilling new long-term habits that will help you clean quickly in the future!

For instance, always clean up your messes throughout the day periodically, rather than letting it all stockpile onto one gigantic mess.

Cleaning your space before you go to bed allows you to have a clean and productive area to wake up to, and makes less work for you in the future.

Also, having set places and containers to organize your belongings can make cleaning fast and easy.

A hanging shoe rack is useful in organizing random knick-knacks or accessories, and bins are useful to store clothing that you don’t use anymore. With these tips and sheer willpower, you’ll be sure to have a clean and relaxing home in no time… No more messy house situations!

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