Eyelash Lift Procedure

Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions

With so many options for lashes, an eyelash lift is one of the best!

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Woman Eye After An Eyelash Lift

Your lashes can make a huge difference in the way you look.

Just adding mascara can really bring attention to your beautiful eyes and help you look like you’ve got everything together.

You have probably heard of getting eyelash extensions, but did you know that there is another option to get the lashes that you deserve?

Instead of extensions, you can get an eyelash lift to get longer, healthier lashes.


Eyelash Lift: Longer, Healthier Lashes Without Extensions


What is an eyelash lift?


An eyelash lift is a beauty treatment that makes the most of your natural lashes.

This is done by using a chemical perming solution to curl your lashes perfectly so that they appear longer.

It looks beautiful on any lash type but makes an especially dramatic effect on flat or straight eyelashes.

Eyelash lifts are semi-permanent, lasting for 6-8 weeks, and generally cost $65-100.

They completely replace the need to use an eyelash curler each morning, and 24 hours after the treatment is done there isn’t any maintenance to keep your lashes looking flawless.

It is a perfect way to speed up your makeup routine in the morning, so you can sleep in.

You might even skip makeup altogether if you prefer a natural look and have naturally dark lashes.

You will be ready to walk out the door looking fabulous even when you choose to get a little extra beauty sleep.


How is the eyelash lift done?


The whole process takes about an hour and you’ll keep your eyes closed for most of it.

To reshape your lashes a silicone mold will be glued to your eyelid.

Glue near your eye might sound scary, but it is a very gentle adhesive that is similar to the ones used to glue on false eyelashes.

It won’t hurt at all.

In fact, the whole treatment is painless.

You might even find it relaxing enough to take a short nap.

The professional will start by discussing what effect you want for your lashes and will help you pick the right silicone mold to use.

This silicone mold is what will give your lashes their new curled shape.

There are different sized and shaped molds to fit different sized eyes and to offer different styles of curl.

This makes it easy to find exactly the right look for your eye shape, lash length, and style preference.

Eyelash Lift Procedure

After the mold is glued in place, your eyelashes will be brushed up and glued to the mold to hold them in place while the chemical solution is applied and processes.

Naturally, that makes applying the perm solution the next step.

It is placed at the mid root area of your lashes to soften them and allow them to be reshaped into your desired curl.

After that solution has sat for about ten minutes, a setting solution will be applied to your lashes.

This will help them re-harden and keep their new shape.

The setting solution will also sit for about ten minutes.

This solution often has a conditioner in it as well to rehydrate your lashes.

After your eyelashes have been reshaped, the professional will gently remove all the chemicals and the silicone mold.

They will brush out your lashes and get them ready for you to love at first sight.

At this point you are ready to look in the mirror and be amazed by the transformation; and proud of your all-natural, gorgeous lashes.


Is eyelash lift permanent?


Eyelash lift treatments do have to be re-done about every two months.

Exactly how long you can go between treatments depends on your lashes.

Eyelashes are a lot like hair.

They grow out and fall off just like our hair.

That means that your eyelashes have a growth cycle, and the new growth won’t have been treated with the perming solution and won’t be curled the same way.

So, if your lashes grow slowly you might enjoy even more time before they lose their gorgeous curl, but if you want to keep them looking flawless you will have to get another eyelash lift after about two months.


Benefits of eyelash lift


There are several benefits to getting an eyelash lift, and while they’ve been hinted at, let’s spell them out for you.

  • Eyelash lifts make your natural lashes look your absolute best and are super low maintenance. You will need to keep them dry and go without eye makeup for the first 24 hours, but after that, you get to enjoy 6-8 weeks of flawless lashes without lifting a finger (or lash).
  • Since you don’t have to maintain them, you can kiss your eyelash curler goodbye.
  • You’ll save all the time that you would normally spend battling your lashes each morning.
  • Unlike mascara, your lifted eyelashes won’t smudge or smear if you rub your eyes or cry.
  • Your lashes will look so good that you won’t even need to wear mascara, but it is an option if you want to darken or add just a bit more flair to your lashes.

Eyelash Lift Before And After Picture


Are there any risks in getting an eyelash lift?


Eyelash lifts do use chemicals so there are some risks to consider.

There are also certain people that shouldn’t get an eyelash lift.

If you have a medical eye condition or use and eye medication, you should not get an eyelash lift.

If you are pregnant, you probably should wait until after the baby is born for an eyelash lift to avoid any unnecessary risk.

There is also a small chance that you could have an allergic reaction to the chemicals, but this is rare.

If you are worried that you might react or if you have particularly sensitive skin, you can ask for a patch test to see how your skin reacts.

Before you schedule an appointment for an eyelash lift you should research the options in your area.

You’ll want to look for a place that specializes in treatments that are near the eye, if you can.

Reviews are your best friend.

If you find a location with lots of great reviews, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be in good hands.

Hands that will protect your eyes and have plenty of experience.

You will also want to be aware that while an eyelash lift is safe it does dehydrate your lashes a little bit.

For this reason, you may want to consider getting a conditioning solution that you can apply periodically to keep your lashes healthy.

You wouldn’t dream of ditching your hair conditioner, so why not condition your lashes too?


Eyelash Lift vs Lash Extensions


You’ve decided that you want to have great lashes, but should you get extensions or an eyelash lift?

Ultimately, that choice is yours to make, but there are some differences that you should be aware of.

While eyelash extensions do add volume to your lashes, they are more expensive and need to be touched up and redone more often than eyelash lifts.

Eyelash extensions also do more damage to your natural lashes and can leave them brittle, thin, and short.

You’ll also need to treat them with more caution.

You shouldn’t sleep on your side, rub your eyes, wear mascara, or get your lashes wet when you have eyelash extensions.

However, with an eyelash lift, you only need to worry about keeping them dry for the first day.

After that, you can go about your day without thinking about them.

They really don’t need any extra consideration, so you can focus on more important things.


Final Thoughts


You want to look your best and enhancing your lashes is a great way to do that.

You could spend all of your money on lash extensions.

You could continue to wield your eyelash curler in battle with your lashes every day as you strive to train them into the curl you want… Or, you could spend a relaxing hour getting an eyelash lift so that you can achieve the lashes of your dreams.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem like that hard of a choice.

Enjoy your eyelashes achieving their highest potential!

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